Ok here is the deal with this AU: It's my idea of - what would happen if Kagami didn't go to America and became childhood friends with Aomine? I got this idea from help with someone on tumblr and well, I decided to turn it into an ongoing fic. I am really unsure of the rating for this since I haven't decided how uh... 'mature' it is going to get but right now I don't feel like it's going to get too intense since I just want to focus on the story and relationship.

I am very new to this site so please be kind but also don't hesitate to give criticism and help me out if I'm doing something wrong aha... I'm quite new to the world of fan fiction in general as well so excuse me if I seem to do stuff differently. ^^;

People tend to give warnings when writing these so...

AU / guy x guy later in the story (Aomine x Kagami)

"Ok, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"

The young, red-haired boy nervously focused his gaze to the center of his new classroom. Fiddling his thumbs together, he managed to gather up the courage to speak in front of his new classmates.

"H-Hello, my name is Kagami Taiga. It's nice to meet you all, please take care of me…" The teacher gave him a gentle pat on the back and showed him to where his seat was going to be for the rest of the year.

The young boy walked in awkward silence toward a middle row of seats, all the while looking down as to not meet anyone's gaze. 'Being the new kid is really awkward', Kagami thought feeling a bit of sympathy for all of the new students to his old school he had witnessed over the years.

Kagami's parents had a long and difficult discussion as to whether or not to take him to America since they both needed to transfer there for his father's job. In the end, they thought it was best for their son to stay in Japan, at least until he was done with elementary school. He now lived with his aunt and uncle which he really didn't know all too well. They were nice enough people but it still felt kind of strange living with someone other than his parents. He wasn't sure if he was regretting staying behind or not. On one hand, he didn't really feel like leaving Japan or moving – and America was so far away and so foreign that it may have been overwhelming. On the other hand, he had to move anyway, and far, leaving behind his friends at his previous school.

It was already his first day in class and he was starting to wander off in his thoughts as he tried to imagine what it would've been like to have gone to America instead. Scanning the room looking at his new classmates, one stood out. He stood out at first because his head was down on his desk, looked like he was sleeping, but he also had fairly dark skin which accompanied his short, dark blue hair. 'I guess he's not from around here either', Kagami thought, 'Either that or he has some foreign blood in him'. He stared a little while longer at the sleeping boy before moving on to the rest of the class, a little further up he saw a girl with long pink hair. "I bet she's cute," he thought, although he couldn't see her face, and he definitely wasn't paying attention to what anyone looked like while he was standing up in front of the classroom just a while ago, he was way too nervous for that.

"Aomine-kun, please do not sleep in class!" amidst the teacher's droning there was a sudden outburst. Apparently she had (finally) noticed the boy who was sleeping and shouted loud enough the class next door probably heard. The lazy boy lifted his head slowly and rubbed his eyes as all attention was on him.

"Ahh, I wasn't sleeping, I was just resting my eyes," he said in a drowsy tone, not convincing anyone.

"Aomine-kun, stop sleeping in class so much! Please do your sleeping only at home!" the teacher finished her lecture and turned back to the board.

"Dai-chan, how many times have I told you that sleeping in class is bad!" The girl with the pink hair had turned around and whispered to this Aomine in a scolding manner, her big doll-like eyes were furrowed under her brows as she scolded the boy.

"Whatever!" He whispered back and propped his head up with his left hand, seeming like he was going to fall back asleep at any moment. Kagami gave a small laugh at the situation that had unfolded in front of him and class went on without any more disturbances.

Besides that little incident, Kagami's school life went fairly normally. After about a week, he had noticed that the Aomine from his class was a fairly popular guy (and found out his first name was Daiki). He seemed to have a good amount of friends who would greet him but he really only saw him around the girl with the pink hair on a regular basis, who he learned her name was Momoi but Aomine called her Satsuki.

"He calls her 'Satsuki' and she calls him 'Dai-chan'… first names… are they dating?" they were young but puppy love isn't an uncommon thing. Although Kagami saw them together often, they never acted like a couple, not even holding hands, so he was unsure if that was their relationship at all. In fact, she saw him scolding him more than anything; she was more like his mother… Ok, maybe a sister. A couple kids had become friendly with Kagami over the week but he hadn't grown close with any yet. Obviously it would take time to do something like that but none of them seemed like they interacted to make friends, almost like they were doing it out of obligation because he was the new kid.

Kagami sighed walking out of the school building after staying behind to talk with a teacher so he could get caught up with the lessons he had missed out. He decided to take the back way just to check out the rest of the school he hadn't seen. On the way, he noticed there was a basketball court near the school and heard the sound of a ball hitting against the concrete which caught his attention. Glancing over Kagami saw a familiar face: that Aomine kid. He watched him for a minute or so playing by himself, and even though the net was at the height that adults shot, Aomine easily got in a couple baskets.

"Wow…" Kagami said low, under his breath, watching the other boy performing footwork he'd only seen on tv. Kagami then noticed that, again, Momoi was with him too, but she sat off to the side of the court reading a book, but Kagami was entranced by the other young boy's amazing skills and continued to watch until finally, Aomine noticed that they had company.

"Oh, hey, you're that new kid in our class… Ah… can't really remember your name, sorry," he said stopping the ball and walking up to the fence.

"Ah, it's Kagami. Kagami Taiga."

"Oh yeah, yeah, your name is pretty cool," Aomine said with a smirk, "Do you like basketball too?" he asked holding up the ball.

"Um, I've never really played or watched seriously it but I just thought what you were doing was really cool," Kagami blushed thinking it was kind of embarrassing that he got caught gawking.

"You should try it! I never really had anyone else to play with, and Satsuki would rather just watch than play, I have a feeling you'd be good!" The boy grinned and beckoned Kagami over.

"R-Really?" Kagami was surprised he was being so nice to him considering he had forgotten who he was even though they were already sharing a class for a week now. I guess he was just a little slow with things like that, Kagami thought. A little excited, Kagami rushed over to the court and walked around the chain-link fence onto the court which seemed so much bigger than it did on the other side of the fence. Even walking on the asphalt of the court felt totally different than on regular concrete; being on the presence of the court alone just gave him a jolt of an adrenaline rush.

"Here, catch!" Aomine said suddenly, tossing the ball in Kagami's direction. With his reflexes reacting just in time, Kagami managed to successfully catch the ball which was going surprisingly fast as he soon felt his hands tingle from the inertia of the ball. This felt almost… exhilarating. Although excitement was starting to run through his body, he wasn't quite sure what to do now that he had the ball in his hands and did nothing beyond holding it. "Try dribbling it a couple times and try to make a shot," Aomine said, eagerly motioning with his hands the actions as if he had an invisible ball. Kagami bounced the ball on the asphalt a few times and positioned himself at about the distance he saw Aomine make his shots. He tried best to mimic what he had seen on TV and what he had seen Aomine do just now and created a stance and threw the ball as hard as he could towards the net. Soaring through the sky, it hit the backboard but barely scraped against the rim of the net as it fell to the ground. Kagami was a bit disappointed that he missed so badly although it was his first try, but then he heard a shout beside him.

"Woah! That's pretty good that you managed to hit as high as the backboard on your first try! I don't think a lot of kids could shoot that high right away, I knew you looked like you could be a good player!" excitedly, Aomine ran to retrieve the ball and ran back to Kagami, beaming with enthusiasm. "I should try to teach you some basics! Oh… that is, if you want to, " noticing that Aomine may have been getting ahead of himself, he seemed to have assessed the situation as to not make it seem that he was forcing this on the new kid. But what he heard next made his smile quickly return.

"Ah, of course! You're playing was really cool and I want to be able to shoot it in the basket as easily as you can!" The two boys eagerly began to talk excitedly as Aomine began to show Kagami some beginner pointers of basketball.

Momoi, who had been taking peeks from behind her book ever since Kagami walked onto the court, gave a small giggle to herself. 'Those two are going to get along really well, I can tell,' she said to herself, returning to her reading.