The next day, Shadow woke up with Sonic cuddled in his arms, shivering pretty hard. He sighed and held him tighter.

He wished he would just get better. He didn't like it when he was sick.

The black hedgehog sighed once again and pulled the blankets tighter over the both of them and pretty much curled up on Sonic, hoping to warm him up. He was hungry and wanted to eat breakfast, but didn't want to leave Sonic to freeze.

"Mm... Shadow, you're warm..." He heard a soft and scratchy voice mumble against his chest. He smiled at him. "Good. How are you feeling?"

"Like I need to throw up..." the blue hedgehog muttered, before lifting his head and widened his eyes in realization. "L-like I need to throw up!" And off he went to the bathroom.

Shadow appeared in the bathroom with a glass of water in his hands, but Sonic didn't retch yet. He was swallowing thickly and breathing heavily. Almost as if he were holding back from throwing up.

"Shadow, I don't wanna..." He groaned weakly, gagging slightly. Shadow helped him bend down near the toilet, rubbing his back. "You have to, though. You'll feel better, I promise," Sonic still didn't cooperate.

"But my..." He had to swallow thickly again. 'I shouldn't talk too much,' Sonic thought to himself. "But my throat."

"Shh... You'll be fine, Sonic. After this we'll get you a Popsicle to soothe the swelling, I promise. Okay?"

Azure suddenly gripped the toilet tightly, knuckles turning a pale white under his gloves. "Shadow..." He squeaked, before retching rather violently into the toilet, unable to breathe.

Shadow tried to black out the sound and closed his eyes. He hated seeing him like this, but knew he had to focus on calming him down. "You're doing fine, almost done."

When Sonic was done, he couldn't even talk. His throat burned so much! From the force in his throat and the burning acid, it just felt like the night he found out he had tonsillitis, only worse. Much worse.

"Hey, hey shh, here drink some water, you're okay..." Shadow whispered when he heard a dry sob from the younger. He knew it was his throat. He handed him the water and held him in his lap as he sat on the ground next to the toilet, watching him drink greedily...

Only to find out he couldn't keep the water down, going back to the toilet.

Sonic finished again, before he rubbed his neck and sniffed. It hurt so bad, and he couldn't keep anything in his stomach, and he was so HUNGRY. No way was he trying food, though! It was all too frustrating and he felt the urge to break down again, but he didn't because he felt he's been crying way too much lately. Well, in his mind it's like that.

Shadow on the other hand was extremely worried. If he couldn't keep anything in his stomach, he could starve or get dehydrated. He didn't want that... But there's no use in making him eat anything right now, that would just be putting him through more torture. What could he do? He felt helpless.

"What can I do?" Shadow whispered to the smaller one currently cradled to his chest on the bathroom floor. He felt slight wetness on his chest, which really made his heart break.

"Can we just...stay like this for a while...?" Sonic whispered at a volume that didn't hurt his voice too much. To be honest, he just wanted to stay in that position, deep in Shadows chest like that as his heat surrounded him, taking note of his relaxing heart beat.

He felt lips at the top of his head and a deep voice in his ear cooing, "Of course."

And they stayed like that until Sonic nodded off and was brought to the bed, and Shadow went to prepare another glass of water and a pill, and if Sonic's stomach was slightly more stable, some crackers to nibble on and boiled water in case he needed to make a soup when he woke up.


Shadow didn't want to take a quick bathroom break, but he figured that leaving Sonic alone for just a few more seconds wouldn't do much harm. Would it?

When he was done, he went back to his room where his love slept, who was still unconscious. Shadow was just about to sit next to the bed and watch over him again when he realized that, when he's away, Sonic might need him. He needed to get him something...but what? He didn't have a bell for Sonic to ring. He quickly took a random scrap paper from his counter wrote a note, placing it by Sonic's pillow. Giving him a quick but meaningful kiss on the temple, he left.


He felt like shit.

The nap made his throat feel like sandpaper, more than it already did. He never really liked taking naps when he was sick. It made his eyes, nose and mouth all dry and it really wasn't the best feeling in the world.

Turning around in his bed, he heard crumpling sounds. 'What the...a note?' Sonic took the small piece of paper and read it. The words were still a bit blurry like the last time he tried to read, but it was a little better, at least. In Shadow's semi-cursive/print handwriting, it read, 'Dear Sonic, I have gone to Rouge's. I needed to get something, so if you need me, use my cell phone and text Rouge, because I'll be borrowing her spare phone. It's labeled Rouge 2. Please don't panic. I left your medicine by the counter, so please take them. If you feel better, try some crackers I placed next to your pills. Stay safe, 'kay?'

Sonic looked at his counter, and he sees just as he expected. A cup of water, two small pills, and three crackers laid out on top of a napkin.

He hesitantly took the cup of water and drank a little. It still hurt swallowing, but at least he didn't feel like throwing it up again. "Whew..." he whispered. He knew that his throat would probably hurt even more if he swallowed both, so he took them one at a time. Then, he just sat back and stared at nothing. Several minutes pass, and he figured that a small cracker would do much harm. Eating it slowly, his mind drifted away. Shadow went to Rouge's...

Shadow...went to Rouge's.

Wait. Shadow went to Rouge's. Wouldn't the bat suspect something? Shadow, asking for her spare phone out of nowhere? After all, she didn't know about the kidnapping and the sickness and all the drama. What if she's a homophobic? She never really has any part in homosexual subjects. Maybe she avoids it. Maybe she thinks it's disgusting.

Or is Shadow going there to tell her about it? What if he's cheating on him with her? No...Shadow isn't that kind of hedgehog, though. He sticks to the one he loves...but, just who DOES he love?

Sonic shook his head. He's ill. Thinking with an ill mind could let all those ridiculous thoughts into his brain and mess with him. He should probably do something to distract himself. But, what could he do? Getting out of bed isn't really a good idea...

Sighing, Sonic nibbled delicately on a cracker, green eyes searching the cozy room for the TV remote that Shadow had in his room, and turned it on.

It flipped to channel 5 news, and they seemed to be talking about him. "It seems Sonic the Hedgehog hasn't been around lately. We haven't seen him anywhere in about a week. Has the hero been captured? Or has he given up on Station Square? (A/N: I have no idea where this story takes place, SO...) In other news, boy band One Direction is number one in the charts for most sold song on iTu-"

Sonic groaned and flipped the channel. Great. He wouldn't be surprised if paparazzi suddenly somehow found him and mobbed him! It was rude and a little frustrating how they expect him to be helping every cat stuck in a tree when nothing serious is happening, and if he's not seen for more than a week he's either captured, dead, or left the city.

Reaching for another cracker, Sonic thought he caught a glance of...purple near the window?

When he looked closer, it was...


His teeth reflected off the sunlight sharply as he shot a dirty smirk at him and licked his lips.

Green eyes widened as he yelped and flung himself off the bed. He scrambled in the comforter in a tangled, sweaty panicking mess in the floor.

When he finally got to his feet, he stumbled a bit, a sudden wave of dizziness washing over him. He leaned in the wall for support, feeling nausea in the back of his throat, but thankfully it wasn't too strong.

He recovered slowly, still a bit fragile as he looked to the window again, shaking slightly.

But there was no Crow.

Sonic creased his eyebrows worriedly. Had the pills made him hallucinate? Or was that really Crow? And was he gone somewhere - ANYWHERE - in the house?

The poor sick boy whimpered as he reached for Shadows phone and tapped the screen rapidly.


Bzz, bzz.

Rouge's ear twitched. "Hmm?" she hummed, turning to the source of the sound. "My spare phone? Why would anyone send a text to my spare?"

Just before she got to the phone, a knock sounded at the door of her apartment. "One second," she called, checking the message. It read, with some typos, "Shadow, pleasw come hoem. I just saw Crow by my windiw. I'm...scared."

Shadow? But wait, isn't this coming from Shadow's phone? So someone else must be using it...

The albino bat opened the door only to see the person she didn't expect at all. It was Shadow, and he wasn't holding his phone. Has someone stolen his? "Rouge. Can I have your spare phone?"

"Uhm...suuuure..." the nocturnal animal hesitantly gave him the requested electronic. "Why, may I ask?"

"It's...kind of complicated. It's a communication thing. I'm not sure when Sonic needs me when I'm gone so I asked him to send a text to your spare whenever he wants me home."

"Wait, wait, is he in your house? Or are you at his?...Why would he need you?"

"Nevermind. I have to go." Shadow felt urgent for some reason. He felt like...something was wrong. Of course, it must be just his nerves, spasming whenever he hasn't been with the weak hero for more than fifteen minutes.

He dashed off, leaving a confused mobian behind at the doorstep.


"SONIC?!" Shadow called out into his house. He mentally slapped himself. That will only tempt him to respond and that wouldn't help his throat at all!

He rushed up to his room and saw the blue hedgehog quivering on the floor near the bed. He was shaking so hard, it was actually visible. "Sh-Sha..." Sonic stuttered, tears of fear welling up in his emerald eyes. "C-Crow..."

"Shhh, don't say anything. I read your text." Shadow went over and hugged the unstable hedgehog on the verge of breaking down. Which, upon hearing the soothing and comforting words of his lover, did snap. He started off letting loose choked sobs, until he gave up on holding it in. Hurting his throat or not, he needed to cry. Again. This was too cruel a joke. That purple fox couldn't have...why was he still here? Why didn't he give up? Why didn't he and Scourge find a different target? Damn it all to hell, he was sick of this! Being ill, weak, suspected as dead, given up on the world, left, and feeling like complete and utter crap. He was sick of it! He wanted to scream, swear, throw things at the world. Fuck, what did he ever do to deserve this?!

All was silent except for the loud sobs from the hero and the soft voice of his boyfriend, the soft ticking of the clock by the bedstand as a background lullaby. Sonic was almost calm when suddenly, a loud noise echoed through the house.

"Sonic the Hedgehog, are you here? We have some serious questions we need to ask!" When will this be over? It's one of those paparazzis. From the sound of it, a whole mob of them.

The two hedgehogs stayed like that until the door opened. Upon the cameramen and paparazzis was a strange blend of purple. He smirked.

"Crow," Shadow seethed out through his teeth, eyes narrowing in utter hatred.

"Hahah, I just decided to help them guys out! They've been wondering where the great hero I told them. You can thank me later. And after that...I'll be taking him with me." The wolf grinned.

Shadow growled, but noticed cameras amongst cameras, and more cameras. He couldn't cause a scene here. Not like that.

"Leave my house, right now. Sonic isn't in the right position to answer all your questions, he's ill!"

Shadow somehow managed to push most of the paparazzis out his house as questions flew in the air, while Sonic sat near the bed, head tucked in his knees, sobbing quietly. He was currently having a nervous breakdown, and all these people were just scaring him more, not to mention...Crow was there...

Suddenly, he felt a presence and the same chilling whisper in his ear again, "Don't shout, or you'll regret it. Everyone is distracted..."

Sonic gasped when another rag dressed in chloroform was shoved in his face. He wasn't going to be taken there again. Not this time.


By now Shadow slammed the front door on the paparazzi. He rested his head on the door and breathed heavily. Finally. Now he could calm Sonic down properly. He didn't think the big commotion with Crow helped very much ei-


Shadow immediately stumbled into the room, and growled at the sight.

The bed sheets were messed up (probably from earlier) and there was a broken lamp on the floor. Sonic was currently pinned under the purple wolf as he fought him, arms shaking as he held the drugged rag away from his face with wide, tear-filled eyes. "Give up now, babe," the purple one smirked. "Blacky's not here right now."

"Oh, 'Blacky' is here, alright. And Blacky is ANGRY."

Crow jumped and turned to face the door, only to smirk again. "Well I guess he would be furious if I did THIS?"

In a swift movement, Crow tipped his head near Sonic's neck and bit. HARD. Sonic wailed in pain, kicking and punching, as the wail started to turn into sobs.


And before the wolf could react, he was flying across the room, his eyes looking into angry red ones that seemed to glow dangerously.

Sonic sat up and backed away, hand on his bleeding neck as he sobbed loudly, watching the fight through blurry tears.

How did it end up like this?

Suddenly, Crow started to roll on top of Shadow, but that didn't last very long. Shadow flipped him into the bureau, the object falling on top of him in the process, causing a cry of pain.

"You," Shadow glared menacingly. "Have put my little Sonic in so much pain these last few weeks." He stomped in the bureau currently crushing the wolf, adding more painful pressure.

He was mad enough for steam to come out of his ears if you really thought about it. "Now..." he braced himself and adjusted his foot so it doesn't slip off… "IT'S YOUR TURN!"

Shadow forced the rest of his weight on the bureau and the wolf let out one last cry before falling limp. There was a mixture of fear and mischief in his eyes, still. As if, he didn't care if he died. As if...he'd already achieved whatever he wanted.

"Sonic..." Shadow turned around, just in time to catch a swooning Sonic.

The blue hedgehog passed out from the amount of chloroform Crow managed to make him breathe in.

Aaaand we're back in business, guys! :DD