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The private jet juddered again, my body guard's coffee bouncing in his cup as he read the newspaper that was folded on his lap.

"You made headlines again, Len," He said, turning the page to the article, "By the looks of it, we're going to get bombarded in media and fangirls like usual."

I wasn't really listening to Dell, I was too busy strategising a plan to survive in the school I'd be attending for two months during my trip. If it was as full of fangirls as the last school was, I'd be mauled in three seconds flat without a plan.

Heck, I mightn't even make it to the airport if what Dell says is true. Dell folded the newspaper and tucked it down the back of the seat. He was stressed, mainly because he hadn't had a cigarette in an hour, but also because he'd been to where we were going before. It was where his ex lived, I knew that.

Of course, his ex wasn't a fan last time we checked, so I highly doubted we'd be bumping into her at a concert. Unless her new husband or her kids were fans, and if she had it her way, they wouldn't be.

That's what sucked about being famous; you were either obsessed over, loved (stalked, really) or absolutely detested. You'd done nothing to deserve either, but everyone does it anyway. Whether it's magazines portraying you as the most beautiful person alive, or saying you unfairly broke up with some girl.

Somehow, those lies influenced everyone's opinions. Dell was really my only friend, besides Miku. Miku was another singer, a pop diva who was actually exactly like the magazines portrayed her to be; the exception being she wasn't dating me.

Miku and I were friends, sure, but that was solely because we both knew what the other was really like. It was sad I was forced to mix with the other famous singers, and couldn't have an honest, guenine conversation with someone who didn't own more than one car.

"God, I need a cigarette," Dell muttered, shifting his feet slightly and playing with his thumbs.

"Just chew on one," I mumbled.

"You know that doesn't work, Len."

"It's that or nothing."

Dell sighed, taking out a cigarette and sticking it in his mouth, chewing it intently. I got up from my seat, shuffling past Dell and taking my bag from the railing. I unzipped it, grabbing the seat as the jet wobbled. I pulled out my Ipod, before stuffing my bag back up in the railings. Sitting back down, I shoved my earphones in.

Everyone thought I'd listen to only my own songs, as Miku always did, but instead, I listened to music that was nothing like mine. I never did covers of the songs I liked; because I was told they weren't 'me', that I was Len Kagamine, rock star and one of the most desirable guys alive.

Whereas, in reality, I had a love for all things anime, for books and manga and nerdy stuff that my manager would never let me near. Dell was different; he was the one manager that didn't really care what I did, as long as I sung.

Unfortunately, he was my body guard, not my manager.

"Kagamine-sama!" She yelled happily, coming out from the front of the plane with hot cocoa. Her pink hair bobbed as she made her way over to me happily. Teto Kasane; my over-the-top, constantly happy manager; who hated all things anime and nerdy. And she was a fangirl.

"Yeah?" I asked, my music playing faintly in the background, barely audible over her loud, cheery voice.

"I made you some hot cocoa, Kagamine-sama! With little marsh mellows and everything!" She handed me the cocoa, leaning over Dell, who was much too busy chewing his cigarette intently to notice anything.

"And some for you too, Honne-san!" She beamed, handing Dell the hot cocoa. He took it, even though he'd finished his coffee just moments ago.

"Uh, Teto, can I please have a banana?" I asked.

"Pardon?" She said sweetly.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, "Teto-chan can I please have a banana?"

"Sure, Kagamine-sama!" She beamed, skipping down the aisle. I sighed, slipping down in my seat as I sipped my hot cocoa, the small marsh mellows banging against my top lip.

"She's even more excited than usual," Dell said calmly, holding the hot cocoa and chewing on his cigarette, "Why do think that is?"

"I can't really tell the difference," I shrugged, turning up the volume and closing my eyes, letting myself be absorbed into the music.

I sighed, enjoying the smooth, sweet song. Not that I'd ever be allowed to sing it at a concert. 'Graduation Photo' wasn't my style apparently. Not poppy or cool enough to come out of Len Kagamine's mouth.

I hummed along to the soft tune, as Teto bounded down the aisle, banana in hand. I paused the song.

"Thank you, Teto-chan." I said, taking the banana and peeling it. Chewing on a piece, I played the song, noticing how Teto watched me like some creepy stalker from the other side of the aisle, perched up on a seat, eyes watching me intently.

How did I get stuck with a manager like her?...

"Kagamine-sama," I read her lips and paused my music.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I love you," She smiled and I turned the volume up, letting my eyes stray out the window. Yeah, how DID I get stuck with her? SeeU was such a better manager; coz she didn't obsess over me every second of the day...

It was a pity SeeU had had to go back to her family in Korea and couldn't come on the tour with me, so I was stuck with fangirl manager Teto-"chan" Kasane. And she had been irritating me since day one.

"Oh my god... Are you?... Are you Len Kagamine!" She'd squealed.

"Uh yeah-"


Originally, I'd thought she'd been a fangirl and I'd been really depressed when I found she was my manager and that I'd be stuck with her for two months... I suppose she made pretty good french bread at least.

With 'Graduation Photo' blaring in my ears, I pretended I couldn't see her blowing kisses to me out of the corner of my eye. Really; she thought that because she knew the real me, I loved her or something.


When the plane finally dipped down through the clouds and landed in the airport, it was late afternoon. I took my bag down, pulling up the handle and tugging it down the aisle. I still had my headphones in, and my Ipod tucked in my jeans' pocket.

I did up the bottom silver buckle on my black jacket, pulling the hood over my face. Stuffing one my hands into my pocket with my Ipod, I dragged my suitcase with the other.

Teto was running behind me, saying things like, "This is going to be fun, Kagamine-sama!"

Dell was stuck dragging Teto's five hundred bags, as well as his own. Least he was well-built and meant for doing the heavy work.

I stepped aside so Dell could go down the ramp into the airport first. He stood by the side as Teto happily bounced down, and I followed.

"KAGAMINE-SAMA!" The crowds of eager fangirls yelled, as I appeared at the top of the ramp. Flashes from cameras blinded me and the screams defeaned me. I wanted to shield my eyes and turn up the volume so I couldn't hear them at all, but, instead, I just smiled at the cameras, waving boldly as I stepped down the ramp.

Bodyguards that were already waiting for us held back the waves of fangirls, and Dell walked with me to the airport, whereas Teto was busy chatting up the media.

"Told you," Dell said.

"I never said you were wrong," I retorted and he smiled slightly. We went through a private doorway and exited the terminal.

"Kasane's going to meet us at the hotel," Dell explained, as we walked to the taxi. I opened the door, shoving my bag into the bag before climbing in and slamming the door shut. Dell climbed in the front.

The taxi driver went off driving, already having being told where to drive us. I leant back in my seat, flicking through my songs. I selected 'My Girl' and turned up the volume so I couldn't hear anything else.

The sun started setting as we drove. I was thankful to spend two hours in silence and without Teto's constant flirting and fangirling. I mean, I could handle some fangirling, but Teto brought it to a whole other level.

I played all my favourite songs twice on the ride. I was listening to a 'Once Upon A December' cover by Miku's cousin, Avanna, when we pulled up to a curb. We were outside a fancy, golden brick, five-storey building. It was quite old, with beautiful details and two old, red-leaved trees out the front.

"Thank you," Dell said, getting out of the car and dragging Teto's bags in with us after paying the taxi driver. I took my bag, looking up at the building. Compared to the rest of the dirty city, it was stunning.

Dell and I headed inside and Dell got our key while I sat on a red leather sofa in the waiting room, getting occasional glances and whispers.

"Is that... Len Kagamine?"

"Oh my god, it is."

"Let's go," Dell said and we headed up the stairs, before taking the elevator. I was surprised no-one followed us up to see where we'd be staying. I pushed through the door to room 44, walking down the long corridor.

"Three bedrooms, each with an en-suite and walk-in wardrobe. Public bathroom as well as kitchen, dining room and lounge." Dell explained, "You go choose your room, I'll ditch Kasane's stuff somewhere."

I nodded, pushing through the first bedroom door. The room had a white rug over the dark carpet, the double bed with a black quilt and white sheets and pillows, as well as two bedside tables.

I shoved the door shut, and pulled the curtains together. I unpacked all my clothes; the pre-ordered uniform for the school I'd be attending, my concert clothes and just some casual wear I liked.

Flopping back on the bed, I took the earphones from my ears and placed my Ipod down on my bedside. I stared up at the ceiling, imagining how chaotic my first day would be.

Oh well, least today was Saturday here. I still had one more day before being mauled alive by fangirls.

I sat up, taking the chain necklace from around my neck and holding it in my hand, looking at the bass symbol that hung from it. I smiled to myself, laying it down next to my Ipod, before dressing in my pyjamas and hitting the hay.


I sat in a downtown cafe, my orange hoodie in my eyes and my hair down so no-one would recognise me at a first glance. I played with the necklace in my fingers, turning it as I sipped my banana smoothie.

My thumb rubbed against the smooth silver metal, before I slipped it under my shirt, looking idly out at the city. Buildings lined the other side of the street, people passing by, attending to their daily business. I leant on my hand, just wondering what it would be like to be normal.

Not wealthy, not infamous, not talented with anything musical; just normal. Unable to play both guitar and piano like a professional since the age of ten, not being the most famous and desirable male alive at sixteen.

"Excuse me, sir," A nervous voice said. I turned to see a cute waitress with a long, blonde side-ponytail and golden eyes standing there, "Have you finished?"

"Not yet," I said, stirring my smoothie with my see-through straw.

"O-o-okay," She stammered, "Y-y-you know, you r-r-remind me of someone."

"I remind a lot of people of someone," I said simply, before turning to look out the window again.

"Oh." She said, "I-I-It's just, y-y-your voice s-s-sounds f-f-familiar and you l-l-look familiar."

"I'm not a stalker if that's what you're trying to get out," I smiled to myself, seeing her confused expression reflecting in the window.

"S-S-S-Sorry," She stammered, before turning on her heel and walking off. I sighed, continuing to stir my smoothie before drinking the rest of it and placing the glass on the counter with the money to pay for it.

The nervous waitress took it and I went to walk out.

"Oh!" I heard her say, "I know! You remind me of Len Kagamine!"

I ignored her, walking out of the cafe, the bell jingling as I went. I stuck my hands in my jeans pocket, heading down the road.

Sometimes I just wanted to yell 'Who doesn't know my name?!' at a crowd, and see who raised their hand; if anyone raised their hand that was.

I visited a local bookstore and bought two volumes of my favourite manga series, thanking them before heading off down to the local park. I sat on the park bench, leaning back and reading through the manga.

Before I knew it, the sun was setting and the street lamps were flickering on. I put my manga away in the bag that I received when I bought it, leaning against the bench back rest and looking up at the flickering, orange lamps.

"Pay up, Akita," A voice spat in the distance. I sat up, looking around.

"I told you, I don't have anything! Let go of me you perverts!" A girl yelled angrily.

"Or what, you'll call your policeman daddy? Not without your phone you won't!"

There were sniggers as the girl made a grunting noise.

"You know, Akita, you're actually pretty damned cute," A boy said, "How 'bout you be my girl, eh?"

"Wouldn't that be cheating on your toilet seat?" The girl retorted, causing a few other boys to snigger. I stood, walking towards the sound. It was coming from a nearby alley.

"Oh shut it, Akita."

"I know your names, you idiots," She said, "I can just tell my father and you'll be arrested."

"Not if you don't go home," One of them sniggered and I heard a girl yelp. I picked up my pace, turning the corner and looking down the alley.

A gang of thugs were harassing a blonde-haired girl, who was swatting away their hands as they tried to reach under her skirt.

"GET OFF OF ME YOU PERVERTS-" She screamed, but one of the boys' hands clamped over her mouth.

"Oi!" I yelled, causing everyone to look over to where I stood at the entrance to alleyway.

"Shit," One of the boys cussed, "He looks like her brother. Let's scram."

They disbanded from her, bumping into me as they ran past me, almost knocking me over. She rested on her knees, before looking up at me.

"You okay?" I asked, offering a hand.

"What kind of dumb ass question is that?" She asked, "I was almost raped, of course I'm not fricking okay!"

Her hand shot out, slapping me hard across the cheek. Wait; she didn't recognise me? This close up, someone didn't recognise me?

"Jeez," She said, "You should think before opening your mouth and saying dumb things like that."

"Sorry," I apologised rubbing my cheek, "But I don't think you had to hit me that hard. After all, I did kind of just save you."

She shrugged, "I don't care."

"Oh, so you'd have preferred me to just let them rape you?" I asked sarcastically.

She stared at me for a moment, before smiling lopsidedly, "Nah. I suppose. Thanks for saving me."

She took her bag from the corner of the alleyway, manga novels flowing out from it. She tucked them all in, pulling the bag over her shoulder, "Anyway, I best get going. See you, dumb ass."

She waved to me, jogging out the alley, "And thanks for your help!"

She was one weird girl. I headed out of the alley, turning down the street before finding a public phone box. I took it, ringing Dell's private number.

"Hey, can you come pick me up?" I asked, before giving him my current location. I leant against the wall of a resturant and Dell turned up in a flashy silver car that he was borrowing a few minutes later, leaning out the door puffing smoke out.

I climbed in the passenger seat, pulling the door shut.

"I was beginning to worry, Len," Dell said, puffing more smoke outside the window.

"I was just taking the time to read the manga I bought; coz Teto's probably going to burn it." I said and Dell smiled slightly.

Did I ever mention Dell drives like a complete lunatic? I was used to it though; after being driven around by the lunatic for three years, I kind of had to be; yeah, that's right; I'd been famous since I was thirteen.

One of the songs I did - 'Mr. Taxi' - came on the radio and I groaned, flicking it off. I hated my own songs and covers more than I hated fangirls. Dell had always found it ironic how I hated my own singing.

We pulled up at the apartment and I headed upstairs, ditching my bag of manga in my room before walking into the kitchen to meet a very worried Teto-"chan".

"Kagamine-sama! Do you know how worried I was?!" She squealed, throwing her arms around me and sobbing. I patted her back, feeling myself stiffen when she came too close.

"Teto-chan, I'm fine," I insisted and she pulled away, sniffling, tears in her eyes. The girl was either so obsessed and idiotic that she desperately needed a life, or the best actor I'd ever seen.

"You know I trust you, Kagamine-sama," Teto said, "But, honestly, you ought to be more responsible! You're mega famous, and I'm sure there's lots of people who'd love to kidnap you!"

"You're over-reacting," I said, brushing her off, before opening the fridge and pushing past the bottles of soda and pulling out the banana-flavoured milk, setting it down on the counter and popping it open.

"She isn't, Len," Dell said ("Len?! You mean Kagamine-sama!"), as he lent on the counting, puffing on his cigarette, "The only times you're permitted to not have a bodyguard are school and home, is that a deal?"

"Oh but what if someone hurts him at school!" Teto exclaimed.

"He's Len Kagamine," Dell said, "There's bound to be at least fifty girls who'd risk their lives to save his butt."

The sad thing was, it was true.

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