All right here is the deal for this story, Is an ask fic so I'm going to need your support in this. You can ask any Autobot, Decepticon a question.

It can also be any generation as well. One small request-no Beast Wars cause I don't know much about it, sorry. Ok let me lay down the rules and I will put up some examples for you.

          1. No "Adult" questions, kids are going to be reading this(I Hope)

               I'm pretty sure you guys know what I'm talking about.

          2. Don't bash any of the characters, I really don't like those types of questions, and you are liable to seriously tick me off as well as many other people.

All right I think that covers everything Rule wise. Here are some examples for everyone. I made up all the questions down below.

Hotshot: How did you become leader of the Spychangers?

 (Hotshot would give an answer but I have to track everyone down for chapter 2)

Bumblebee: Do you like your new name-Goldbug?

          I think that you get the picture, when you send me a question be sure to tell me which show the person is from-RID, G1, K? You can send your questions through review but it would be simpler just to e-mail me the questions. I need at least 7 reviews for chapter 2.

                   See Ya in the Next Chapter- Foxey