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She stared at him in horror.

"So, it's true." She vaguely heard Emma say, but it didn't really register in her mind as a wave of nausea washed over her.

It was true... what Henry had been saying all along.

This was her biological family and she wanted to be disgusted by the thought. She already had a family, adopted or not; the Higurashis would always be her family.

Mary Margaret moved closer, slowly as her eyes began to water with tears, "My baby girls." She simply said, cupping Emma's face and caressing it lovingly and Kagome couldn't help but to move back, not wanting to be anywhere near him.

"Katarine," She heard him say and she wanted to run away, remembering that night of passion and need, "Katarine." His voice was thick with emotion and she had to lash out.

"My name is Kagome!" She snarled defensively, not caring when Emma and Mary Margaret snapped their eyes over to her, "Don't call me that!"

"Katarine, Kagome... you're one of my beautiful twin girls," Mary Margaret released Emma, who seemed completely unsure of what to do, "It doesn't matter what name you go by."

And she was suddenly enveloped in a hug, courtesy of Snow White herself and Emma was also drawn into the hug, though rather stiffly, "I knew you both would find us." Mary Margaret buried her face into Kagome's hair, allowing the tears to streak down her face.

Kagome, like Emma, simply did not know how to react and could only stand there. However, the nausea only thickened when another pair of arms wrapped around them.

'He... he's my...!' The thought was too much and she forcibly wrenched herself away from them, feeling her face warm up when they all stared at her, 'He's my... and we...!'

Kagome did the only thing she could think of.

She turned around and ran away as fast as she possibly could.

"Wait, Auntie!" "Katarine!" "Kagome, where are you going?!"

She heard it all, the shouts for her to come back, but she couldn't and almost collapsed from the pure dizziness that enveloped her entire being.

How could she face them, him, with what they had both done? His erased memories could not make up for anything and the disgust for herself made her want to curl up and just die.

She had slept with her very own father...