The Invisibility of Edward Elric

Chapter Twelve – Visible

"Brother!" Alphonse stood up and raced towards Edward.

He was smiling at him, knowing that this time he wasn't going to be so lucky. The last crackle from the ground was heard before Edward felt wind rush past him once more.

But the rushing air that was around him stopped almost immediately.

When Edward opened up his red eyes he saw that his Auto-mail arm was above his head. And when he looked up he saw that Alphonse hadn't missed this time.

Alphonse had stopped Edward from falling to his death.

Without words, Al pulled him back up onto the broken cliff and moved him away from the edge. The two stared at each other, speechless, until the Colonel and everyone else circled around them.

"Are you alright Fullmetal?" Mustang was the first to speak. Edward nodded and stood to his feet, his Ishbalan body still glowing. When he looked up he also say Meyu looking down at him as well.

"Well done, Edward Elric."

Instead of saying anything, Alphonse reached out and grabbed his brother and pulled him into a tight hug. That was when Edward's body began to change back. His hair lifted and his red eyes closed. His skin turned paler and his normal clothes went back to his usual attire.

"I knew it was you...I just were still alive..." Alphonse cried.

Edward smiled. "That guy can't kill me off so easily..." suddenly the sharp pain he had felt just before he had turned into Edven Malian occurred once more. But it wasn't that strong. His hair was now golden and when he opened his eyes, everyone knew this: The Fullmetal Alchemist had returned.

After everything had settled down Havoc and Armstrong went back to Headquarters to handle more cases. But before they had left, they explained that they couldn't find any records on the Malian family and that when they called everyone had already figured out that Edven Malian wasn't real.

But of course before they left, Armstrong cried out Edward's full name and gave him a bear hug. That almost killed him. Havoc on the other hand did a hard hand bump and gave him a simple, "Welcome back Boss." before he left.

As for Winry, she hit him with a wrench, as usual, and scolded him for lying. But in the end they too shared a long hug. She had even told him that she was able to figure out his identity because of his Auto-mail...of course...

Oh and about the I Love Him situation...

"I never said anything like that!" Winry's face was red when she told a shy but curious Edward.

"Are you sure? I mean...that's what made me fall and all...I'm pretty sure I heard you say-..."


Sadly, Edward never brought it up again. Because if he did, he would probably get beaten in the head with a wrench again...ouch.

After Hawkeye welcomed him back she escorted Winry back to Headquarters as well just so Edward, Alphonse, and Mustang could talk to Meyu.

"Sezzen did murder our parents; he believed that it was their fault that he wasn't fully special. As for me of that I am alone, I think I'll leave Killicone Forest. It's just too lonely and I believe that my magic may have some use to someone else where."

Ed smiled at her, "You do know break the law of logic. Magicians aren't supposed to exist."

"Foretellers, Edward, Foretellers." She corrected with a small tease in her voice.

"Are there others like you? Besides you and your brother?" Mustang questioned.

Meyu suddenly turned around and began walking away, her body glowing a bright red, "I don't know. That's why I'm moving on. Plus, I don't want the military checking into me more. How about our meeting never happened...okay?" She stopped at the edge of the cliff, then turned back around and faced them.

All three of them smiled and nodded at her.

"So, you say that this gate is all powerful. You humans treat it as a god. But what if there are more creatures powerful than this gate? What if it can break your Equivalent Exchange? Such is the nature of our universe." The light around her body increased.

"Meyu...thank you for saving our lives. You really are special." Alphonse said.

Edward was smiling at her as well. She was living proof that there was something more than Alchemy. "Will we see you again Meyu?" he asked.

By the time Ed asked this, she was already gone and the bright light was vanishing in the sky.

"Maybe...maybe not. We will never know...because our futures can be changed."

And with those last words, Meyu the Foreteller was gone.

~ Central Command: Mustang's Office ~

"So, when did you notice?" Edward was sitting on the couch in front of Mustang's desk waiting for his next mission. Mustang was preparing paper work and having a conversation with the boy as well.

"Oh, almost immediately. The way you talked and you were acting nervous. And you were really short..."

"You know...:" Edward felt his blood boil "I've really missed calling you a bastard..."

Mustang rolled his eyes, "So, you know the situation? A bunch of burglars stealing in Zillah...another unheard of town...of course."

Ed sighed and rose off the couch, "Yeah yeah..I hear ya."

"Oh Ed before you go! I should tell you something." Roy stood up from his desk and walked over to the surprised Edward.

"Never leave your brother. Actually, never leave or do anything reckless period. We all need you here with us. You can always count on us to always be here for you. So no hiding behind a fake persona."

Edward smiled and nodded, "What are you Mustang? My dad?" he laughed.

"Hey I'm serious! Oh and one more thing..." Mustang reached into his pocket and threw something at Fullmetal.

He caught it and looked down. It was his pocket watch.

"Welcome back Fullmetal."

With a smile and a small wave goodbye Edward left Mustang's office to join his Brother on another mission.

The Invisibility of Edward Elric was over. Or was it?

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