The Invisibility of Edward Elric

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Chapter One – The Graceful Fall

"Get him!" Roy Mustang's voice shot into the young state Alchemist, giving him absolutely no time to react at all. The huge man that was attacking him flipped Edward on his back and pointed a loaded gun near his golden eyes that were full of fear.

"There I finally got the bastard on the ground!" the man quickly grabbed his collar and threw Edward in front of him, knowing that Mustang would blow his face off.

And when he turned around that was exactly what he saw. Mustang's fingers were frozen in the air and staring back at the two.

"Must-ang! What are you waiting for! Snap your damn fingers!" Edward was trying to pull away and scold the shocked Colonel at the same time.

"Shut it you little brat! Now, Flame! I'll let this pipsqueak go if you give me...exactly what I want."

"Pipsqueak...w-why y-you...!" Edward tried fighting back but it was no use. The man was simply too strong.

As he talked he began to squeeze harder on Edward's neck. He started coughing trying to breathe but every second was a struggle. He was going to pass out.

"Stop! You got what you wanted! You've already killed thirteen other State Alchemists! Isn't that enough bloodlust?!" Mustang yelled.

The man laughed and backed away. At that every moment he didn't realize that they were very close to an unstable cliff and that below that was a raging river that had a great waterfall at the end of it.

Mustang was also not aware that he was backing up.

Struggling, Edward let go of the arm that was tightening around his neck. That was when his vision blurred, but he had to stay awake so he could break free.

With his lose hands he tried to perform alchemy, but they were too far apart.

Just as Mustang was about to give up and surrender there was a loud gun shot that exploded in the air nearby the man. Turning around, he was the youngest Elric and Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye running towards them.

"Brother! Don't worry I'm here!" clapping his hands, Alphonse Elric created a large spear and charged further on ahead. Hawkeye stayed behind to check on Mustang. He only had a scraped arm and a scratch on his right cheek.

"What took you so long?" he asked, he had a hint of cockiness in his voice.

"Well, it took Alphonse and I a long time to learn about your location. But that's not important right now sir! We need to save Edward!"

She was right. Nodding Mustang and Hawkeye followed behind the charging Alphonse.

"Dammit! I told you to sta-!" the gun that was held to Ed's head instantly cut in two pieces as Alphonse's long spear sliced down in front of his face. This caused Edward to jerk away and use Alchemy to bind the big man down. By the time Hawkeye and Mustang had made it to them, the Elric Brothers had completed their mission: Taking down the State Alchemist Killer.

"Nice job Alphonse! Thanks for saving me...again!" Edward rubbed that back of his head and softly hit his brother's steel armor.

"You really need to learn to pay attention! You could've been killed! You realize that don't you?" Alphonse was immediately scolding him.

"Okay...okay...I'll pay more attention."

Ed and Al looked back up at Mustang who seemed to be quiet. "Sorry I didn't attack." He said "I didn't want the blast to hit you too."

"Ahh~! How sweet! The Flame is starting to simmer down!"

Instead of a thank you, Fullmetal teased him and that ticked Mustang off.

"H-hey! That's not funny Fullmetal!" he snapped back.

Ed smiled and turned away. He let the others walk in front of him a little bit. They still didn't realize that they were incredibly close to the edge of the cliff.

"I'll go on ahead and get some back up and have them carry this guy over to the prision. Then they can start questioning him." Mustang turned around and realized that the man had had an extra gun in his side pocket.

"Hey! Fullmetal! That guy has an extra gun!"

Edward turned around and saw the man's evil dark eyes staring back at him. "Well, we can't have that can we?" Ed began to approach him slowly.

"I wouldn't come too close if I were little brat!"

Edward growled, "I'm not a BRAT!" he stomped one hard time and then froze. The ground had just shaken and had made a strange noise. They all looked around wondering where the noise had come from. The man smirked and slowly reached for his gun, struggling in the process.

Alphonse was the first to see this and yelled warning his Brother. But by this time it was already too late.

Instead of shooting at Edward directly he shot at the cracks that were under his feet. The ground snapped and the rough dirt broke off. The Earth that was holding the strange man broke along with it and just before he fell he smiled and mumbled words only that Edward could hear, "If I die you go with me."

He fell first and the crumbling ground moved to Edward's feet. His mind went blank. The only thing he could see was Alphonse rushing for him and trying to grab his hand. His body quickly became lighter and just as he fell he saw Alphonse grab him too late.


The air was rushing past him so fast that he didn't have time to save himself and he couldn't breathe. That was when his body shook and he hit the cold and raging river.

He got one last breath of warm air before he completely lost consciousness.

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To Be Continued...