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The black male lightly kicked open the door, Amy was sleepily clinging to his neck, but he didn't care. He walked in and saw his sister sitting on the couch, well lying down, and sleeping... Savvy walked in with him, as soon as the door closed, it was visible Mighty was standing behind it the entire time.

"You're back..." He muttered, Savvy turned around and pinned him to the wall, then let go.

"Hey!" Spark yelped, jumping back and almost zapping the red shelled male.

"Sorry... Don't startle me!" She growled quietly at him, he just grinned, "Then is wouldn't be as much fun..." She grumbled, "jerk" and went up the stairs with Shadow. It had been insane...


Shadow stepped out from the shadows(Weird right?) dragging an incoherent silver male along by the scruff.

"Mommy? Can you give me my blankey?" He cooed, then started sucking on his thumb, blood dribbling down his right brow and bruises all over his body and a nice lump on the back of his head.

Spark stepped out with the black male with a grin as Savvy fist bumped him.

"How many volts was that?" Shadow asked.

"About 50,000, silent attack!" The yellow male fist pumped, then all turned to the pink female. She was staring at them all with a wide expression of pure shock.

"You... They... I... Ugh..." She fell back, unconscious. Shadow walked over to her and looked at Savvy, "Grab her?" She rolled her blue eyes and grabbed the opposite pink female and propped her on the tall black male's back as he heaved and huffed standing up.

"Let's go..." He announced nonchalantly, starting a jog back to the house. The other two followed, keeping a swift pace...

End of flashback...

... Shadow settled the female on the bed, examining for any injuries... Just a bruise to the stomach, he sighed and walked out of the rom, passing Savvy. She raised a brow at him, Spark went in as well and leaned against the door frame with a grin.

"Scaredy hog..." He teased, she slowly turned her head towards him with a creepy look on her face.

"Just stating the obvious!" He put his hands defensively, then walked out and ran into Shadow who had come back with an ice-pack.

Twilight was starting to stir from her nap, she yawned and stretched, then got up off the couch with her crutch. She groaned at the uncomfortableness in her back and pushed on it, causing it to...


She went up stairs, and headed past Amy's room, then paused. She back tracked and looked in, then her eyes flared angrily at the sight of her brother.

"Shadow..." She growled, he turned his head to her, emotionlessly... Then went back to nursing the sleeping female. She limped over to him, then pulled her hand back and slapped him in the back of the head, he fell forward over was sprawled over Amy. He growled and got up, standing over his older sister.

"What the hell was that for?!" He whispered/yelled, she growled.

"Where the hell have you been?!" She hissed, she was in no mood to let him slip past her again.

"I've been the hell around!" He growled, the stopped suddenly, looking back at Amy. Why was he sensing a chaos emerald from her..?

"So why haven't you-? Shadow?" She whispered, her angry expression changing to one of frustration and confusion.

He reached into one of her pockets, and pulled out his emerald... His green one...

"Why does she have this?" He turned to Twilight, who was also confused that she hadn't sensed the chaos energy on her before.

"I honestly do not know... If you want to stay, by the way, there's a guest room at the end of the hall..." The dark female spoke, turning and limping out of the room...

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