Ring shopping and Harry pops the question

When Harry went shopping the next day he made sure to pick up Petunia's gift first. Before going to get, an engagement ring for Hermione.

"Hello sir may I help you?" the jeweler asks Harry

"Yes I'm looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend" Harry says smiling

"If you step over here I'll show you our selection of engagement rings." The jeweler says smiling

Harry looks carefully at the rings before him, and carefully selects the perfect one for Hermione. He pays for the ring and leaves to shop for Lily's first Christmas.

(Harry's aunt & Uncle's house)

"Petunia I'm back" Harry says entering the house

"Look whose home Lily dada" Petunia says coming in with Lily who was fussy

"What's wrong sweetie pie? You cutting another tooth?" he asks taking Lily from Petunia

"Yes she is it's one of her lower back one's that are coming in, and I check to see if she had a fever and she is running a bit of a low grade fever" Petunia says looking in the bag at what Harry got her.

"Don't worry Lily pie daddy's not going anywhere else he is staying right with you." he says comforting her as he heads to the kitchen

Petunia is surprised at what Harry got her.

"Harry how did you know I always wanted one?" she asks holding up the product that Harry bought her

"Just a lucky guess is all" Harry says as he calms Lily down

"When are you leaving for Hermione's?" Petunia asks

"I don't think I'm leaving at all if Lily is sick I'm going to stay here and take care of her, and call Hermione to see if she wants to come over here instead" Harry says as he rubs Lily's back to help calm her down

After Petunia left to do some shopping it was just Harry and Lily in the house

"It's okay Lily boo daddy's here" he says as he continues to walk with her to get her to settle down

"I know you are in pain sweetie it will hurt more if you keep crying and you don't let daddy help you" he says grabbing a teething ring from the freezer

Lily gums on the teething ring as Harry walks with her and calls Hermione

"Hey Harry" she says when she sees who was calling her

"Hey Hermione change of plans I won't be able to bring Lily by to see your parents cause she is cutting another tooth" Harry says sitting down with Lily

"That's fine besides I told my parents about her and they aren't happy" Hermione says as she picks out something for her to wear to Harry's that night

"I'll cook us a romantic dinner, and then I'll give you your present" he says as he begins to rock Lily in his arms

"Sounds lovely Harry what time do you want me there?" she asks him

"I say six then we will eat, then we can have our Christmas, then I can give you your gift" he says as Lily begins to fall asleep

"Sounds good see you then" she says hanging up

"Bye Hermione" he says taking Lily up to her nursery for her nap

"Sweet dream Lily bear" he says laying her down and turning on her mobile

While Lily slept he wrapped her Christmas presents, and put Hermione's engagement ring on the tree, so he can propose to her later that night

(Two hours later)

"Coming Lily" he says when he hears her wake up from her slumber

He changes her nappy and brings her downstairs to play with some toys, and give her his Christmas

"This is from daddy Lily" he says giving her one of her presents

Lily began to rip open her stuffed Paddington bear that Harry got her

"What do you think sweetie?" he asks her when she opens it after ten minutes

Lily gives Harry a hug as a thank you

"You're welcome sweetheart" he says hugging her back

Petunia bought some presents for Lily as well, so Harry had Lily open her gifts from great aunt Petunia. Great-aunt Petunia kind of spoiled her rotten a little bit cause she got some nice clothes, a rattle, a playpen, her first doll, blocks, and other fun stuff Lily could play with

"So far sweetie you had a good Christmas" he says cleaning up the wrapping paper

"Ya" she says happily

"Later we are gonna celebrate with mommy, and we will have our first Potter Christmas together as a family" he says coming back to her

(Six o clock)

"Mommy right on time" he tells Lily when he hears the doorbell

Harry takes Hermione's coat and leads her to the kitchen for her meal. During dinner they catch up, and Harry serves crème brulee for dessert

"Harry that was the best meal I had in a long time" Hermione says as she wipes her mouth

"I'm glad you like it Hermione after I feed Lily we will open presents" Harry says as he feeds Lily her baby food

Lily ate every bite of her baby mush, and after Harry cleaned her up they went to open presents by the tree

"These are from mommy Lily" Hermione says giving Lily her presents

Hermione gave her some dresses, some headbands, bows for her pretty hair, her first pair of shoes, a scarf, a hat, her first winter coat to keep her warm when they go back to school. Harry gave Lily pajamas, a walker, stuffed animals, some girly stuff, and a blanket

"Harry what is that up by the angel?" Hermione asks when she sees something shinning at the top

Harry reaches up and grabs it and gets down on one knee

"Hermione ever since third year I loved you, and I knew you were the one for me, so will you have the honor of staying with me and helping me raise Lily, and most importantly will you marry me?" he asks her

'Yes Harry I'll marry you" she says slipping the ring on her finger

Merry late Christmas everyone


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