Hello Love,

Well, I've just finished with another case. Unfortunately, your theory was not correct, it wasn't the bunny that did it, but the grandmother. That is a rather surprising turn though, isn't it? I was convinced that the father did it, but - well, I'll tell you when you get home.

How is your trip going? I know you've been looking forward to this for a long time. Hopefully you learn a lot. Or, do you learn on trips like that? I know you went with some university friends, but I'm not actually sure about what you're doing. I'm sure I'll find out when you get home.

Baker Street is lonely without you. John's here, but he's not very good at cuddling (trust me, I've tried). My bed is uncomfortable without you in it. I keep reaching over to put my hand on your waist, but you aren't there. Hurry up and finish with your trip. I didn't realize how much I like having you here until you weren't here. I don't usually notice when John comes and goes, so it was surprising when I was bothered by your absence. I suppose it's the fact that you're not here to settle down with me at night and wake me up in the mornings. I miss that. I miss you.

John and Mrs. Hudson are taking care of me. They're talking again about us. They still think we should get married. Mrs. Hudson love you, you know. You've no idea how happy it makes me when you two go shopping and out to eat together. It's so nice of you to do that. She really appreciates all that you do. I'm glad that the two women in my life get along. It would be difficult if you didn't.

We all miss you here. Mostly me, and John misses you because he's had to take over cleaning up after me and making my meals when we don't eat out. I've been doing that a lot lately. Please come home so you can make me a nice warm home cooked meal again. And when you come home, you'll give me a big kiss on the forehead and take your scarf off and wrap it around my face, just like you always do. I miss your smile. We need to skype sometime. I know your friends get annoyed when you talk to me for an hour, but maybe we can do it sometime when they're busy with something you don't want to do. I love you.