As Maka stares at the stolen chocolate bar in her hand, she wonders when her sweet tooth first sprang into being. She closes her eyes, thinking back.

She nagged Soul too many times for her to willingly admit it. Well, he called it nagging while she called it looking after his health. Like she said too many times, an addiction to chocolate is just not healthy. Of course, they never resolved anything because Soul always distracted her with a kiss and that's a lot more fun than nag…looking after his health.

Maka knows the trigger to all of this lies directly on the stash of chocolate Soul keeps hidden in his room. She often heard him munching on a candy bar at night. At those times Maka would just turn over, mumbling, "Idiot."

But the craving for chocolate must have been passed onto her through diffusion somehow because Maka soon found herself with an urge for something sweet. Something chocolate-y.

At first, she ignored it because she doesn't even care for chocolate that much. There are much healthier things in the house, Maka told herself. And besides, a sweet tooth was a sign of losing self-control and Maka Albarn did not ever lose her self-control.

However, when she started drooling as she lies awake, listening to Soul unwrap yet another chocolate bar, she knew she was gone. After she finally acknowledged to herself that she has a need for chocolate, she contrived to think of a way to find some. Luckily Soul provided the perfect opportunity.

"Hey Maka, Black*Star, Kid and I are going to shoot some hoops. So I'll be out for a couple hours. That all right?"

His face was surprised as Maka enthusiastically gave her okay and practically pushed him out the door. "Sure, that's completely fine," she said, tossing him the basketball they own in an effort to make him leave faster. "Have fun!"

As soon as the apartment door closed, she was off to his room in a flash. Not caring for things like subterfuge and sneakiness, she tore through his room without a second thought. Finally, after fifteen minutes of searching, she hit gold in the bottom drawer of his dresser.

She snatched up the bag, gleefully in her hands and grabbed a chocolate bar. "Thought you could hide your precious stash from me, didn't you Soul?"

Which leads to where she was now. She had been so sure of her craving but now that she was looking at the temptation itself, she hesitated. Risk becoming a hypocrite or fulfill her tastebuds' greatest desire. Maka stares at the candy bar for a long time. Then, sighing, she puts the bar back in the bag, places the bag carefully in its hiding place and puts back the rest of Soul's room to rights. With a last look behind her, she closes the door.

Five seconds later, the door bursts open. Maka tears through the room, yanking open the drawer and seizing the bag. A moment later, she is sighing, contentedly now, a half-eaten chocolate bar in her hand. That was heavenly, she thinks. Eyeing the bag, she figures one more couldn't hurt. And after that, surely a third one wouldn't hurt either.

An hour later, the bag is empty and Maka lies on the floor, unable and unwilling to move. Her mouth is smeared with chocolate and wrappers decorate her clothes and the floor. She appreciates the fact that Soul will be back eventually but right now, she's encountering what she deems a sugar crash. Closing her eyes to take a quick rest will probably help her re-gain her energy.

Two hours later, Soul finds her, still in her chocolate-sodden state, snoring away on his rug. At first he thinks of waking her up but the way she has chocolate smeared all over her face like a toddler is cute. So he gently picks her up and tucks her in his bed, carefully pulling the covers over. She doesn't react, just turns over, letting out an "urrrrgh." He leans over to kiss her forehead and murmurs, "Just wait till you wake up, you dork."