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"Now," Consul Wayland announced, "down to the last order of business."

"By the Angels." Will moaned, and laid his head on his parabatai shoulder.

"Will, for god sakes it's only been an hour." Jem whispered to him. His voice was rough from the night of coughing. Will had not mention it at breakfast, though she knew he was in there with him and Tessa who –cause of her room placement- had heard him spoke nothing of it as well.

"I'm so bored though." Will whined, but thankfully sat up strait when Charlotte scolded him.

Consul Wayland had just opened his mouth to start the 'last order of business' then the large double doors opened and a young woman that Tessa did not recognize walked in.

"Yes?" Consul Wayland stood as the lady approached his seat.

She bowed her head respectfully as she spoke. "Consul, there are four…" She looked behind her towards the doors as though the devil was beyond them. "There are four young nephilim and one vampire here to request help from the Enclave."

Whispers erupted immediately. Will doesn't look bored anymore, Tessa thought.

Jem reached for her hand as though reassuring himself that she was still next to him.

"Why is it so strange?" Tessa asked, "I thought shadowhunters asked assistance from the Clave all the time."
"It's not the shadowhunters that are causing the nervousness, my dear." Jem said, staring at the doors.

"It's that a vampire is with them." Will finished.

"And," Charlotte added from behind, "that they have come unannounced, my dear."

Tessa listened as the voices conversing around her grew louder and louder.

'A vampire?' they said 'With nephilims?'

'Who dares to interrupt the enclave?'

"Quite!" Consul Wayland shouted. "Who are they Melanie?"

The women in front of him –Melanie- shook her head. "I don't know Consul, they refused to give me their names. But I recognized none of them."

That brought with it its own sweeps of murmurs.

"It is very rare indeed for a nephilim to not be known, and even more to refuse to give their name." Will said in Tessa's ear. She could hear 'finally, something interesting' screaming through his tone.

"Well, let's not keep them waiting shall we? Let them in."

"Even the night child?" The women asked.

"Yes Melanie, all of them. We shall see what this interruption is about." Consul Wayland added after the women had left.

They didn't have to wait in suspense for long, not a minute after the women left -closing the doors behind her- did they open again. Tessa breath caught in her throat, the whole room fell into silent, -even Will- as the mysterious, unknown nephilims and the vampire walked into the room. Two boys lead the pack, -two of the four nephilims Tessa knew by the ruins on their bodies. They were dressed in something similar to shadowhunter armor but it did not look like what Will, Jem or even Charlotte wore. Tessa made a slight gasp, one of the gentlemen looked like William. Black, straight hair was common, Tessa knew, and his features weren't as thick as Will's, nor did he have Will pure beauty but he had the same dark blue eyes. She had never encountered someone with the same colored eyes as Will prior to this moment. The boy next to him had honey hair and matching eyes that scanned the people around him, a hard, impassive look on his face. Now he, Tessa couldn't help thinking, could give William a run for his money in looks. He looked like an antagonistic angel straight out of a painting. The two girls -no older then Tessa herself- flanked the men. They were in the exact same armor, with a few moderations but not many. The girl behind the golden boy had hair as red as fire, her cloths clutched to her skin in a way that made Tessa's skin burn. She refused to look sideways at neither Will nor Jem to see their reactions to this girl whose clothing looks as if was painted on her body instead of covering it. At lest her shirt covered all her arms but Tessa saw the tops of ruins peeking out through the low neck line, and worse still… her legs were bare! Back leather looking trousers did not pass her knees. Tessa looked away hastily but looked back as she saw the look on the lady's face. It was a mask of fear that was noticeably trying to be hidden. Her eyes glued to the man's head in front of her. The girl furthest away from Tessa had the same look as the young man with Will's eyes, which she had as while. Tessa did not even glace down from the girls face in fear of what she'd see. Instead, her eyes rested on the vampire between both nephilim girls. Not as though they were escorting a prisoner as Tessa had seen some nephilims walk near downworlders, but as though they were his protector. He didn't look like any vampire she'd ever seen, the only way she could describe it was that he looked human. They stopped in the middle of the room and looked up at Consul Wayland, not speaking. Everything was still, no one spoke. The golden man's eyes moved more slowly across the faces around him, the second his eyes hit Tessa's she looked away, and felt Jem's hand tighten around hers protectively.

It was weird, Tessa thought; the way they stood showed their positions. The young man with Will's eyes was the leader, and the golden one was the protector. She refused to look at the two young ladies –if you could even call them that- again too see if she could identify their rolls as well. And the vampire… well.

"So…" Consul Wayland finely broke the silence, "First I think introductions are in order." He looked at the visitors expectantly.

The one with Will's eyes looked nervous; he looked around his group, too the golden one, who nodded. Tessa watched as his hand moved behind him and the girl with the bare legs took a told of it.

"We are shadowhunters," the leader started, with a cool voice. "from the-" He was silenced by a look from the golden one that Tessa did not see. He cleared his throat and continued. "My name… is Alexander Lightwood, my sister Isabelle Lightwood, and our adopted brother Jace Lightwood. And this is Clarissa Fairchild, and our friend Simon Lewis."

The room was silent.