My Shadowy Hero

YaoiTrouble1213 and InsertUnoriginalPennameHere

Jittery. That's what Sonic was, as the speedster quickly sipped his caffeine-filled drink, trying to stay as awake and alert as he can. He had gotten no sleep the night before. His stomach pains had kept him up all night. He doesn't know what caused them, but he does know he's also not feeling 100 percent this morning, either. His throat aches, he has the sweats and is even coming down with a fever, and Tails' loud voice didn't help his migraine much as he was explaining something that seemed jibberish to him. He thought it was about machine parts, but it was making his head spin.

"What do you think, Sonic?" the kit asked, blue eyes twinkling and tails wagging. Sonic blinked.

"That's...Nice." Sonic said, slightly confused. He had not been listening to the energetic eight year old. He had been too busy closing his eyes and rubbnig his temples.

Tails smiled. "Thanks! I knew you'd be able to do it! Alright, now here's the shopping list." Sonic nearly gasped. Shopping list?! He had been asking him to get machine parts! Great, just great. He was sick as a dog.

"See ya! I'll be in the lab." Tails said, before walking off.

Sonic looked at the list, narrowing his eyes to focus. However, like he got dyslexia, the words swam around and he couldn't make out even one little word. All he saw was letters. 'sonbaehwnaskwyahdz.'

'Might as well wing it...or, ask someone for help. Yeah, that sounds better.' He stood up for two seconds before his vision blurred and everything went everywhere. Sitting down again, he sighed in frustration. How was he supposed to get the 'sonbaehwnaskwyahdz' if he couldn't even stand up!

Looking around, the sick to the core hero grabbed the house phone from the table he was leaning on and dialed up someone. He probably wouldn't agree, but if he was persistent enough with his annoyance, he just might give in.

"Shadow the Hedgehog speaking."

"Shads, I need you to pick me up with your emo-motorbike."

Rolling his eyes at Sonics choice of words to call his vehicle, he asked, "What for?"

"My throat's killing me, my stomach hurts, I have a migraine and I'm sweating a river yet freezing and Tails expects me to get machine parts and I can't even read the list."

Shadow blinked since Sonic said all that without taking a breath, and he noticed his voice. He DOES sound kinda sick...

"Fine, faker. I'll be there in ten minutes," he said before hanging up. Sonic smiled and put the receiver, before groaning and flopping on the couch.

The blue blur flipped around the channel on the flat screen TV in front of him. After a few minutes of trying, and nothing interesting popping up, he sighed for the hundredth time and shut it off. He glanced that the clock.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tock...

Truly, he was bored out of his mind. How long could ten minutes stretch?

*with Shadow*

'What could possibly make him so sick? If he's lying, then he'll be regretting it. But most likely..he did something he wasn't supposed to do...'

Shadow parked his 'emo-motorbike' (as Sonic liked to call it) in front of Sonic's place and opened the door.

When the blue hedgehog opened it, Shadow knew he wasn't lying...

His quills were very messy, his eyes glassy and dull, he was caked with sweat, and just from standing in front of him he could feel his sick body heat radiating off him from his fever. "You okay, Faker?" Shadow asked. Okay, truth be told, he was slightly concerned. He didn't think Sonic should go to get machine parts if he didn't have to touch him to feel how hot he is.

"Yeah, the faster we get there, the faster I come back and sleep. And it looks like it'll start raining soon; let's go." Sonic walked to the dark vehicle. Once they had got to the store they always go to buy machine parts, the friendly cashier greeted them.

"Hello, boys!"

"Hey- ah-ah- ACHOO!"

"Hmph," Shadow greeted back.

The young porcupine creased his eyes in concern. "You okay, Sonic? You don't look so good..." Shadow resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Was this guy blind?!

"Yeah, I'b fide." Sonic replied, nose now blocked.

The porcupine smiled. "What'll it be today, boys?"

Sonic strained to look at the paper. "Uhhh..." Shadow face palmed. "You can't read, Faker?" Sonic shook his head, then closed his eyes from dizziness.

"Not today, apparently."

Rubbing a hand over his eyes, Sonic handed the piece of paper to Shadow who took it with a grunt.

"1. Premium Oil extracted and fat from animals...? 2. Brass. 3. A rag made from strands of iron. 4..." Shadow muttered. The cashier nodded with his eyebrows raised high up, his forehead forming permanant stress marks.

"Alright. I'll go get a helper," said the friendly porcupine, flashing one of his shiny grins.

After getting most of the materials on the list, they exited the store. Sonic felt better, but he still felt woozy.

"Don't we still need the oil?" Sonic asked.

"Yes. Where would they sell oil from fish and fat from animals?" Shadow raised an eyeridge.

Sonic looked around, then an idea hit him. His gaze rested on the motorcycle.

"Chaos no," muttered Shadow, shaking his head.

"Yes." Sonic's old smirk was back again.


"Oh Chaos, I feel sick."

"You shouldn't have argued with me."

"Yeah? So how were we supposed to find oil from weird stuff?"


The azure speedster took a breath in, and when he exhaled, the world went spinning. Before falling on the ground, Shadow quickly took his hand and caught him. "Careful," he said.

Sonic's slightly dazed expression melted into a small smile. He tried to tell his counterpart not to worry, but it came out as a mumble and he himself couldn't even make it out. Instead, he leaned on him, and together, they walked to the motocycle and rode to Tails's.

'Geez, his chest fur sure is soft and warm...' thought the dizzy hero.

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