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It was quiet. Too quiet. My eyes moved quickly from spot to spot as I looked around the backyard. Nothing. It was empty. Or atleast that's what they wanted me to think. Maybe they really were gone. Maybe they had given up. Peaking my head out more from the tree where I was hiding, I held the little bundled up ball of snow close, prepared to take on anyone who was brave enough to come after me. I stepped around the tree a little more still looking for some sign of-

"BOOOOO!" Emmett's deep booming voice shouted from behind me. I let out a high pitched scream and jumped, turning around quickly only to be hit with a giant snowball. The scream soon turned into giggles as my dark hair turned as white as the snow itself.

"You're going down, Em!" I yelled at him, cocking back my arm ready to let the snowball fly. A wide grin broke out across his face, showing off his trademark dimples.

"Oh yeah, Squirt. Bring it!" He stuck his tongue out at me, but was quickly hit in the face with a ball. His eyes were wide with shock and he blinked a few times, still surprised. Even I blinked in surprise considering that I was still holding onto my snowball.

That's when I noticed Rosalie appear next to me holding a bunch of them in one arm while she idly tossed one of them up and down in her other hand. She had a smirk on her face as she watched Emmett.

"Surprise." She smiled before launching another one at him. He was still too shocked to move, and it ended up smacking him in the face yet again.

He quickly shook his head and grinned before blurring out of sight. I looked around the winter wonderland, waiting for the moment when he would reappear. Only, when he did, he wasn't alone. Edward was with him.

"Surrender, Ladies, or we will be forced to fire." Edward chuckled holding up a snowball to show that he meant business. Emmett did the same and I gulped loudly. Rosalie and I both dropped our snowballs and held our empty hands up in the air. This was it. We were done for. I just knew it.

"Oh no. Rose, what are we gonna do?" I asked looking up at her. Her wide eyes looked around from tree to tree before a mischievous smile replaced her worried look.

"Wait for it." She said looking back down at me. Edward tilted his head as he watched us.

"Wait for what?" He asked. That's when it happened!

My eyes flashed up toward the tree and I watched as my Alice stepped across one of the branches on the tree above Edward's head quietly. Her golden eyes met mine and she raised her hand placing one finger on her lips, telling me to be quiet. I looked back down at Edward quickly then looked over at Emmett.

"Wait for you to lose.." I giggled, sticking my tongue out at them. Emmett gave a playful growl as he got ready to throw the snowball at me, but froze when Alice blurred from the tree and tackled Edward face first into the snow. She scooped up some snow, packing it tightly into a snowball, and stood up on Edward's back before launching it at Emmett the same time that Rosalie did, both smacking him in the face at high speeds.

While Emmett was down and out for the count, Alice took this time to pick Edward up and toss him at Emmett's large form, causing them to crash into each other. All of us walked over to the boys lying in the snow and laughed.

"Surrender, Boys, or we will be forced to fire." I giggled. Edward grunted and shook his head as Emmett pouted.

"Never." Emmett grumbled.

"Suit yourself." Alice smirked and looked over at Rosalie. "Rose." She nodded her head toward the tree and Rosalie's face lit up in a smile as her hands smashed into the tree trunk causing a large pile of snow to fall on the boys.

"Victory is ours yet again." Rosalie chimed, smirking.

And it was true. It had been a week since my first night with the Cullen family. I was still getting used to Alice's short trips that she would take without me when she needed to feed. During these times, I would usually have snowball fights, that Rosalie and I won, with the rest of them. Which is what we were doing when Alice came to save the day.

"Ugh, we almost had them this time." Emmett complained as he stood up out of the pile of snow.

"Yeah, but almost isn't the same as actually doing it." Edward grumbled, his normally crazy hair now hanging down into his face, dripping wet.

"Sucks to suck." Rosalie smirked earning glares from the boys. Alice smiled and scooped me up into her arms.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and gave her a kiss on the cheek before hugging her tight.

"Hey Ali. I missed you so much. How was your... Um... Lunch?" I asked.

"I miss you too, Bell, and it was very satisfying." She grinned showing off her fangs. I gave her a confused look and tilted my head.

"Does that mean that it was yummy?" I asked, trying to figure out what that big word meant. She giggled and nodded, kissing my cheek softly.

"Yes, it means it was yummy." She smiled at me and I smiled back, placing me back on the ground.

"Oh. Okay, well that makes more sense." I replied as I plopped down in the snow. I began to move my arms and legs back and forth. "Like this, Ali. See." I stopped and stood up showing off my snow angel. I smiled up at her, feeling so proud of myself.

"Pretty." Alice smiled softly at me before laying down and making one of her own. Her angel was slightly bigger than mine. Both were so pretty since they were sparkling from the snow.

Alice and I sat in the snow as we watched Emmett build a snowman, or a snow vamp as he called it.

"Bella, I need you to promise me something, ok?" My eyes moved away from Emmett to Alice.

"Ok." I said staring into her eyes.

"I need you to promise me that you aren't going to be scared tomorrow. That you'll know that I will protect you. We are going to have some visitors tomorrow."

I nodded and held out my pinky to her, watching as she wrapped hers around it. "I promise, Ali."

"Good." She smiled and placed a kiss on the top of my head. Just then Rosalie blurred over to us and sat down.

"Visitors?" She asked. Alice nodded and smiled.

"Yes. During my hunt, I had a vision. It would seem that Jasper is going to be here tomorrow with Kate."

"With Kate?" Rosalie questioned, a confused look spreading across her face. I looked back and forth between Rosalie and Alice as I listened.

"Yes." Alice's smile grew wider. "Our brother has finally found his mate." There was that word again. Mate.

"Well, I'm glad for him." Rose smiled. I arched my brow and looked at Alice.

"Are mates really special?" Alice looked away from Rose and grinned at me.

"Mhm. Very special." She answered, her voice growing strange. I nodded, deep in thought. Hmmm...

"Is that why I'm special to you?" This time she froze and her eyes went wide.

"I... Uh... What?" Even Rosalie looked stunned.

"Well, Edward did say something about me being your future mate." Alice shot Edward a glare before looking back to me. She opened her mouth like she was about to say something, but then closed it when nothing came out.

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