It had been a couple months since the Interhighs ended and practices were starting to get more intense again with the impending start of Winter Cup. Touou dominated their way through the competition but ended up in second place with Rakuzan in first. Second was nothing to be disappointed in but it seemed like Rakuzan, the team Akashi Seijirou belonged to, was a team on a whole different level.

But Kagami was honestly more than happy with their placing. In fact, his life had been so good it was almost scary. Kagami wanted to win the tournament badly but just the fact that the team made it all the way to the top was one of the best experiences he's ever had. Not only that, but he was now dating his childhood friend and that made everything even better. It still kind of felt surreal that they were now together as an official couple. Even though they mostly did a lot of things together that they always did as friends, things just seemed a little more intimate now.

Aomine was quite affectionate in public even when Kagami objected to it. It wasn't much, just being overly touchy and wanting to do things like hold hands, but then people started to talk at school. It's not that Kagami wanted to hide the fact that they were dating, but two guys dating got more attention than wanted, and it wasn't always positive. Aomine would just give a menacing glare at anyone who started looking in their direction. People even started spreading rumors about how Aomine got bored with girls and started dating Kagami to try out guys. Aomine never showed a reaction to them so the rumors kind of died out. But the pain of the girls who were his fans still seemed to linger.

Of course, the first people who found out were Momoi and Kuroko. Kagami invited them both over to his apartment not long after they had started dating because Aomine insisted they let them know first. He was reminded of how Momoi got angry when he kept things like that from her. Kagami of course agreed but was a little nervous. Not only that, Momoi was their childhood friend and Kuroko was the other person that was the closest to them.

"H-Huh!? You two? Together? Really?" Momoi seemed pretty floored by the news.

Kuroko had pretty much the opposite reaction, "Oh, I'm glad you two have made it official. Congratulations," he even gave a slight smile.

"Eh!? You knew?" Momoi gave a shocked look at Kuroko.

"Wasn't it obvious?" he said in a flat tone.

"No!" she shouted.

But after the initial shock, Momoi seemed genuinely glad that her two friends were happy together.

"Even though I could've never imagined you two would end up together, I'll always support you guys," she said with a smile

"I guess I will forgive you for beating us so badly during the Interhigh," Kuroko joked.

Kagami wanted to invite Himuro over too but Aomine strongly objected. He was still a little bitter over their first meeting, even though time and time again Kagami told Aomine that Himuro was just teasing him. Kagami hoped that one day they would eventually get along…

So Kagami met up with Himuro outside of school at a court near his house to play basketball with him and break the news.

"Oh, so he finally got some balls and asked, huh?" Himuro said.

"You could tell he liked me too? Kuroko said kind of the same thing, was it really that obvious?"

"Yeah, it was really obvious," Himuro said with confidence.

"H-How come I never noticed?" Kagami asked.

"Well, Taiga, you're a great guy but you can be really dense about some things," Himuro patted Kagami's shoulder as if to give some reassurance. "I could tell you liked him too."


After that, people finding out just kind of naturally happened. The team was probably the next ones to know just because of Aomine's complete openness about it. Wakamatsu was probably the one who took the longest to get used to it, but it was pretty surprising how the majority of them were accepting of it. Although, that could've been due to the fact that getting on Aomine's bad side wasn't such a good idea. His attitude was a bit toned down when dealing with Kagami and Momoi but he was known to snap at even his teammates.

The last practice for the week had ended and everyone was in the locker room getting ready to leave. Kagami sat down on the bench right after getting out of the shower and changing into fresh clothes. He was waiting for Aomine to get finished with his shower now. Even though the team had accepted the two were dating they set down some rules for the two; one of which was that they couldn't be in the shower at the same time together (for obvious reasons).

"Wakamatsu-senpai, can you hand me that towel?" Kagami said, pointing to a towel that was on the other side of the bench next to Wakamatsu.

"S-Sure…" Wakamatsu stammered.

Wakamatsu still acted kind of strange around Kagami and it was kind of disheartening as he was one of the closest people to Kagami on the team. Wakamatsu seemed to try to accept the fact that two of his teammates were dating but was still seemed a little put off by it.

"Senpai… does it really bother you?" Kagami asked.

"Huh? Does what bother me?" Wakamatsu tried to play it off but he knew exactly what Kagami was talking about.

"You know… Aomine and I…" Kagami's eyes looked off to the side.

"Well…" Wakamatsu paused, "I-It's not so much that you're dating a guy as it is you're dating Aomine…" he said quietly.

"Huh? Really?" Kagami was surprised. "So it's just because you don't like Aomine?"

"Mostly… I would think you'd have better taste than that," Wakamatsu scratched the back of his neck, "I don't know what you see in him…"

Kagami snickered, "I'm glad it's because you don't think I'm gross," he smiled.

"I-I could never find you gross…" Wakamtsu turned away and blushed slightly.

Aomine walked up behind Kagami, leaned over, and wrapped his arms around Kagami's shoulders.

"We're going over to your place tonight, right?" Aomine said in a low tone in Kagami's ear.

Kagami broke free of Aomine's hold.

"I told you not to do that kind of stuff around other people!" He scolded.

"Oh, there was someone else here?" Aomine said sarcastically.

"Don't go announcing what you two are going to be doing later!" Wakamatsu shouted with a red face and stood up from the bench.

"We're not doing anything, he's just coming over! Daiki, that's why I said you shouldn't do stuff like that…" Kagami also stood up and glared at his boyfriend.

"My bad," Aomine smirked.

"Whatever, let's get going!" Kagami slung his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the room without waiting for Aomine.

Kagami and Aomine had gotten to the apartment; none of the lights were on so it was pretty dark. Only moments after the door had closed and their shoes were off Kagami felt Aomine's arm reach around his waist and lips on his neck. Kagami gave a sigh; his resistance was at a low point. They had been practicing so much lately that they didn't have much time alone together. Their gym bags dropped to the floor quickly and Kagami turned himself to face his boyfriend. Their lips met in a long kiss, Aomine rested his hands on Kagami's hips. Kagami wrapped his arms around Aomine's neck as their lips stayed connected and Aomine started to shuffle towards the bedroom.

"Daiki, we can't-"

"I know, I know, I just want to touch you some," they spoke in hushed breaths as they made their way to the bedroom.

The room was pitch black but they managed to find the bed by bumping into it. They continued to kiss each other here and there, hands exploring each other's torsos and making quiet sighs. Kagami lowered himself onto the bed, planning to bring Aomine with him until he felt himself sit on a lump.

"Huh?" he stopped in his tracks and let go of his grip on Aomine.

"What is it?" Aomine asked, confused why Kagami suddenly stopped.

"Something's lumpy on my bed…" he reached down to feel what he just sat on and it made a movement. Kagami jumped up, knocking into Aomine. "Shit! There's something in my bed!" he yelled.

The mass on his bed stirred again with a moan.

"What the hell is that!?" Aomine asked in surprise.

"I don't know!" Kagami panicked, not sure whether he should just run out of the apartment or call the cops.

The lump moved again, "Taiga, you're so loud…" a female voice mumbled in English from under the covers. The women sat up and turned on the light on the nightstand, rubbing her eyes. On top of that, she didn't seem to have any clothes on.

The two guys seemed to have been too shocked to say anything for a few moments but Aomine found his voice, a rather loud one.

"Who the fuck is that!?" Aomine asked in a more than angry yell.

The woman jumped at Aomine's yelling, "Ah!" she had just put on her glasses and noticed them standing there, pulling the covers over her higher to make sure her chest was covered.

"Alex!" Kagami finally spoke, looking shocked.

"Alex… Alex? That's Alex!?" Aomine said in surprise.

"Taiga, who is that?" Alex pointed in Aomine's direction, still speaking in English.

"Uh," Kagami's whole mind was in a jumble over the situation unfolding.

"Who are you? And what the hell are you doing naked in Taiga's bed?" Aomine snarled.


"I don't have to answer you; I don't even know who you are," Alex had switched over to Japanese and crossed her arms, remaining firmly in place.


"I think I have every right to ask why some woman is sleeping naked in my boyfriend's bed!" Aomine raised his voice again.

"Huh!? Boyfriend!?" Alex exclaimed with a wide-eyed look on her face. "Taiga, what the hell is going on!?"

"I've been trying to explain but you two won't shut up!" Kagami shouted and grabbed Aomine by the arm. "Alex, stay in here until I'm done talking to him. And put some clothes on!

"Taiga! What the hell-" Kagami slammed the door shut before Alex could finish her sentence.

Kagami made an agitated groan, leading Aomine to the living room.

"Uh, you're going to tell me what the hell that was all about, right?" Aomine had an irritated tone in his voice. He was obviously upset over the scene that just played out.

"That was just Alex," Kagami began to explain.

"Just Alex?"

"Let me finish!" Kagami shouted, "There's nothing going on between us, if that's what you think. She coached me in basketball while I was in America. She told me she was going to come to Japan this week, she was supposed to be staying with Tatsuya until tomorrow so I don't know why she's here right now."

"That still doesn't explain why she was waiting for you naked in bed," Aomine's face still looked a bit peeved.

"She just… does that," Kagami attempted to explain, "She sleeps naked or with barely any clothes on. And she has a bad habit of sneaking into people's beds. As for how she found her way into my apartment, I'm assuming Tatsuya gave her the key."

Aomine's scowl remained on his face.

"Do you not believe me?" Kagami looked slightly hurt.

"That's not it…" he believed that Kagami would tell him the truth but he definitely was not happy that a naked woman was in his boyfriend's house. "S-She's just in our bed… naked…" he grumbled.

"Our bed…" Kagami repeated in a low voice. "Anyway, I'm going to go get her and we can explain everything to her okay?

"Hey, wait!" Aomine grabbed Kagami's shoulder as he turned around.


"What if she's still naked!?" Aomine made an attempt to pull Kagami back.

"It doesn't matter, I've seen her naked before."

"HUH!?" Aomine yelled and tightened his grip on Kagami's shoulder.

"Ow! That hurts you idiot!" Kagami tried prying Aomine's hand off of him.

"Okay! You two can stop yelling now, I'm not naked anymore!" The door to Kagami's bedroom opened and Alex walked out, now fully clothed.

Aomine shot a glare at her and Kagami managed to escape his grasp.

"Let's just… sit down…" Kagami felt like this was Aomine and Himuro all over again except worse.

They all sat down at the kitchen table, a thick tension was surrounding them. Alex was the first to cut through the atmosphere and spoke.

"So is this that Daiki kid?" Alex pointed in Aomine's direction.

"Yes…" Kagami replied quietly.

"I was just kidding when I said you liked him, so you really did huh?" she glanced back and forth between the two. Aomine still had a scowl on his face, "He's grumpier than I thought he'd be. I don't think he likes me," she said.

"Of course I don't!" Aomine blurted out.

Kagami sighed and placed a hand on his forehead, "Daiki there is nothing between us so please stop being so hostile…"

"Yeah, I don't sleep with bratty kids," Alex added.

"Alex…" Kagami groaned.

"I wouldn't think Taiga would cheat on me," Aomine grumbled, "It's just the fact that you were in my boyfriend's bed. Naked."

"Well I didn't know Taiga was going to bring his boyfriend over! Or that he even had one. Besides, where else was I supposed to go? Tatsuya kicked me out," Alex crossed her arms.

"Oh yeah, why are you here anyway? Why couldn't Tatusya let you stay until tomorrow like he's supposed to?" Tatsuya was pretty reliable so it was kind of a surprise that he would kick her out last minute.

"Something about inviting a friend over. I thought it was going to be a girl since I couldn't stay the night but as I was leaving some huge guy with purple hair came to the door."

"Murasakibara…?" Aomine spoke up.

"Oh? Do you know him? I think Tatsuya called him 'Atsushi' or something like that," Alex looked off in thought.

"Oh yeah, he's one of the Generation of Miracles, like Daiki, they went to middle school together," Kagami explained.

"I see, you told me about them when you were in America and that he was a part of them," Alex glanced over at Aomine, "How interesting, my two boys are having two members from these 'Miracles' over… Ah!" she seemed to have made some sort of realization. "Ah… Ah… What if Tatsuya brought him over for the same reason you brought that grouch over!?"

"Huh?" Kagami asked confused.

"Ah, these Generation of Miracles are turning my boys gay! I won't ever be a grandma!" Alex made an exaggerated motion of putting the back of her hand up to her forehead.

"I-I never heard of Tatsuya dating anyone though," Kagami seemed a little surprised.

"I'm kidding, who knows if they're together or not," Alex waved her hand side to side.

Aomine hadn't been saying much, "Are you alright?" Kagami asked.

"I just wanted to spend tonight with you," Aomine shot a look at Alex, "Alone." He was pouting.

"I know but I can't just kick Alex out…" Kagami was really looking forward to having alone time with Aomine too but Alex was like his older sister so he couldn't necessarily turn her away.

"I can just sleep in the spare room and use your futon. Just shut the door and maybe give me a pair of earplugs so I don't have to hear you guys," Alex replied casually.

"We're not going to do anything!" Kagami blushed. Aomine made an inaudible grumble.

"Well, I suppose I could see how much money I have for a hotel…"

"I'll help," Aomine went to reach for his wallet in his pockets until Kagami shot a look at him and paused in place.

"No, Alex, it's fine. You're supposed to be staying at my place starting tomorrow anyway so one night won't matter," Kagami made an attempt at a smile.

"Aww, Taiga you're so sweet," she got up and gave Kagami a quick peck on the cheek.

"HEY!" Aomine yelled, slamming his hands on the table and jolting up from his chair.

"Wow, chill…" Alex put her hands up.

"Daiki, please…" Kagami sighed for the umpteenth time.

Alex laughed and walked towards the spare room and started taking her shirt off.

"Don't start taking your clothes off already!" Aomine shouted.

Alex just clicked her tongue and walked into the room, closing the door.

"You're over reacting over everything," Kagami stood up and grabbed Aomine by the wrist. "Let's just go back to my room and calm down."

After everything settled down a bit and they got ready to head to bed, the couple had returned to Kagami's bedroom. Aomine still seemed to be in a sour mood.

Kagami gave a concerned look, "Are you still upset?" Kagami sat down on the bed next to Aomine.

"I just wanted it to be the two of us…" Aomine grumbled.

"Well, I can't just kick Alex out. It's unexpected but right now we're alone, yeah?" Kagami rubbed Aomine's back in the hopes to get him out of his bad mood.

"Yeah I know…" Aomine said frustrated.

Kagami leaned in and gave Aomine a kiss on the cheek, "Cheer up?" Kagami kissed him again on the lips.

Aomine was completely weak to Kagami and decided to just let the situation be put to rest. He leaned onto Kagami, pushing him down on the bed. Kagami gave a light chuckle and Aomine gave him a deeper kiss before lying down next to Kagami with his arm wrapped around him. Kagami grabbed Aomine's hand and laced their fingers together.

"I love you," Aomine said quietly, looking into Kagami's eyes.

A warm smile spread across Kagami's face. This was a face only Aomine could see and it made him incredibly happy to know that he was the only one that could make Kagami have this expression.

"I love you too," Kagami replied.

"I have something to give you, actually…" Aomine said after a moment of silence, "I wanted to give it to you tonight but the mood got kind of ruined…"

"Huh? What is it?" Kagami asked.

"Ah… I guess I could give it to you now anyway," Aomine got up and off the bed to get his wallet. "You know how we didn't really celebrate our birthdays because there was so much going on with the Interhighs? Well I still wanted to make it up to you and get you a present," Aomine seemed a little bashful as he sat back down on the bed.

Kagami looked on in curiosity as Aomine dug through his wallet. Aomine pulled out a gold ring and held it out to Kagami.

"Y-You don't have to take Himuro's off or anything but… I wanted us to have matching rings too…" Aomine blushed.

Kagami seemed stunned and slowly reached out to grab the ring. He turned it over in his fingers and almost seemed fascinated by it.

"Here's mine," Aomine pulled out an identical ring and put it on his ring finger.

Kagami smiled and wrapped his arms around Aomine, "Thank you," his voice sounded tearful but happy.

He let go of Aomine and placed the ring on his ring finger as well.

"You don't want to put it on your necklace?" Aomine asked.

"No, I want to match you," Kagami said with a smile. He stared at it on his hand, "I feel like we're getting married or something."

"W-Well this is just because… I want us to have something that we share together," Aomine's face reddened. "Marriage is later…" he mumbled quietly.

But Kagami heard and let out a laugh. He once again pulled Aomine into an embrace and their lips met again. Kagami gave a little nip at Aomine's bottom lip. Aomine's tongue eased its way into Kagami's mouth and they found themselves in a slow, sensual kiss.

"Man, this is why I didn't want Alex here…" Aomine groaned when the two separated their lips.

"Why is that?" Kagami asked in a quiet voice.

"Well, because I knew you'd be really happy about me giving you the ring and you'd be all loving and…" Aomine paused when he saw the look Kagami was giving him.

"Is that the only reason you gave me the ring?" Kagami asked, his eyes narrowing.

"No! I really wanted us to have rings together! It's just… I thought we could consummate it or something. Since you know, we haven't… yet…" Aomine trailed off as Kagami's judging glare was not disappearing from his face.

Kagami didn't say a word and just rolled over to his side facing away from Aomine.

"Taiga!" Aomine whined, trying to roll him back over.

Kagami knew that Aomine's intentions weren't completely impure but it was fun to mess with him a bit.

"I'm sorry…" Aomine put his head against Kagami's back. Kagami tried to hold back his laughter.

"Hey… are you laughing?" Aomine seemed to have noticed when Kagami couldn't help but let out a muffled laugh.

Kagami just shook his head from side to side.

"Yes you are," Aomine gave Kagami's behind a light slap which caused him to turn around on reflex.

"Don't smack my butt!" Kagami couldn't hold back his laughter anymore.

Aomine took the opportunity to grab Kagami and pull him close to him, silencing Kagami with a kiss.

"Don't tease me like that," Aomine said.

"But it's so easy to," Kagami replied slyly.

"You're really asking for it," Aomine said and dove his face into Kagami's neck.

"Ah! Stop, Daiki, seriously!" Kagami said in between laughs.

"Nope," Aomine mumbled licking and sucking the same area of Kagami's neck.

"Nn, I hate it when you leave a mark!" Kagami smacked Aomine's back.

"Ow!" Aomine jerked his head up to glare at Kagami.

Kagami just smiled and rested his hands around Aomine's back, "Let's just sleep for tonight, alright? When Alex is gone we'll be able to be alone again."

"How long is she staying?" Aomine was getting kind of excited over what Kagami was implying.

"Maybe about two weeks…" he mumbled.

"Uhg, that's too long!" Aomine groaned and flopped down on top of Kagami.

"You'll survive," Kagami patted his back. "Maybe I can get her to go over to Tatsuya's place one night since he dumped her on me for tonight."

Aomine lifted up his head, "If he does that for us I'll forgive him for everything he's done."

Kagami laughed, "Then you guys can finally make friends?"

"Let's not get too carried away," Aomine set his head back down and hugged Kagami's body tighter. "I don't mind waiting though, really," Aomine had a more serious tone to his voice. "I mean, I really want to do it with you but I'm so incredibly happy to just be with you at this moment that it almost makes me dizzy."

Kagami ran a hand through Aomine's hair, "I haven't heard you say so much cheesy stuff until we started dating," he joked. "I'm just kind of nervous about it… but I want to do it too when I'm ready."

"Ahh man. Whenever you are you have to tell me right away," Aomine nuzzled into Kagami's neck.

"What if it's during school?"

"We'll do it in the locker room," Aomine mumbled which earned him a bonk on the head.

It may have taken years for them to get to this point but now they had finally figured out what it was that missing from their lives. Even if there were times that seemed almost too painfully difficult to go through, there were also times that made them realize that their life had meaning because of each other. Whether they were separated by miles of land and ocean or whether they were in each other's arms, they had and will always be together.

The End.

Omigosh super cheesy ending with even cheesier title drop in the last sentence haha.

Wahhh I can't believe it's over! This really was one of my first attempts at writing a fic and I think you can see a lot of changes from the first chapter compared to this last chapter (hopefully good changes).
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- Aomine's first date ended up in him getting dumped. The girl wanted to head to a love hotel (who'd let two middle schoolers in!?) but he said "Nah, not tonight..." and she didn't take it so well. Not a very classy girl, huh?

- Aomine didn't want to tell Kagami, but he actually came very close to sleeping with a girl. But once they got to his room (his parents weren't home, how naughty) he couldn't go through with it... Another harsh break with an added slap to the face.

- Aomine and Kagami still haven't done "it" because Kagami is nervous and secretly thinks in the back of his mind, "who is going to be on bottom?" Aomine is very understanding although he's not sure how much he can hold back when they finally do it. He's pretty confident he'll top.

- Aomine and Kagami have actually done a few naughty things despite that (wouldn't you like to know what those things are, hehe).

- Wakamatsu might have had a crush on Kagami!? I'm not even sure! But he definitely felt slightly jealous to find out that Kagami was dating Aomine.

- Kagami actually plays the same position as Aomine (Power Forward) in the manga but in this story he's a 6th Man (like Kuroko!). The 6th Man is an all-around player but considering Centers and Power Forwards have similar positions he often get's switched out with Aomine and Wakamatsu. Aomine and Kagami don't mind that sometimes during games they don't get to be on the court together because they enjoy watching each other play. Also, Centers get to do jump balls often and we all know how good Kagami is at jumping. (See, I did a little bit of research for the sake of this fic haha)

- The girl that asked Kagami out has started dating a very nice second year boy who had a crush on her ever since he met her (aww yay). She is also very supportive of Kagami and Aomine's relationship.

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