I don't own anyone in the Walking Dead except for my OCs.

This story is gonna be a Daryl/OC and Merle/OC story. It's gonna sorta follow the series but I'm not leavin Merle on the rooftop in Atlanta. You'll have to wait and see where I take it ;D

Rick Grimes followed behind Glenn, the man who saved him, and was caught off guard when a blonde woman pulled a pistol out and pointed it at his face.

"We're dead because of you!" the blonde spat.

"Andrea, calm down." the Mexican man said. Andrea finally calmed down and walked away from him. Glenn stared to say something when gunshots were heard.

"Aw man, is that Dixon?!" the broad shouldered black man groaned. The group glanced at each other then rushed to get to the rooftop. Once they were on the roof, they were shocked when they saw Merle Dixon standing on the edge of the roof, shooting at the walkers on the ground below.

"Hey! Dixon, are you crazy!? You're gonna attract them to us!" Morales called. Merle stopped shooting and turned slightly.

"You should have more respect for a man with a gun! Hell, common sense too." Merle mused, hopping down from the ledge. Glenn glanced over at the auburn haired, tiger-green eyed woman who was sitting on the ledge, her arms crossed over her chest and her ankles crossed, one over the other.

"Jess, why didn't you try to stop him?" Glenn asked. The woman shrugged her shoulders then pushed her hair from her face.

"He's my friend. I have no power over what he does." the woman said. Andrea scoffed and marched over to the other woman.

"So you're saying you'd let him kill us?" Andrea sneered.

"Cool it sugar tits. Leave her be." Merle said. Andrea gave Merle a disgusted look and stalked away from them.

"Hey man, why don't you just cool it?" the black man said.

"T-Dog..." the auburn haired woman started, knowing Merle would say something back and possibly start a fight.

"That'll be the day." Merle scoffed.

"You got somethin to say to me? Just say it!" T-Dog said.

"You wanna hear what I gotta say, huh?" Merle said.

"Yeah!" T-Dog said.

"That'll be the day I take orders from a nigger!" Merle spat. T-Dog lunged at Merle but Merle was quick on the draw and nailed T-Dog in the face with the butt of the rifle then he sat on T-Dog's mid-section with his pistol drawn, after dropping the rifle then he spat on T-Dog and rubbed the spit into his shirt. The auburn haired woman went to tackle Merle but Rick beat her to it. Rick wrestled him to the ground, placed one cuff on his wrist then attached the other to a metal pole. He pulled his pistol from the waistband of his jeans and pointed it at Merle's head.

"Just who the hell are you?" Merle rasped.

"Officer Friendly." Rick said coolly. Rick stood up and turned away from Merle and his gaze landed on the auburn haired woman, who looked highly agitated if not pissed off at her friend being cuffed. Rick approached her and held out his hand for her to shake.

"Rick Grimes." Rick said. The woman's green eyes flickered towards his hand then up to his blue eyes before she hesitantly grasped his hand.

"Jessica McKinley." Jessica said, giving his hand a firm shake before releasing it quickly. Rick nodded his head then glanced around at the others.

"Morales." Morales said.

"I'm Jacqui." Jacqui replied.

"T-Dog." T-Dog greeted. Rick nodded his head then wiped sweat from his brow before strolling over to Glenn to talk to him.

*Jessica's POV*

I glared at Rick's retreating back then made my way over to Merle and sat on the pipe near his head and listened as he tried to sweet talk Andrea into uncuffing him.

"What do you say sugar tits? Let me go and we'll go somewhere secluded and bump uglies." Merle suggested. I snorted at his choice of words and his steele blue eyes drifted towards me for a moment then went back to Andrea.

"No thanks." Andrea said before pushing herself to her feet and walking away.

"Rug muncher. I thought as much." Merle muttered. I snickered at his comment and he smirked at my reaction and since I was in reach he pat my knee with his left hand then kept his hand there, tapping a rhythm out with his fingers.

"Ya bored there Merle?" I questioned.

"Mhm." Merle hummed. I glanced around, noticing that only myself, Merle, T-Dog and Andrea were on the roof and that Rick, Jacqui, Morales and Glenn were missing. My gaze shifted over to T-Dog, who was trying to get the people at the quarry on the CB radio.

"Anybody out there? Hello? Anybody read? I'm hopin to hear somebody's voice 'cause I'm sick and tired of hearin mine." T-Dog said.

"Yeah, well, that makes two of us. Three if ya count Jessie Mac. Why don't ya knock that crap off. You're givin me a headache, boy." Merle said.

"Why don't you pull your head out of your ass? Maybe your headache will go away. Try some positivity for a change. Damn." T-Dog said. Merle shifted his wrist around, mumbling about wanting the cuff off and T-Dog smirked, reaching in his pocket and showed Merle that he had the key to the handcuffs.