*facepalm* I'll regret this later. I just know it.

Captain Holly Short stepped into the room. And she almost stepped right out again, had she not been frozen in absolute awe at the sight before her.

Artemis Fowl the Second, Butler, and Mulch Diggums were all seated around a table, cramming their faces with what seemed to be burnt cheese strudels. They looked up at Holly's entry and stared back at her, as if she was the one covered in crumbs.

"What are you doing?" the confused elf asked slowly.

Artemis held up a fork. "Eating cheese strudels." Then he frowned. "That was a fragmented sentence, was it not?" Shrugging as if he didn't care, the boy went back to eating his strudel.

"Uh…" Slowly and awkwardly, Holly turned and left the room.

After she left, she heard a shout from the room she had just left. "No! That's my strudel!"

"You had three!"

"I don't care! That's my strudel!"

"Hey! Break it up!"

"Butler, now is not the time for intrusion. That strudel is rightfully mine."

Holly only rolled her eyes. Boys.

Don't judge. I was both tired and hyperactive (a strange mixture) at the time I wrote this.

I own nothing except the strudels.

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