Here's the next chapter of Welcome to the Jungle!

In this chapter is when Daryl gets shot and you get to see the reactions of not only Jessica but Cleopatra and Merle as well.

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*Jessica's POV*

Rick helped me hobble up the steps and into the house then he glanced around the interior, looking for someone.

"What's wrong, Rick? Who's this?" a young brunette asked, walking in from another room.

"Maggie, this is one of my lost group members. This is Jessica McKinley and the girl is Sophia. They're the ones we were looking for out in the woods." Rick explained. The young woman glanced at me and smiled slightly.

"I'm Maggie Greene." Maggie said.

"Nice to meet ya, Maggie. Like Rick said, I'm Jessica McKinley but feel free to call me Jess or Jessie." I said. Maggie nodded with a smile then noticed that I was leaning on Rick heavily.

"Let me go get my daddy so he can check her ankle." Maggie said. Rick nodded his head then led me over to the couch and helped me sit down so I could get off my feet and prop my ankle up. I was sitting for only a few minutes when an older man with white hair wearing a white shirt, black pants, boots and green suspenders.

"Are you the one with the hurt ankle?" the man asked.

"Yes sir." I said. The man nodded then crouched down next to my left leg and started looking it over.

"Well, it's not broken. It's just sprained. I'll wrap it for you then give you an ice pack to rest on it for a little while. It should be better in a day or so." he said.

"Thank you..." I said.

"Hershel. I'm Hershel Greene and this is my farm." Hershel said.

"Thank you Hershel and this is a lovely farm you have." I said. Hershel smiled a bit then disappeared to get what he needed to wrap my sprained ankle.

"Just imagine Merle, Daryl and Leo's reactions when they see that you got here unscathed. Mostly." Rick said. I gave Rick an amused look then shook my head with a smile, letting him know I knew he was kidding. Hershel returned a few minutes later with an ace bandage and an ice pack then he crouched down next to my leg then started wrapping my ankle and once it was wrapped, he laid the ice pack on it then placed my shoe on the floor beside the table.

"Don't walk on it for a while, alright? If you do need to walk then either one of your friends can help you or I have a crutch you could use." Hershel said. I nodded in response then glanced up at Rick.

"D'ya think you can help me up?" I asked. Rick grinned then nodded his head and helped me to my feet once I had my shoe in my free hand.

"You wanna go outside?" Rick asked. I nodded my head then allowed him to lead me out the door and we chatted as we walked.

*Cleopatra's POV*

Merle and I helped Daryl through the woods and we soon reached the field that led to Hershel's farm. Once again, we had to tell Carol the disheartening news of not finding Sophia safe with Jessica. We started walking through the field to the house when we saw three figures running towards us.

"What the hell are those idiots doin?" Merle grumbled.

"Hell if I know Merle." I said. We were soon joined by Shane, Glenn and Rick; who had his Python pointed at Daryl.

"That's the third damn time you've pointed that thing at me. You gonna shoot me or what?" Daryl sniped. Rick lowered his pistol with a disbelieving smile then a crack rang out through the air and Daryl's head jerked and his knees buckled, taking Merle and myself down.

"I was just kiddin." Daryl murmured. His head lolled back and his eyes closed making me shoot Merle a concerned look. We helped him back to his feet then we started to quickly head towards Hershel's farm. I remembered the walker ear necklace around Daryl's neck so I quickly took it and passed it to Rick to hide it so Hershel wouldn't see it. We soon reached Hershel's house where we were swarmed by the others, all of them asking questions at once. I answered them with only one word answers and followed Rick into the house where Hershel ushered us into the room where Carl used to be.

*Jessica's POV*

I grit my teeth as I tried to control my temper but nothing seemed to be working; I just wanted to grab Andrea and hug the stupid bitch's windpipe or knock some sense into her head since it seems to be empty. I saw her stomping away from the RV where Dale had just finished lecturing her so I stood up from sitting in the rocking chair on Hershel's porch and walked towards her, sprained ankle be damned. Andrea saw me walking towards her and started to make some kind of excuse but she didn't get to answer; I threw out my right hand and my fist connected with her jaw, knocking her on her ass.

"What the hell was that for?!" Andrea snapped.

"When someone tells you not to fuckin shoot that they've got the situation covered, you don't fuckin shoot you stupid ass cow!" I snapped. Just as I went to walk away I felt Andrea kick the back of my knee making me fall on my hands and knees. I quickly rolled onto my back and Andrea started to sit on my stomach but I brought my right leg up and kicked her right in her stomach. I pushed myself into a sitting position and glared at the blonde on the ground in front of me.

"You're in love with that stupid redneck is why you're acting like this! If the world hadn't gone to shit, you wouldn't be acting this way!" Andrea spat.

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on you stupid bitch! Leo and I have been friends with the Dixon brothers for years before this bullshit happened!" I snarled. Andrea lunged at me and threw a punch which landed on the right side of my jaw. I growled then threw my head forward, slamming my forehead into the bridge of her nose.

"Hey, hey, hey! Stop it you two!" Rick called. I heard footsteps rushing towards us and Andrea was soon lifted off me then I was helped up and I noticed that Shane had pulled Andrea off me and Rick had been the one to help me up and had a hand clamped on my shoulder to keep me from attacking Andrea again.

"What the hell's goin on?" Shane snapped.

"Payin that stupid bitch back for shootin Daryl." I said.

"Well knock it off. We don't need Hershel bootin us out of here." Rick said. I nodded then gingerly rubbed my jaw.

"Can we go in now?" I muttered. Rick nodded then helped me walk inside Hershel's house to sit and rest my ankle.

"Rick, I'm sorry but we didn't find Sophia or J-..." Cleopatra's voice trailed off. I twisted around on the couch and saw Cleopatra standing and staring at me.

"Hey Leo." I said, waving. Cleopatra quickly rushed over then yanked me to my feet and hugged me tightly.

"Don't ever do that again you crazy bitch." Cleopatra said.

"Love you too Leo. And I know I'm a crazy bitch. Rick knows it now too." I said. Cleopatra released me from the hug and held me out at arms length, eyeing me critically then she noticed I had my weight on my right foot.

"What did you do?" Cleopatra asked.

"Sprained my ankle while running through the woods with Sophia and I recently proved my craziness by getting into it with Andrea for shooting Daryl." I said.