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This is pretty much a Shadamy One-Shot! And my first fanfiction, so please bear with me!

(Twilight will be in a portion of this)

The bell rang, a pink blur zipped out of class, followed by a black and blue blur.

"RUN!" Twilight screamed as they heard the thundering sounds of students running from their classes, Amy screamed as she tripped and fell forward to the floor, Twilight ran back to get her, leanign down and taking her hand as she dragged the senior to her feet and both turned to run towards the double-doors. A door to their left opened as one of the teachers exited and looked at them with a stern look.

"Miss Wolf, no running!" Mister Sammers(human, not Eggman) called as the wolf skidded, throwing the pink female face first, she chuckled nervously as Amy's glare met her eyes. The male gave them a straight stare of disappointment, the dark canine scratched the back of her neck, completely forgetting what they had been up to in the first place. She bowed quickly to their Biology teacher.

"Sorry, Mister Sammers! Won't happen again! Sorry, Amy..." She sweat-dropped when the younger female pulled out her famous Piko-Piko with a fiery look of frustration in her emerald eyes, then Twilight ears twitched as they remembered something...

"Oh shi-" Both girls raced to the end where the door to Chemistry led and hid behind the lockers, Twilight snatching up her tail from getting crushed by the student body.

"That was close..."

"It was, Miss straight-A!" Amy punched the dark wolf in the shoulder as Twilight grumbled the same statement back with a sense of irritation in her tone petting out the fur on her precious tail. Both stood and began strutting to the double doors they were trying to escape through before, as the exited a familiar voice broke in between them as two long silver-white arms wrapped around their shoulders.

"Hey, how's it going Amy? Twilight..." A male voice yelled to the two, a silver male making his way through the crowd and approaching the two girls.

"I'll bite you..." The dark princess hissed as he pulled his hand away and continued to hold onto the pink humanoid.

"Don't you have a cat to kiss-up to?" Amy said heatedly, Silver frowned.

"Go away, Silver..." Twilight growled, continuing to walk, this time with more adrenaline.

"But I-!"

Both women disappeared into a thick black gust of mist, leaving the male to himself on the street curb at the front of the college...

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