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A scream was what woke me up the next day. It pierced my ears and basically exploded my eardrums. I shot up in bed, hitting my head on the railings my head had been lying so close to, as I looked for the chainsaw-wielding murderer.

"What the hell?..." I asked, realising the room was quite empty besides from myself and the bed next to me.

"Oliver, get off of my bed!" Piko shrieked, trying to shove the smaller, blonde boy off the bed. Oliver looked confused as hell as Piko kept shoving him off the bed.

Oliver's shirt was halfway off of his head, having gotten stuck on his messy curls. His eyes were widened as Piko finally managed to shove him off the bed and Oliver fell to the ground with an 'oomph'.

"WHY THE HELL WERE YOU TRYING TO RAPE ME!" Piko accused, speaking much too fast for Oliver to ever understand it. In fact, I could barely understand it.


Piko stopped trying to talk and just made flustered noises, flailing his arms as if they gave more of an explanation.

I started laughing, causing Piko to rant at me as he turned even redder.

"Len, stop, you wouldn't be laughing if you were in my place, it's not nice! Stop! I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FRIEND!" Piko yelled.

"I-i-it h-has h-h-happened to m-m-me," I said in breaks of the laughter. Piko raised his eyebrows as I fell face first into the blankets, trying to muffle out my laughter. When I finally stopped laughing, I put on a serious face and sang.

"Piko and Oliver sitting in a tree; doing something they shouldn't be, starts with s, ends with-"

"Do it and you will not live to the age of twenty." Piko challenged and I burst out laughing again.

"P-Piko, you're u-u-uke," I giggled and Piko went even redder, "AWWWW THAT IS SO CUTE YOU'RE BLUSHING!"


"Um..." Oliver said awkwardly, "What happened?..."

"In short, you tried to rape Piko." I said.


"LEEEEEEN!" Piko yelled at the same time, "HE'S GOING TO TRY IT AGAIN! HELP MEEEE!"

"I can assure you, he won't," I smirked as Oliver ran around blindly and bounced into the wall.

A nurse opened the door curiously, "What's going on in here?"

"HE TRIED TO RAPE ME!" Piko yelled, pointing at Oliver accusingly.

"It's just a big misunderstanding," I told the nurse, "He sleep walks and ended up in the same bed and everyone's just overreacting." I giggled.

"Len, stop giggling, ya git, s'not funny," Oliver said, holding his now bleeding nose from banging into the wall (A/N: Not something else, you pervs!).

"Snot funny..." I burst out laughing again.

"That is the worst bloody pun ever you git, stop laughing or I swear on me mum's grave I'll-"



The nurse frowned as Oliver got up, "Why is he in your room? Visiting hours are over and he doesn't seem to have any major injuries..."

"He's a moron who needs to be locked away for the safety of the world, take him somewhere else before he tries to rape me again-" Piko started.

"He was mistaken for being heavily injured," I interrupted Piko's rant, "I have the phone number of someone who can come pick him up if you need."

The nurse nodded and gave her Teto's number. Dell came and picked up Oliver a few hours later, and Oliver ranted on about how his nose hurt and everyone was so horrible to him and the world was cruel and etc., etc. and from the look on Dell's face, I could tell he understood enough to know he was bored of the conversation.

"So," The nurse said, coming back into the room with a clipboard in her hands, "I understand you two have a school science fair on the weekend, and you, Mister Kagamine, have a concert. We think your injuries are okay; as long as you," She pointed at Piko, "Walk on crutches and you," She gestured to me, "Keep you arm bandaged up, you guys can go on Saturday."

We nodded and the nurse left us. Piko still seemed uncomfortable from what happened with Oliver.

"It happens to everyone," I told him simply.

"Still doesn't mean I'm comfortable with it," Piko huffed, folding his arms over his chest stubbornly.

"Tsun, tsun~" I sang.

"Len, no," Piko glared at me and I smirked.

"I'm not a tsundere, I just don't feel comfortable with other guys..." Piko said quietly.



I smirked, "You know it, Pi-Pi~"

"Why did I risk my neck for you again?" Piko growled, looking away.

"Just admit it, Pi-Pi-kun, we're best friends for life now~"

"In your dreams."

"And yours~"

"Shut up, Len."


"You have to stop hanging around Oliver."

"Shit, you're right I'm turning into him..."


On Friday afternoon, Piko's family came to visit, as well as quite a few of our shared high school friends. Celeste, Kale and that girl I met in the bookstore, Mizune, came along with Piko's sister, mother and - grudgingly - his father.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Celeste asked worriedly.

"No, I'm on death's door," Piko groaned, "I need an angel to make it better-"

"AND THINGS JUST GOT KINKY." Mizune interrupted.

"Shut up!" Piko yelled.

"Piko, did you get hit on the head or something? You're being tsundere~" I asked.

"Did YOU get dropped on your head as a baby-?"

"Piko! Be nice!" Piko's mother fussed. His sister was too busy crying and apologising.

"Tsundere!Piko eh? I ship you so hard with Len then..."


"Hey, it doesn't matter if I ship you guys, does it?"


"Because you're afraid it'll become official~" Mizune sang happily.


I wasn't even yelling, I was just laughing.

"Len, what do you think of my shipping?"

"I think you've got problems," Piko growled.

"I think Piko would be adorable as my waifu!" I enthused, causing Piko to flush and yell at me.


"Comedy's side~"

"Oh man!" Celeste said, looking at her watch, "Mi-chan, we gotta go; we'll be late with our science project otherwise!"

"Has anyone seen Rin?" I asked.

"She hasn't talked to any of us," Kale shrugged, "Hasn't even turned up to school lately either; can't really blame her though; lots of pressure, I suppose."

"Kale~" Mizune whined, "You have to help us~ You promised~"

"I'm not good with computers though..."

"We just need more hands, please!" Mizune said, giving him puppy dog eyes, "PLEEEEEEEASE?"

"Oh fine," Kale said, "Only if you accept my ship of you and-"

"KALE DON'T FINISH THAT SENTENCE!" Mizune told him, flying her hands over his mouth.

Kale just grinned as the threesome left.

"I'm so sorry, Piko, I should've told someone, this is all my fault-" Ia was still ranting her apology on, tears streaming from her eyes.

"Ia, please," Piko said, rubbing her light pink curls, "It's okay, really."

Ia nodded, wiping tears from her eyes and hiccuping.

"Piko," Piko's father finally addressed him.

Piko pursed his lips, "You came."

"Of course I did," Piko's father grumbled, "You ARE my son; no matter how much I deny it."

Piko dropped his gaze, before mumbling a faint 'thank you'.

"Also, since it's only your leg damaged, you're to practise your guitar in the hospital, okay?" Piko's dad said firmly, "If you must, practise at night."

"But I might wake Len-"

"I don't give a damn about choir boy, Piko," Piko's father grumbled, "I don't even want you to mention singing or anyone who has anything to do with singing; you had your chance to prove to me singing was somehow useful, and you blew it, an eleven year old got a higher placing than you, for God's sake."

"Yes father, sorry father," Piko mumbled.

"Good, now don't give me anymore shit about singing or disturbing choir boy, okay?" Piko's father said gruffly, "Ia, honey, let's go."

"Yes dad," Ia nodded, leaving Piko's side and walking off with her parents. As the door closed, I looked at Piko, who's lips were pursed and his face wiped of any emotion.

"What was that about?"

"I entered this singing competition a long time ago," Piko sighed, "As the only student from my dad's boarding school too; I came fifth and dad's never really looked at me the same."

"Singing competition?" I frowned. Wait...

"Yeah, two kids from VocaTone won," Piko said, smiling at me slightly, "Mind you, they're hell popular now, so I shouldn't really feel bad, eh?"

"Wait..." I said, "Is your dad the owner of Sony?..."

Piko smiled, "Yeah, small world after all, huh, Len?"

"Wow," I said, "I didn't even recognise you..."

Piko laughed, "You wouldn't recognise any of the other kids either. No big deal."

I shrugged, before frowning, "Piko, you came fifth out of hundreds of kids; why is your dad ashamed of you?"

"Because it wasn't first," Piko sighed, "My dad... Has this thing with coming first."

"He should proud of you..." I sighed.

"Well, he obviously wasn't," Piko growled, "Because he expelled me from Sony, banned me from singing and sent me off to Crypton with my sister. He doesn't exactly get the 'father-of-a-life-time-award'."

"Neither does my dad," I said quietly, "He used to beat me."

Piko looked at me in surprise, "He did?"

"Yeah..." I sighed, "He killed my mum, so I ended up an orphan."

"Holy shit," Piko said, "And they say that superstars are spoiled..."

I shrugged, "I'm not the only one it's happened to, so I can't really complain; besides, I've got it better than the majority of the world's population."

"I s'pose." Piko sighed, before looking to me again, "What do you think is up with Rin?"

I shrugged, "I'm not a psychic, I don't know what goes on in her head."

"Yeah, but you guys like each other - it's painfully obvious, Len; don't deny it - so don't you have some kind of idea?"


Piko sighed, "Hopefully we'll her tomorrow, eh?"


On Saturday, Sonika and Oliver came to pick me up; being the better friends than Dell and Teto. Also, Sonika wanted Oliver to get out of the house for a while.

"But it's hot," Oliver whined, "And dry and I don't like it. Everything smells weird - wait, no, that's just Len - but stillll. It's too hot and everything's too big and open and I feel small-"

"You ARE small," I retorted.

"Well excuse you," Oliver said, "I'm adorable, remember?" He battered his eyelids.

Sonika rolled her eyes, "Oliver, stop whining and just get in the car then."

Oliver huffed, walking into the car door before opening it and getting in the backseat.

"Anyway, Len," Sonika said, "Your old manager - SeeU - recently had a family crisis and won't be able to come back to be your manager."

"But I thought she cut off all ties with her family," I frowned.

Sonika shrugged, "Apparently something happened and now she feels the need to go back and see them all. Must've been pretty bad - she's really passionate about her job, even though she only became full-time a few months ago..."

I sighed, "So, am I stuck with Teto?"

"Looks like it..." Sonika sighed.

"Can't you do something?" I asked, "To make it so that I can have a different manager or something?..."

"Sorry, but there's nothing I can do," Sonika sighed, "Obviously, if Teto is irresponsible enough, then you'll be removed from her care, as she is technically acting as your guardian as well."

I smirked, "So, you technically adopted Oliver?"

"Ugh," Sonika groaned, "He's a good kid but... ugh..."

"You raised him~" I sang happily.

"Shut up," Sonika said, smiling slightly, as we both got into the car.

"Sonika~" Oliver sang, "I want ice-cream~"

"No," Sonika said firmly.





"YES." Oliver said loudly, before screaming, "I WANT ICE-CREAM!"

"Oliver, shut up and I'll consider it," Sonika sighed, causing Oliver to celebrate.

"Now, as celebration for my triumph, turn on the radio!" Oliver demanded.

"No way," I said, "Knowing my luck it'll be 'Magical Neko Len Len'."

"Don't worry~" Oliver said happily, "It came on during the drive to the hospital, so it won't be~"

I frowned, before turning on the radio and freezing.

"Is this..."

"Shota, Shota, burning night!" Oliver sang happily.

"Sonika, stop the car, I need to destroy something. Namely Oliver."

Oliver sang in a high, squeaky voice, the same voice he used when singing Magnet with me all those years ago... Sonika didn't pull over, instead she hummed along.

"...I hate you guys."

"Love you too, Len Len~" Oliver sang. I sighed, giving in as they both sang to it happily.

"Now! Ice-cream!" Oliver said.

"No," I said, "Not after that."

"But it's not my fault the radio broadcast that!" Oliver whined.

"You sang to it..."

Then, 'Spice!' came on and I froze.

"If we go get ice-cream, we can get away from this song," Oliver told me wisely.

"Yeah! Ice-cream! Go, go, go!" I said, as Sonika stopped the car.

"I can't see why you wrote that song in the first place..." Oliver said, "You must've been horny at the time or-"

"And you write emo songs." I retorted as we got out of the car and Oliver clung to my arm.

"I write emo songs for a reason though," Oliver said.

"Oh really?"

"Yes," Oliver said, taking a breath and tossing his head back dramatically, "I have a deep, inner sadness that cannot be matched! If you knew, you would never recover!"

I laughed, as Sonika got out of the car and followed us up to the ice-cream shop.

"So, what flavours you guys want?" Sonika asked.

"Banana," I said simply.

"Obviously," Sonika replied.



"Choc chip?"


"Mint with choc chip?"

"NO. No chocolate."

"Wait, how about DOUBLE choc chip-"

"Oliver, no chocolate."

"Poopyhead." Oliver pouted, before waiting a few seconds, "PLEASE SONIKA! I'LL EVEN TAKE DIET CHOCOLATE FOR GOD'S SAKE! I'LL BE QUIET FOR AN HOOOOOUR!"

"Whoa," I said, "He's desperate."

"I aaaaaaam." Oliver pleaded, "Please, I want chocolate, I'll do anything!"

"...Even sing an embarrassing song at tonight's concert?" Sonika asked cheekily.

"Sonika... You're supposed to be a mature adult..." I sighed.

"Depends," Oliver said, "What kind of song?"

"If you sing 'I Don't Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me' I'll get you double choc chip." Sonika said, "I still have the music for the song and everything~"

"WAIT," I said, "Why do you-"

"The hiding place for your diary's key is so easy~"

"DIARY?!" Oliver blurted, laughing hysterically.

"I swear to god-"

"Anyway," Oliver said, smirking, "Tis a deal~"

"Hahaha... I'm so taking my camera."

"Oliver, stop, you're influencing her," I said firmly.

"Hahahaa, no." Oliver said seriously, "I will never stop! Not until the universe is mine!"

"I swear, I only know five year olds..."


Oliver was quite happy after finally getting his way with the chocolate chip ice-cream, so he happily practised for his song that he'd be performing, causing me to tell him to stop at every possible time.

"You only say that because of why you wrote that song in the first place~" Oliver said cheekily.

My reply was simply flustered noises, which Oliver simply laughed at. We pulled up at the school later that afternoon just in time for the science fair, which had been delayed due to Kaito dripping ice-cream on the microphone. Everyone was setting up stalls for all sorts of things; some people sold food, others were demonstrating their experiments. I looked around for Rin; where was she?

"Hey, Len!" Piko yelled, leaning on his crutches, waving to me, "You got here on time!"

"Yeah," I said, "We had to stop for ice-cream."

"And you didn't get me some?!" Mizune whined, "Kale! He didn't get us any!"

"I know! Inconsiderate much!" Kale said.

I walked over to the group while Oliver remained clinging to Sonika's leg, whispering crazy things about everyone being out to get him.

"So, where's your project?" Mizune asked, hands clamped behind her back.

"God knows," I shrugged with one shoulder, "Rin had it last I checked."

"Where IS Rin?" Piko frowned.

"Don't look at me," I one-shoulder-shrugged again.

"If she doesn't get here, you'll flunk," Kale said.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Kale."

"You're welcome."

"Sarcasm doesn't reach you..."

"Man, your grumpy," Piko rolled his eyes.

"And you're tsun~" Mizune said happily. Piko flushed.

"Wh-wh-what no, I'm not ts-tsun!" Piko denied.

"Pi-kun!" Celeste said happily, jogging over and grabbing the flushing Piko's hand, "Come try this cake! It's the best!"

"Good job, Celeste~" Mizune winked.

"DID I HEAR THE WORD CAKE?!" Oliver screamed, stumbling over to where he'd heard our voices, tripping and falling ontop of Piko.

"THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK!" Piko screamed and I lost it laughing.

"New OTP," Kale said, taking out his phone and taking a picture.

"KALE!" Piko yelled.

I helped Oliver up and he clung to me.

"Len, give me caaaake," Oliver whined.

"Oliver, no, you've had way too many sweets today-"

"Len, Sonika and I read your entire diary, and while she's not mean enough to blackmail you, I AM. So give me cake."

"Pfft, I doubt it."

"Oh really?" Oliver smirked, "Let me recite something then~"

"I don't care."

Oliver grinned, and then spoke in Japanese, "'Today I was just sitting in my room wondering what it would be like to actually go out with me; everyone else is, but no-one seems to notice me. I suppose I'm just to se-'."

"OH MY GOD, FINE, JUST STOP!" I yelled, making flustered noises as I shoved Oliver into Mizune, "Please, just, get him some cake..."

Mizune giggled as Oliver clung to her and she took him off to get some cake.

"Pi-kun, let's go too~" Celeste sang, tugging Piko's sleeve. Piko sighed and went off with her.

"What were you and Rin making for your science project anyway?" Kale asked me.

"A solar-powered robot," I shrugged, "I have no idea how it turned out though..."

"Be a pity if it didn't end up working." Kale sighed.

"Yeah..." I said, rubbing the back of my neck, "I have no idea really."

"Well, we'll see, huh..."

"Len-san," Kaito said, walking up to me, "Would you happen to have a microphone on you?"

"Why would I have a microphone?" I frowned.

"Well, you ARE a singer..."

Oliver came back with Mizune and the two already seemed to be friends.

"That's kind of superficial," I sighed.

"But DO you have a microphone on you?"


"I DO!" Oliver yelled, digging in his pocket and taking out a microphone.

"...Why?" I asked.

"Always be prepared, Len. Always be prepared." Oliver said, nodding knowingly as Kaito took the microphone and hooked it up to the school's sound system.

I frowned, looking around, "Where IS Rin? Good lord..."

"Maybe she's walking," Piko said, returning with Celeste and a slice of cake, "May explain why she's late."

Oliver slowly edged towards Piko's cake and raised his hand towards it, causing Piko to slap it away.

"Ow," Oliver said, rubbing his hand sorely.

"You can work out where cake is, but not the door?" I asked Oliver.

"Cake is much more important!" Oliver enthused.

"For you, maybe, but not for your nose, wellbeing and hospital budget." I sighed.

"Budget?" Mizune frowned, being pretty good at English.

"He has a budget for how much money is allowed to be spent on him in hospital." I explained.

Mizune giggled.

"Hey, is that Rin?" Piko asked. I turned, seeing a motorbike swerve and pull up at the school gates. The two riders both had blonde hair pulled back in clips, their blue eyes squinting against the wind as they quickly got off, grabbing a box off the back of the bike and racing into the school yard.

"Wait, no, nevermind, it's just some biker chick with Rin's head," Piko said casually.

"Oh god, Rinto, why did you take the SCENIC route?" Rin asked furiously.

"I didn't," Rinto denied, "I took the normal route from downtown and I had to go grocery shopping for oranges so..."

"You couldn't have gone shopping AFTER the science fair, could you?" Rin asked.

"Rin, seriously, can YOU live without oranges for that long?"

"Yes, because I'm not an obsessive freak," Rin retorted.

Rinto rolled his eyes, as Rin headed over to Meiko to hand in our project; without telling me about it before of course. Rin signed off some papers before heading over to where we all stood.

"You guys are out of hospital, huh?" Rin said, looking at my sling and Piko's crutches.

"Yeah," Piko nodded.

"Your injuries don't look that bad," Rin frowned.

"Disappointed?" I asked gruffly.

"What's got you in such a grumpy mood?" Rin retorted.

"Oh, I don't know," I shrugged, looking away, "Maybe the fact you didn't even visit me while I was in hospital."

"Well excuse me for having family issues," Rin said, "My dad was shot, you know."

Insta guilt trip.

"Sorry..." I said quietly.

"AWWWW!" Kale enthused, "You two hug~"

"NO." Rin said firmly as I grabbed her by the shoulder and hugged her anyway.

"Do I get a hug?" Oliver asked Piko.

"NO." Piko said, so Oliver hugged him anyway.


"Number one OTP..." Kale mused.

"Are you gay?" Piko asked Kale.

"No," Kale said, "It's perfectly normal for me to ship you if I make you a girl, Piko."

"Oliver's the guy?" I asked.

"Only coz Piko's totally uke."

I smirked, "Pi-kun's a uke~"


"Funny, coming from a uke..." Oliver mused.

"Oliver don't you start on that again-"

Oliver grinned evilly, laughing.

"Excuse me, everyone, everyone!" Kaito announced and we all looked up to where he was announcing the beginning of the science fair from the stage.

"So, for those who aren't familiar with the way Crypton High science fairs work, it's quite simple! Look around and see all the projects the students have made, before voting for the most creative, useful and environmentally friendly one!" Kaito explained, "The voting will be closed in half an hour, so be sure to look around quickly! The winner's get this beautiful, double layed chocolate cake, with thick chocolate icing, chocolate puffs and chocolate cream in between layers!"

"I heard chocolate..." Oliver said quietly, "Like... fifty-eight times..."

"Don't be ridiculous Oliver," I rolled my eyes, "It was only four times."

"LEN, you NEED to win," Oliver said violently, "YOU NEED TO GET ME THAT CAKE!"

"Okay, okay, jeez," I said, as the crowd walked off to look at the science projects kids were showing and demonstrating. Not many people had been creative; just making a more advance version of a potato battery, where the potato powered a small vehicle. Mizune and Celeste had made a pretty advance version of a worm farm and seemed quite happy with what they'd managed. But Rin had seemingly disappeared into a puff of smoke and was nowhere to be seen.

"Where'd Rin go?" I asked.

"She stalked off to the art room for some reason," Piko said, kicking his solar-powered remote-control car that was refusing to start, "Got her brother to start demonstrating the robot you guys made."

I turned and saw Rinto playing with the robot that was edging forward and saying hello to everyone who came passed, causing everyone to smile at it and start conversing with it. Wow... It could talk... Rin really was a genius, huh?

I frowned, before jogging down to the art room. Rin sat on the bottom step, head in her hands, blonde hair falling on her knees.

"Rin?" I called.

She didn't reply or even move, just sitting there looking to the floor. I sat on the stair beside her for a few minutes, not saying anything. Finally, she lifted her head up and rested it on my shoulder. I rested my hand on her shoulder, holding her close to me as I saw a few silvery tears leave the corner of her eyes.

"It's not fair," She said quietly, "First Neru dies... Then my dad gets shot... It's just... Not fair..."

She sniffled, more tears creeping over her cheeks, that were reddening and puffing up. I rested my head on hers.

"Life isn't fair," I sighed, "Sometimes, it's really good and then all sorts of shit just... happens."

"It's going to get better though, right?" Rin asked.

"Always does," I sighed, "When my mum died and my dad was arrested, I just thought things would never be good again; but my friends made sure it was. Not to mention the record deal."

"That would've been amazing," Rin sighed, "To get a record deal and win a competition..."

"Actually," I said, "I didn't think there was any good to come from that... You corrected me."

She flushed and I kissed her forehead lightly, hugging her to me. She left her hands on my chest and didn't bother to protest.

"Are you still unsure?" I asked quietly.

"I... I don't know," Rin sighed, "I just don't feel like doing anything. Not while everything seems so hopeless..."

I looked at her before standing and offering her my hand.

"What?" She asked.

"I have an idea that'll cheer you up," I smiled. She took my hand and stood as I led her behind the stairs and into the music rooms. I headed down into the practise room with the piano and slid open the door, before leading her inside.

I sat down in front of the piano and beckoned her to sit beside me, so she did. Pushing up the lid with my one good hand, I sprawled my fingers across the keys.

"You can't possibly play with one hand," She said, laughing slightly.

"Yeah, it's impossible," I said, before grabbing her hand and laying it on the keys, "So I need you to play with me."

"Len, I can't play," Rin laughed, "Didn't I tell you that before?"

"Of course you can play," I rolled my eyes, "You're Rin Akita for God's sakes, if your not a genius, then I don't know who is."

She flushed as I smiled.

"Besides, it IS your song," I said, before beginning to play the higher notes to 'Dolls'. Luckily for Rin, the soprano part was more difficult, meaning she had less keys to play (okay, stuff up, but it WAS her first go). Rin smiled and began singing to it. As I ended the song on the last ringing chord she smiled and rested her head on my shoulder, and, even though it was my bad shoulder, I didn't mind.

"To think that just two weeks ago, I hated your very existence." Rin laughed, "And now you're cheering me up by playing this with one hand."

I reached across and brushed her bangs aside, kissing her forehead, "Least I can do. You were the one to call Piko and check if I were there, remember?"

She dipped her head out of my lips way, before meeting my lips with her own. We sat there for a few moments, in front of the piano with our lips locked together, before she finally pulled away and stood, taking my hand.

"Let's go see how the rest of this science fair turns out, eh?"


"I ordered Sonika to watch everyone voting," Oliver told me the moment he apparently 'smelled' that I'd come back, "She says you guys are drawing with some chick called Lily's project."

"Lily's beating us," I growled under my breath.

Rin frowned, "Only one thing for it." She started dragging me up to the stage.

"Rin what are you-"

"You threw out the idea, so you're doing it now," She said firmly, "Sing your pants off, boy."

She handed me the microphone and I raised an eyebrow as everyone started asking questions.

"You want me to-"


"Tsun~" I smiled and Rin pouted, before jumping off the stage and running to Kaito, whispering something in his ear. He nodded and Rin jumped back on stage, swiping the microphone from my hands.

"Hello, everyone!" Rin said, "The one and only super famous Len Kagamine has graced us with his prescence today, and will be performing a special concert to help raise awareness for the environment! He'll even be taking requests-"

"And, because I need back-up vocals, Rin will be helping me," I grabbed her elbow before she could scurry off, dragging her back on stage.

"Len, I can't sing," Rin hissed.

"Yes you can," I smiled, "And you're good at it."

"Please sing 'Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder'!" Someone yelled from the crowd.

"Happily~" I grinned, "Rin-chan~ You start~"

"You know I'm going to kill you for this."

"We're partners, right?"

"...Still going to kill you." Rin sighed. Someone managed to find the backing track and the music began in the background. I looked at Rin and she began singing.

"A purple butterfly on your right shoulder. We kissed in the corner of the room. I learned what it's like, to have a heartrending feeling. Sounds of piano rebounded, inside my head."

She glared at me and I easily swiped the microphone and began singing my heart out. It wasn't really difficult; I had to do it often anyway, so what did it matter what the song was or who I was singing it with? I had to admit though, every time Rin joined in, shivers did go down my spine. I didn't even realise when the end of the song was fast approaching...

"I want to die now, get rid of my regrets. Which one do I have more? My pleasure or my pities? Help me stop myself or I will end up mad, give me a moment knowing that I'm at ease-"

On an urge, I grabbed Rin's hand as raised our hands and she went alone with it as we continued singing. Several people already had their phones out and were streaming the performance to youtube.

"A purple butterfly, lying on your right shoulder. Kiss me gently in the corner of the room. I'll teach you what it's like to feel pain. The piano plays on and loops in my head."

As I sang, I heard 'Dolls' playing over and over in my head on a loop of sorts. As Rin and I finished, millions of more cover requests were thrown at our feet and even as we sang them, I don't think any of them affected us quite like 'Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder'...


"Now!" Kaito said happily, reclaiming the stage after Rin and I's massive performance, in which we tired as hell from. Yet I still had ANOTHER concert. Oh man...

"The votes are in," Kaito explained, "Ms. Sakine, Mrs. Megurine and Mr. Kamui and I counted up all the votes and the winner is quite obvious just from the sheer amount of slips with their names! Rin Akita and Len Kagamine!"

Rin squealed excitedly, kissing me quickly before throwing her arms around my neck. I turned bright red due to the fact EVERYONE was still watching us. And recording us. And streaming us live to youtube.

Realising what she'd done, Rin separated from me as quick as possible before going up on stage to claim our prize - a trophy and half of the super chocolate cake each. We smiled and accepted our awards, Rin saying a thank you to her brother for his assistance before we headed off down the stage.

"I hope you plan on giving me that," Oliver said, "Because if you don't, just know that I knnow where you live and sleep, Len. And I know dangerous people. If I were you, I'd just hand over the cake, so no-one would get hurt."

"You can have it all," I shrugged, handing the box to Oliver, "I'm not a fan of chocolate anyway. Much prefer bananas."

"You, my friend, are INSANE." Oliver said, before smiling, "I like it!"

Rin was talking with her brother and before I could even go over to talk to her, she was waving goodbye and running off back to her brother's bike.

"Len, what happens if one of those videos gets aired?" Sonika asked me, worried lines creasing her forehead.

"People will just think she's another fangirl," I sighed, "Besides, everyone still has this mad idea that Miku and I are dating. Rin's fine."

"I hope so..." Sonika sighed, rubbing the back of her neck, "Well, let's get home... Shall we?"

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