*facepalm* I'll regret this later. I just know it.

E. Aster Bunnymund hopped into the Globe Room to see a very strange sight. Jack Frost and the Sandman were seated at a table, poking at something in front of them with forks. The floor was littered with yellow crumbs.

"What are you doing?" the Australian Pooka asked.

Jack and Sandy looked up, their faces stuffed and covered with crumbs. Jack swallowed whatever it was in his mouth and held up his fork. "Eating cheese strudels. Why?"

Bunny's face contorted into something that might have been disgust. "Uh…"

"Come on," said Jack. "Wanna try some?"

Sandy gave an approving thumbs up.

"Uh, ya know, I just remembered," said Bunny, scratching behind his ear awkwardly. "I have to…uh…go to Italy for pizza. C'ya, mates."

All too eager to abandon the crime scene, Bunny tapped his foot on the floor and leapt into the hole that formed.

But before Bunny's hole could close up entirely, Jack flicked a large yellow strudel glob after him.

Don't judge. I was both tired and hyperactive (a strange mixture) at the time I wrote this.

I own nothing except the strudels.

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