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Sideburn: Eww, don't go all mushy on us, its bad enough you forced us here.

Foxey: Hush Sideburn, Prowl go ahead and say the disclaimer so we can get started.

Prowl: Foxey does not own The Transformers, she only has the videos and action figures.

Foxey: Good we got that out of the way, Sideburn is everyone here?

Sideburn: Well, almost. The Spychangers haven't showen up yet.

Foxey: I'll go change that real fast, be right back(leaves with some storng rope)

~5 minutes later~

Hotshot: Hey! We have important business to finish, we don't have time for this!

Foxey: Yea,yea. Hey X-Brawn, give me a hand will ya.

X-Brawn: Sure, just let me have the end of the rope and I can jerk them in for ya.

          Foxey hands over the rope to X-Brawn who pulls in the Spychangers who are all tied up and did'nt look to happy about it either.

Foxey: Thank you, now lets get this sta-

Wars: Hello-Hold up!

Foxey(starts to glare at Wars) What?!

Wars: Can't you at leaset untie us? We won't run away, promise.

Foxey: Oh alright(unties the Spychangers) Now for the finel time-we are statrting the questions NOW! O-kay, the first Question is from…… OptimusPrime8279, he writes-

                             Hey Blaster!(G1) you are my favorite Autobot, my question is- How many raido stations can you pick up?

Blaster: Do I have to this?

Foxey: Does this answer your question?(Holds up a cattol prod)

Blaster: 0-o, uhh, I can pick up at least over 200 stations.

Foxey: See was that so hard?

Blaster:(mumbols something under his breath)

Foxey: Never mind, Next Question. This one is for Sideburn and Megatron(G1), and it is from-Alayea- who writes,

                   Sideburn(rid) You're so hilarious! Especially when you're arguing with you brothers! ^-^ Do you know that red car you keep chasing isn't sentient?

          Alayea also writes-

                             Megatron, how come you're practially all black? Don't ya think you will look better in Dark blue?

                             Meh. Looks like that's all for now


Sideburn: Well I have always been the funny one between Me,Prowl and X-Brawn. Although it can get pretty funny whrn Prowl gets mad he-

Foxey: uhh, Sideburn, you haven't answered the question yet.

Sideburn: Oh, whoops. Well everyone thinks that my beloved isn't setient(Can't feel anything) but in reality she is very shy and doesn't want anyone to know that she can feel, I just have to get her to come out of her shell.

Prowl: Dream on Sideburn.

Foxey: Okay Megatron, what about your question?

Megatron(Rid) hmm, well I thought black was a very evil colur, all though dark blue sounds pretty cool, but for right now I plan to keep my paint scheme the same.

Foxey: Well said, up next is LadyStarscream, and she writes-

                             Hi, do you take questions on decepticons or just Autobots?

          I also have a really hard question.

Since I'm big into G1(oringal Transformers) I have a question for that Optimus Prime.

1. Describe a day in the life of the leagendary  Autobot leader. I'd love to know what happens in between episodes.

Foxey: I take questions on anyone from the Transformers universe LadyStarscream. O-kay Prime whats your response to LAdyStarscream's question?

Prime(G1): Well rencetly I've had to be sure that Wheeljack does not blow up the base, I gotta keep reminding Jazz not to play his music so loud inside. I also have to work on a ton of paperwork. There is the Dinobots to worry about as well.

Foxey: Glad I don't have your job,^-^

Prime(sarcatieally) Oh thanks.

Foxey: Your welcome! Lets go onto the next question. This one is from-The Masked Manic Writer, whom writes-

                   My question is for Galvatron(Rid). I can understand the fact that you're not psychic, and that's why you only brought a few troops with you to earth. But the stooges?  Why didn't you do a background check or something?

Foxey(laughing her head off):The 3 stooges! That is too much.

Slapper,Darkscream,Gasskunk: HEY!

Slapper: Galvatron had handpicked us when he was deciding who to take with him so Nyh,Nyh!

Foxey:(who has gained contral of herself) Right, well what do you have to say Galvatron?

Galvatron: (sighs) I wish I had done a background check, I would have chosen a whole different group had I known what idiets they were.

Skybyte: You're not the only one sir.

Galvatron: That goes to you too you worthless jellyfish!

Skybyte: Why won't anyone drop the jellyfish thing?! I'm a shark, a shark I tell you!!!

Foxey: Ok skybyte just calm down, we only have one more person with some questions.


Foxey:(glares) There will be another chapter so don't get too happy. The finel person is-Okami, who writes-

                   Team Bullet Train(Rid): What's it like to being the tallest Autobots?(Hard?,Fun?)

Optimus Prime(Rid): How come there is no female Autobots on you're team? You're not sexist, are you?

Megatron(G1): Why do you keep Starscream around? He has made it clear that he wishes to kill you, so why don't you get rid of him?

Foxey: those are some good questions, lets start off with Team Bullet Train.

Railspike: Its hard let me tell you, when ever we get in to base from work or patrol we hit our heads on the celling.

Midnight Express: I think that its pretty cool cause you can see a great view of everything when you are as tall as us.

Rapid Run: It can be fun, besides if we ever get mad at someone we can always chunk them out the window.

Foxey: ^-^, wish I could do that. Ok Optimus you're next.

Optimus(Rid): Of course I'm not sexist! I doubt any Femme would want to be on my team anyway-Magnus is on it.

Ultra Magnus(Rid): WHAT! Say that again pest! I dare you too!

Foxey: KNOCK IT OFF! You two can go at each other's throts later. Right now Megatron(G1) has a question that needs to be answerd.

Megatron(G1): I've tried to get rid of Starscream, Once I sent him back to Cybertron and he came back with orders to stay with me! Besides, he can make some good tea.

Foxey: I don't even want to know how Starscream learned to make tea. Well, that's it for this chapter, Thanks again to all who reviewed, you can put your questions in a review or just e-mail me them.(my e-mail address is—

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