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"Okay Lily we are going to take the choo-choo back to school" Harry says as he pushes Lily through the train station in her stroller

"Hey Lily bug I see you're awake" Hermione says when she sees the baby

"Yes last night she slept through the night without a problem, so we can go back to getting our night's sleep" Harry says as he pulls his cart behind him

Luckily Harry and Hermione go to the train station early just in case they would have to make two trips through the wall which they had to do with their bags and Lily

"Come here princess you get to sit next to daddy on the choo-choo" he says putting her next to him

Lily liked looking out the window at everyone who was coming on board

"Hey Potter mind if I sit with you?" Draco asks him

"Not at all since Hermione is sitting with her friends, and me and Lily could use the company" Harry says as he keeps a firm grasp on Lily

"I got these for her" Draco says giving Lily the presents

"Thank Draco" Harry says when he opens the gifts

"Oh you're welcome" Draco says tickling Lily

Lily got my first wand, and a stuffed owl which she wanted

"I think she finally has a stuffed toy that is her favorite" Harry says giving Lily the owl

"I think so too" Draco says settling back

During the train ride Lily started getting fussy

"Oh I see the problem sweet pea you're cutting another tooth" Harry says looking in her mouth

Luckily the snack trolley had something for Lily to gum on until they got back to the castle

"This teething stage isn't fun" Harry says as he rocks Lily in his arms

"I can tell it isn't fun for her, but I picked up something that might help" Draco says giving Lily a snake teething ring that was soft in the middle

"Thanks Draco" Harry says giving it to her

"I got the other Hogwarts mascots as well just in case you or Hermione don't have a teething ring on you this works just the same" Draco says

"That's good to know" Harry says as he lays Lily down to change her nappy

Lily was only wet this time around, so after she had a new nappy on she fell asleep in Harry's arms

"Take a nap Harry I'll wake you when we get to the castle" Draco says covering the father/daughter up in a blanket he also got for the baby

"Thanks Draco I'll take you up on that" Harry says as he closes his eyes


"Harry we're here" Draco says waking Harry up

"Thanks Draco that felt good" Harry says putting Lily in her stroller so he can get his Hogwarts uniform on

After Harry was ready him and Lily left the train

"Hey Harry" Hermione says when she met him

"Hey" he says kissing her

"It looks like Lily is ready to finish term" Hermione says when she sees Lily with her Gryffindor attire on

"Yes Draco gave her some presents like more teething rings" Harry says pushing Lily to the carriage that will take him back to the castle

Lily threw a fit when Harry loaded her stroller behind them

"I think someone is a daddy's girl" Ron says when Hermione gave Lily back to Harry

"Yes they are" Harry says as Lily settles down

Harry and Hermione were shocked to find a high chair by the Gryffindor table at dinner that night

"Okay Lily bug in you go" Harry says putting her in her chair

Once Lily was in her chair Hermione began feeding her dinner

"Lily daddy will be right back he just moved your stroller is all" Hermione says when Lily was whining for Harry

"I'm right here sweetie" Harry says stroking her small arm as Hermione continues to feed her

After dinner Harry took Lily up for her bath cause he thinks she had a blow out

"Come here sweet girl we'll let mommy eat while I give you your bath" he says taking her back to the apartment

Harry was right Lily had a big blow-out, so she needed a bath

"Here Lily bug you can play with your bath toys while I bathe you" he says putting her in the tub

Once Lily was in her jammies he took her to the Gryffindor common room for the first night back get together

"We're going to take the secret passage back" he says to her as they take the secret way to the common room

Lily loved all the attention she got from everybody, and she more presents

"Hello everyone I see everyone had a happy Christmas" Professor McGonagall says coming into the common room to update everyone on what's to come the rest of the term

"We better get some sleep cause we have an early day tomorrow Hermione says going back to the apartment

"Yeah plus someone is getting sleepy" Harry says when Lily rubs her eyes

Harry and Hermione put Lily to bed before talking a little bit

"Harry I did some thinking, and I think we should get married at the end of term" Hermione says to him

"What makes you say that?" he asks her

"Well before I got on the train I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive" she tells him

"Hermione that's great" he says kissing her

"Really?" she asks

"Yeah really we are starting to become a real family" he tells her

"I'm glad" she says kissing him

"We'll make you an appointment with Madame Pomfrey to check on our after Christmas miracle" he tells her

Harry and Hermione went to bed that night with happy feelings about their future

(Next morning)

Harry was woken up by Hermione throwing up

"It's okay Hermione I got you cause I'm the one that knocked you up" he says holding back her hair

While Hermione was emptying her stomach Lily woke up

"Okay Lily daddy is coming" he tells her

Lily was standing up in her crib

"Well Lily you're going to be a big sister cause mommy is having a baby" he tells her as he gets her ready

Lily coos in response as Harry changed and dressed her that morning. Lily was back to normal when Hermione held her

"I think she didn't recognized you" Harry says as they had to the great hall for breakfast

"I think so too" Hermione says tickling Lily

After breakfast they were off to the green house for Herbology with Lily since Dobby wasn't back yet, and Lily was interested in the plants

"Rest of term should be fun for sure" Ron says as Harry keeps Lily back from the plants


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