The Doctor kissed Ada's hand, most gentlemanly, before placing his fingers on Ada's temples. He pressed his forehead to hers, and Ada gave a start.

"You're in my head! My monster, you're in my mind! How on earth is that possible?" she marvelled, without moving away from the Doctor.

"Ah, you know, complicated Time Lord stuff, it's a bit beyond current earth science..."

"Oh, never mind, monster, I found it," said Ada. "Oh my, your head, it's so full of pictures! I haven't seen new images for years, it's amazing!"

The Doctor smiled. "You're quite clever," he said, surprised by how quickly she had caught on. "Last person that figured out how to get in to my head was..."

"...Madame du Pompadour? Yes, your memories of her are right here. She was rather fond of you, was she not?" Ada commented. "Oh, but such guilt! Doctor, please, you were not at fault! You could not change what happened, it occurred as it must!" She pulled away slightly, taking the Doctor's face into her hands, and stroking it, trying to sooth her monster's pains.

"I know, it was just sad that she died. Poor Reniette was only forty-two."

"What?" asked Ada, slightly confused. "Oh, no your guilt centres around another pretty blonde girl, the one whose heart broke when you had to save the French one. But please, monster, let her go. The girl you love is safe now, you needn't weep any more."

"What's this about the Doctor being in love?" pipped up Clara.

"A blonde girl, she was so human, yet she was his goddess." said Ada.

Clara raised an eyebrow. "Your 'goddess'? Wow, Doctor, you were really besotted."

"Oi! She was a goddess at one point, looked into the time vortex and saved my life, and the earth, nearly died in the process. Long story." The Doctor was getting defensive.

"So you did love her?" asked Clara, incredulous. "Where is she now?"

"She is safe and happy with the Doctor, but not the Doctor as you know him. She now sees the other stars." Ada replied cryptically.


The Doctor smiled sadly, and said nothing. The moment passed quickly, however, as he hid the pain behind his usual playful facade. "So, speaking of stars, I think Ada deserves a trip for her help, don't you Clara? I was thinking, how about the Fourth Moon of Greater Paluria?" He chattered away as they lead Ada into the TARDIS. "It's a gorgeous place, has a pale golden sky, forests of the most intricate flowers which glow in the spring, lakes of crystal clear pink sugar-water, and as for the views..."

He was stopped by a look from Clara, who raised her eyebrows before nodding Ada's direction.

"Ahh, maybe not such a good idea..." said the Doctor, wracking his brains. "Ooh, I know, the ice city of Teatro! They have the best theatre society in the fourteenth millennium, and I do have a soft stop for their annual mime festival, they do the most amazing interpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Clara put her palm on her face and shook her head.

"I am afraid I would get little from that experience, Doctor, having been unable to see mime, art or indeed anything at all for the past few years," Ada pointed out.

"Right. Yes. Of course. That does seem to be a bit of a hindrance. But do you know what?" he grinned, sending the TARDIS into flight, "I know just the place to fix it!"

Author's note: I'm sorry for not having updated for ages; I'm currently in my final year of school, so the study is really piling up. I'm doing my best to write as often as possible, however if I want to become a Doctor myself I really need to focus on school work. I know where the story is going, and I love both this and Reunited, my other current fanfic, so I'm trying not to abandon either of them. Thanks for all your support though, your reviews keep me motivated, and it was a review from a lovely (but unfortunately unknown) Guest reader that reminded me that I'd forgotten to post for a while. Thanks for the understanding, and believe me, if I could, I would write much more.