Winter is perhaps the most beautiful season.

Summer is okay, but it's mostly just hot.

Fall is when Shizuha reigns, painting the trees, and the sky is full of leaves.

Spring is wonderful, everything with new life.

But winter. Winter is beautiful. Frost spreads on the windows, countless unique snowflakes falling. It is very cold, though, and so it's usually best enjoyed through a window. Unless, of course, your best friend is a "zombie" fairy with fire to spare.

It was just the two of us, sitting outside the Moriya Shrine and admiring the snow playing with the trees and ground. I continually flapped my wings to keep them warm, whereas Duster… One of Rin's fire fairies and my best friend… Had created a nice blue fire which, for some reason, was quite warm but wasn't melting the snow.

Duster said it was because it was a spiritual fire. I made a mental note to ask Rin about that later. But right now, I was listening to Duster's story…

"And the blizzard was seemingly neverending. No-one was sure who to blame. The ice fairies? Their strongest was an idiot. The winter spirits? They are few, and the most prominent, Letty Whiterock, seemed to know little. Was Hakugyokurou messing around again? Actually, Youmu herself was helping the investigation." Duster shook her head. "Before very long, everyone was fighting everyone else. In the end it turned out it was Rinnosuke, and as can be expected, he was beaten up. That is how Gensokyo solves its problems, after all."

I laughed. "All your stories end that way. 'Everyone beat everyone else up, then they all beat up some specific people or person, everything is happy again.'"

Duster chuckled. "Well, that's how Gensokyo does things. Besides, it works. Anyway, let's go inside. Sanae said she'd make cookies, and besides, I want to pull Mima's tail again."

I sighed. "You should really not do that. She threatened to blast you last time, and I think she meant it."

Duster just laughed like always. "I'm a fairy. I'll resurrect within seconds. Besides, I'll make it worth it. I'll make it look like I'm flirting."

I had an impeccable memory for family connection. "She's my aunt in-law, you know."

Duster laughed again. "Oh, nobody cares about the family thing. Hell, some people have harems these days." Duster paused for a moment. "Well, okay, some people care about the family thing. Most care about it but accept the harem thing too, though."

I sighed. It still didn't make complete sense to me, but I knew that the answer was always "That's how Gensokyo does things."

So we went inside. Sanae, my sister in-law had, indeed, baked cookies. She had a real knack for them, so the whole family gathered…

First, there was me, Arke Komeiji. I'm a dusk tengu. I have wings, quick speed, and a slightly diluted version of a satori's abilities. I have purple hair, red eyes, and a thin, somewhat small frame. I always wear a purple, flowery kimono.

Then there's my parents, Aya Shameimaru and Satori Komeiji. Aya's a crow tengu. She has black hair, red eyes, and wears a white button-up shirt and a short black skirt. She always, always has a camera and a notepad on her. Satori is, well, a satori. She has pink hair, red eyes, and a blue dress shirt and pink dress skirt. I say dress because they're lacy and formal-looking. Her third eye's veins endings are decorated with little yellow hearts, and she has a hairband for the one on her head.

Then there's my sisters; Rin Kaenbyou and Utsuho Reiuji, a kasha and hell raven respectively, because Satori is like a mother to them. Rin's got red hair she keeps braided with black bows, black cat ears, red eyes, and a green dress skirt thing. She always has a strip of black cloth with silver runes wrapped around one leg, and she can turn into a cat. Utsuho has long brown hair held by a big green bow and red eyes. She has a white shirt and a green skirt, and a big red eye thing in the center of her chest. She has huge black wings, and has a glowy thing around one leg and a stone foot on the other. She also has a cannon on her right arm, but lately she learned how to take it off safely.

Aunt Koishi is also a satori, but her eye used to be closed. She has green hair and eyes, and a green skirt and yellow dress, both lacy and formal like Satori's. She's always very cheery and usually has a hat on. It's never the same hat twice in one month. She married Suwako, the oldest and apparently the strongest Moriya god. She's got blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a big hat with eyes on. She also has a purple dress with frogs on it, and poofy white sleeves.

Suwako considers and Kanako as mothers to Sanae. Kanako has purple hair, red eyes, a mirror thing around her neck and a large red dress. Although she's the official Moriya god, I get the idea she doesn't do much without trying to see what Suwako thinks. As a result, Sanae is my sister too. She's got green hair, black eyes, and a white-and-blue miko uniform. She's very eager about everything.

Finally, Kanako is married to Mima, who is apparently an evil spirit. She doesn't usually act very evil, though. She's got green hair, green eyes, and a blue hat with a sun depiction on it. She's got a long flowing blue dress, but instead of legs she has a big poofy ghost tail.

I've gotten hints from time to time that Aya might be with other people, and I think Rin and Sanae are looking around. But Satori hasn't said anything, so she must be okay with it; nothing escapes her third eye. Nothing. Blame all the fairies you want, she always knows who took the last cookie…

And of course everyone brought something. My parents brought grilled meat (Apparently Rin did that) and fish, and from the Moriya side, mostly stir fries and confectionary. Except for Mima, who always bring something obscure. In this case, cricket legs.

That's my family. And tomorrow, apparently there's a festival going on. That'll probably be fun, though of course Reimu will-


I can't help but laugh a little as Duster, and a chunk of the Moriya Shrine's wall, is obliterated by yet another one of Mima's pure-power attacks. And once more, Kanako mutters something and glares at Mima, who sheepishly settles down as Duster resurrects and zips over to my side.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Reimu will probably complain at Suika again, either because Suika's drunk, or because Suika invited too many people, or because Reimu's drunk and so is Suika and that always end in a fight which is good fun.