Authors's Note: So yeah, I loved the Host book and movie and I just would love it if Wanda and Ian had a baby! So here, I did it! Enjoy this little one-shot and favourite and review! By the way, shortly after this one-shot, I'm gonna do another one-shot which is a kind of sequel to this one! It's about Mel and Jared's baby. So look for it )

(Wanda's POV)

Oh god. This shouldn't happen. My period is 4 days late... Maybe I'm ill? Under eating? I don't know. Well I'll tell Mel, she's a girl, she better understand.

"Hey Mel, can I speak to you. In private," I whisper to her at the lunch table.

"Yeah, is anything wrong?" She asks.

"Yeah Wanda are you ok? Are you ill baby?" Asks Ian.

"No, no, I'm fine. I just wanted to chat with Mel..."

I take Mel into a section of the cave that people rarely visit and I tell her what's going on. At the end of what I say, her eyes are thin and she's gone paler.

"Wanda. Have you had sex with Ian?"

"Yeah about twice a few weeks ago... Oh..." I sink to my knees as I understand. "I'm pregnant, aren't I?"

"Yeah. I really think you are Wanda... You need to tell Ian. Also... Will it be half..."

"Soul? No, it'll be human. Full human,"

"Well, that's great! Isn't it? Another human in the world... You need to tell Ian. On your own, get him alone,"

I just nod as I dash off to find him.

"What is it my Wanderer? I'm worried," He questions when we reach our room.

"My... Period's late... I think I'm pregnant,"

He kind of stumbles onto the bed and sits motionless with a small frown. He looks up pale and asks. "Is it mine?"

"Yes, of course," I snap. "I've only ever slept with you in my 1000 years of life..."

"Do you want this? Want this... B-baby?"

I hesitate, even though I'm not quick sure why. "Yes,"

His head perks up and his hands reach out to my stomach. He feels my abdomen and leans down to kiss where our baby is. "Hello baby, I'm your daddy. It must be dark in there but your mummy will keep you safe. We both love you se very much and we will love and care for you for as long as we live,"

Tears prick in my eyes. "Ian.. Your perfect..."

"Wanda and I would like to make an announcement," Ian beams. It's been 12 days since we found out and now we're gonna tell everyone. I look at Melanie, she grins at me happily.

"What is it?" Asks Kyle.

"What?" Asks Lily.

"What?! Come on speak up!" Demands Jeb.

"We are expecting a baby,"

Many gasps escape everyone's mouths. Then shouts. Then cheers.


"No! No, no! It's going to be fully human! It's not possible to create a soul like this!" Screams Mel.

"I'M GONNA BE AN UNCLE... SORT OF!" Grins Jamie.

"Oy! I make the decisions around here! I say... Wanda, Ian and their baby are safe here. We shall not kill either of them!" He screams. Then there's cheers and laughter. Jeb gives me a wink and says. "Congrats Wanda,"


"Ugh! It hurts so much!" I scream. Yup, being in labour for 8 hours is a real killer. But at least it's pushing time. Hopefully it'll all be over soon...

"Comely Wanda! Your doing great!" Trills Mel.

"This is disgusting..." Moans Jamie. "I mean LOOK! UGH!"

"Not helping Jamie!" I screech.

Soon enough, a small high pitches cry arises. "It's a boy!" Grins Doc.

"Here Wanda, what shall we name him?" Ian asks as he hands me out baby.

"Tristan. Tristan Ian O'Shea,"

"Tristan... I love you Tristan," Then the 2 of us break down in tears of happiness and joy.