"Wah! Daddy!" A terrified cry emanated from somewhere in Gallows Manor.

Sitting in his study, reading a book, Lord Death rose quickly from his chair and hurried off to Kid's room.

Reaching his room, he found a six year old Kid huddled under the covers of his bed, only his face peeking out. Tears splotched his face. Taking a seat by the edge of the bed, he looked at Kid. "Hey, what's up, Kiddo?"

Kid sat up, rubbing at his face. "There were monsters everywhere in my dream. I couldn't get away!" He shuddered and added, "And they were asymmetrical."

Lord Death laughed. "The ultimate crime."

Kid furrowed his brow determinedly. "Everything should be in perfect order!" Then, he hesitated. "But I wasn't. I was scared. Fear isn't order."

Lord Death paused before he proceeded. "The world isn't in order, Kid. It's in balance. And fear is part of the balance."

By now, Kid's tears had disappeared and he had a curious look on his face. "But you're never scared!"

Shaking his head, Lord Death gave a small chuckle. "Right now I was. When I heard you yell."

Kid's golden eyes widened. "Really?"

Lord Death nodded. "It's okay to be scared. But you can't let fear rule you, Kid. Do you understand?"

For a moment, Kid was silent. Then, he bobbed his head up and down. "I understand." He gave a look to the dark corners of the room. "But…can you stay with me until I fall back asleep?"

Giving his son's shoulder a little pat, Lord Death answered, "Of course, I can."

Kid gave a relieved grin and said "Thanks, Daddy. You're the best." He settled back into bed, Lord Death tucking the covers around him.

Right before Kid drifted off, he forced open his eyes again. "Daddy, are you always going to be here?"

Touching Kid's face, Lord Death said quietly, "As long as you need me."