Black Despair

Chapter one: Deceit to the Princesses

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            "Then black despair,

             The shadow of a starless night, was thrown

             Over the world in which I moved alone."

                        -Percy B. Shelley (1792-1822)


            Serena Tsukion ran down the street-dodging object on her way to destination long blond hair flowing behind her. She was yet again late to the Scout meeting with her fellow scouts and friends because she had gotten detention yet again from sleeping in class. When she saw the temple owned by her friend Raye, the scout of Mars up ahead. She had to smile for there sitting at the bottom of the temple's many steps sat her twin sister Sybil waiting patently for her to come playing with a strand of her waist long blond hair. Serena stopped running and sat down on the steps next to her sister who was deep in thought. "What'ca thinking about?" Sybil looked up at her sister and responded smiling. "I was wondering when Pluto is going to let us go home, if she ever does." Serena looked at her slightly shaking her head and looked down at the ground smiling. "We should ask her next time we see her." Serena said thinking of the home they were taken from 10 years ago by Trista, aka Sailor Pluto and placed with a foster family the Tsukino's. "Well we better go up there. They'll be mad we're late." Sybil said standing up. "Don't they know you wee waiting for me?" Serena asked also standing up.

"No. I just got here a little while ago, so I sat down and waited for you to come."    "Thanks." "No prob Sere." Sybil said and started up the temple stairs with Serena. When they finished climbing the many steps silently they saw their guardian, protector, and …..their pet talking cat Luna sitting by the door waiting for them. "Ah. Good. You two made it. Just in time we were about to start without you." Said the violet furred, with red eyes and an upwards-crescent moon on her forehead, talking fur ball. "Sorry Luna. We'll try to come earlier from now on." Sybil said smiling lightly sad smile at her. The two girls followed behind Luna into the temple. They walked into the room filled with the scouts; Lita Kino aka Sailor Jupiter, Mina Aino aka Sailor Venus, Amy Anderson aka Sailor Mercury, Raye Hino the temple owner aka Sailor Mars, and Darien Shields Serena's boyfriend aka Tuxedo Mask also Prince Endymon Prince of Earth in past life. There were also the outer scouts but they barely ever came to scout meetings. Amara Ten'ou the famous racecar driver aka Sailor Uranus, Michelle Kaioh the famous violinist and painter aka Sailor Neptune, Hotaru Tomoe a girl with a healing power aka Sailor Saturn, and lastly out of the outer scouts Trista Meioh aka Sailor Pluto the mysterious young woman that guards the time gates.

What does these two girls have to do with the legendary Sailor Scouts you ask. Well Serena is Sailor Moon aka Princess Serenity and Sybil is Sailor Star aka Princess Eternity, both princesses of a long dead kingdom the White Moon Kingdom reborn. The ruler of the long deist kingdom was Queen Selenity, the girls mother way back then. Serena and Sybil are the leaders of the Sailor Scouts. Though they had never thought 10 years ago before they were taken away from their older brother that they'd be wearing short mini skirts running around saving the world from evil. Min smiled when the two girls walked in and started yelling. "Bout time you two showed up. Here sit down, have a cookie Lita made them." She said patting the seats next to her and taking the plate of cookies in her hand showing them and holding it to Serena and Sybil. Serena and Sybil smiled then sat down each grabbing a cookie. "So what's on the agenda for today's meeting?" Sybil asked nibbling on her cookie. "I think we should prepare for the next enemy." Raye said starring at Serena and Sybil with an emotion only Lita, Mina, Amy, Artimes, and Darien shared with her for the twins.

"I agree with Raye. We don't know when an enemy will show up." Lita said looking at Raye. "We haven't had an enemy attack for a while, we've had peace for about a year. But every time we get peace an enemy attacks. I also agree with Raye." Mina said turning serious. "We should keep our eyes and ears open for the enemy at all times." Amy said flipping through one of her many schoolbooks. "Well we should meet back at the temple tomorrow after school to prepare. I've got to get going. I have to go to work. Bye Serena. See you at 7pm for our date tonight; I'll come pick you up. Bye girls." Darien said getting up and leaving the temple. "See you later." Serena called after him. Sybil looked at her watch and stood up. "Serena, we have to go. We have to help mom with dinner. Bye girls." She said walking out the temple door. "Oh. Bye Raye, Mina, Lita, Amy, Artimes see you tomorrow." Serena said standing up and walked swiftly out the door to catch up with her sister, Luna running out after her.

"How much more of those two do we have to take? When can we take the crystal form Serena and kick those two out of our lives?" Mina asked after the two girls and Luna were gone, sounding very impatient about the waiting they've gone through. "We've been hiding the thing about you and Darien together. It's been a year now since you two have been going out Raye and I'm getting sick of hanging around those two." Lita said with a look of discuss on her face. "The sooner we get rid of them the sooner you and Darien can go out freely and Serena and Sybil gone. The outer scouts will go with them and you and Darien can rule Crystal Tokyo together and King and Queen." Amy said with a small smile on her face. "Soon girls. Soon. We'll talk about a plan tomorrow before Serena and Sybil show up for the scout meeting. Knowing them we'll have at least an hour to plan what to do to get rid of the outer scouts and our poor princesses and they'll never know what's going to happen." Raye replied with a smirk. "We should get going Mina. We have tomorrow to decide what we should do." The talking while feline, like Luna but white fur and blue eyes, Mina's cat Artemis. The four girls nodded and went their separate ways, waiting for tomorrow. 

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