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"Expelliarmus!/Avada Kedavera!"

When their two spells hit each other, a most unusual thing happened. The two jets of light became a single beam of white magic, and a bead of energy started wavering between the two. As the bead became larger, magic started spilling out like waves against a rock. Then, the beam lifted the two wizards off the ground and into the air, surrounding them with a clear, golden barrier.

The barrier seemed to have some affect on the Death Eaters. Many were pulling out their wands and pointing them either at Harry or at the nearest point of the barrier. Voldemort, however, saw their movements "Do nothing! Harry is mine!"

Their wands started to shake harder and harder, and they both noticed the bead was moving towards Harry. Putting his other hand on his wand, Harry willed the bead back with all his mental abilities. Slowly, but surely, the bead slowed and turned around. As the bead approached Voldemort's wand, Harry's wand shook less while his shook more.

When the bead hit Voldemort's wand, something nobody expected occurred. Voldemort's wand gave shrieks of pain. When it stopped, a silver hand appeared, followed by more screams. Then, slowly but surely, Cedric Diggory came out of Voldemort's wand.

Seeing his best friend as a solid ghost almost made Harry drop his wand. However, he kept clutching at it, preventing the bead from moving away from Voldemort. Voldemort started looking fearful, as one of his victims had returned to a half life like he had.

The Death Eaters were frightened at this boy's appearance as well. Voldemort had killed many people, both muggle and powerful, using his wand. The Death Eaters feared that, since Cedric came back from the dead, who else would come? Suddenly, another ghost appeared. This one was of the grave-keeper Fearing that many of their defeated enemies would come back to haunt them, one of the Death Eaters quickly pointed his wand at the golden dome and shouted a muffled spell.

"NO! I command you to do nothing!" Voldemort yelled. However, the damage was done. The spell hit the dome. Suddenly, the connection between their wands snapped and the dome started to collapse, quickly retreating from a golden clear dome into a silver opaque sphere. Voldemort and Harry were at the outer edges of the dome, so they quickly passed through and fell to the ground.

When the sphere was about six feet across, it suddenly flashed brightly. Everyone was forced to look away. When they looked back, they saw somebody falling from where the sphere disappeared. Even though the sphere was only a few yards off the ground, this boy fell quickly, as if he was falling from a higher point. When he hit the ground, a small earthquake occurred and debris flew into the air. Stunned, nobody thought to either help or attack the person.

"Ouch! Ow ow ow... Wait a second, that doesn't even hurt that much." Now that the dust had cleared, everyone could see this mysterious person better. He was obviously a boy, since he had a deeper voice and was shirtless. He had blond spiky hair, amber eyes, and three whisker-like marks on each cheek. His body was very toned, like he exercised, and he had a simple necklace with a sapphire jewel hanging in the front. The boy also appeared to have weird orange makeup around his eyes, and the fact that his pupils were rectangular. Quickly, the boy turned to look up towards where he had fallen from. "Pa, Sage mode is awesome! Pa? Where'd you go Pa? Wait... This isn't Mount Miyoboku. Where am I?"

With those words said, the boy looked around, apparently looking for Pa. He first saw Harry, clearly injured and weak from the Crucio Curses, focusing on the beads that connected his and Voldemort's wand, and the fall. The blond then saw the surrounding Death Eaters, frozen over the fact that a young boy could survive being slammed into the ground that hard with barely a scratch on him. He then turned all the way around and saw Voldemort. At the sight of the hooded, pale man, the blond froze for a second, then responded with rage.

"Orochimaru! What are you doing here?!" Realizing something, the blond turned back towards Harry. Harry then saw something different that scared him. The blond kid's makeup seemed to become more reddish, and his eyes gained an animal-like pupil along with his rectangular pupil. Coming to a realization, the blond turned back to Voldemort and said "There's no way you'll get this boy too!"

Realizing that this boy was threatening him, Voldemort and his followers quickly raised their wands. However, they and Harry were confused, since this mysterious boy didn't seem to have a wand. How was he planning to do?

"So you want to fight with a stick now?" the boy asked. The wizards were shocked; were they being challenged by an ignorant, weak muggle? Meanwhile, this boy was thinking, 'If those sticks aren't for show, they are either for bloodline techniques or Orochimaru found a way to skip making dozens of hand seals. This means he can quickly use high powered justu without having to make each hand seal individually. Not to mention, he seems to have brought some of his experiments and followers who can use the same sticks. Just how important is this kid behind me!?' "If you want to fight with more of your Curse Marked followers, I'll fight too!"

If Voldemort and his followers were surprised that the child supposedly knew about their Dark Mark, yet was ignorant of magic, they were dumbfounded by what was about to happen. Thinking clearly and heatedly, Naruto remembered one of the limitations of Sage Mode. 'Pa said that if I don't have enough chakra in me, I won't be able to control Nature Energy, and I'll transform into a stone toad. If I use too many Shadow Clones, my chakra will be distributed to dangerous levels for Sage Mode. So I have to exit Sage Mode to deal with these guys.' Quickly, the boys makeup disappeared. The Death Eaters saw that he had normal, blue eyes. The boy then brought his fingers into a cross, and yelled "MULTI SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!"

Suddenly, the air around Harry was surrounded with poofs and smoke. When the smoke cleared, they saw eleven of the blond boys surrounding Harry. This boy was using hand signs instead of a wand, and English words instead of Latin spells! This seemingly muggle child, who had no knowledge of magic or wands, had just made ten illusions of himself to throw their aim off! While illusion charms weren't unheard of, it was rare to hear of one that didn't cover and disguise a wizard, let alone see one!

Apparently, the boy was surprised too. "Only ten?! I was going for fifty!" Some of the Death Eaters wondered why this child wanted to make 50 illusions of himself to protect Harry. It wasn't as if those illusions could hurt them or stop their spells... "Well, even if it's only ten, I'll make the best of it!"

With that, seven of the blonds rushed the Death Eaters and two rushed Voldemort. They all reached into their pouches on their leg, pulled out black knives, and threw them. While they were still surprised at the boy, the Death Eaters knew a weapon when they saw one, and quickly shielded or deflected the knives. When they saw that their spells had an effect on the knives, they realized that this wasn't an illusion. An illusion would either disappear upon being hit by another spell or act as if the other spell never hit it.

Even when the thrown knives failed, the blonds kept coming. The Death Eaters who had only blocked the knifes realized their mistake when the blonds picked up their knives in midair and managed to stab through their Shield Charms. Knowing that they were under attack, many of the Death Eaters Apparated to another part of the graveyard to get some distance from this weird kid. However, seeing the Shield Charms seemed to anger the blond. The clones, because they couldn't be called illusions anymore, yelled out "Be careful! Some of them have Hyuuga DNA!" If the Death Eaters weren't confused as to what DNA was, they clearly were dumbfounded as to what a Hyuuga was.

However, it was Voldemort who was having trouble. While the Death Eaters were fighting one blond each, Voldemort had to take on two. They were fast, and able to dodge his Crucios. After awhile, with Voldemort tired of deflecting many of their knives, the two blonds joined up and put their hands together. Between them, Voldemort could see a blue orb growing. Fearing what kind of magic would need that much preparation, he quickly yelled "Crucio!"

However, it didn't have the effect he wanted. The clone he hit did appear to be in pain, but it was only for a brief second. When that second passed, a poof was heard and smoke was thrown up. When it dispersed, all the blonds gave a brief cry of ow at the same time, and Voldemort saw that the clone he hit had vanished. Thinking quickly, he realized what happened and barked an order to his loyal followers. "Cast Crucio on them all! The real one will be hit, but a copy will vanish and give its pain to all of them!"

'Darn it! He knows the weakness of Shadow Clones' the boy thought. 'But that's not Orochimaru's voice, nor hair nor nose for that matter. Does this guy even have a nose? But no matter who he is, I won't let him have that boy!' With that thought, the boy with the blue orb rushed Voldemort. Realizing the cost of diverting his attention to his followers, Voldemort turned quickly and cried out "Crucio!"

However, he didn't hit the boy. He hit the orb the boy was carrying. But when it hit the ball, something happened. The ball started giving off a weird blue fog, and wails were heard coming from it. Surprised, the boy jerked his hand forward, the the ball was launched right at Voldemort. Shocked at what happened, the Dark Lord didn't have time to block it, and the orb made contact.

And that contact was worse than Voldemort could handle. While the ball seemed to be tearing at his newly born body, he also felt the effects of his Crucio, multiplied by five! While the pain was excruciating, it lasted only for a few seconds. He quickly recovered and cast a Levitation Charm at the attacking boy, followed by a Body-Bind Curse. Trapped, the boy could do nothing against him. Taking advantage of this, Voldemort quickly used Legilimency to figure out who, and what, he was fighting. Realizing what was happening, the blond somehow poofed himself without first being in pain. However, Voldemort saw something in the boys mind that he had missed. Nine clones were sent to fight the Death Eaters, so where was the tenth and the original? He turned to where he had left Harry and saw that he was missing. Turning quickly, he saw Harry and one blond, it must have been the original, grab hold of the portkey and disappear. Enraged, Voldemort slaughtered all the clones left behind with quick and multiple "Avada Kedavera!" But it was too late, the clones had successfully distracted the Death Eaters long enough for him and Potter to escape.

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