Dragon Age: The Helldiver Saga - The Blight

Chapter 1

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Austin is the same, but, again, has a different last name, Hawke. He will participate in DA2. He will in part of the battle and you will see how it folds out.

I haven't played very much of Origins, so which prevents me to let him be in Origins, but he will be in DA3 when it comes out! you can guarantee that I will write for that one as well! This is just an introductory chapter!

Austin belongs to Veyron, Dragon Age to Bioware, and my own characters to I.

Austin took his Staff of Parthalan in his right hand and spun it. He moved his arm in an eight motion as the staff rotated. He placed his left next to his right and closed them together as he continued the move. He stopped the spinning as he pointed his sword tip at the ground with his right. Again, He spun the staff one time as the tip aimed up and the bottom hit the ground.

Austin had brown hair at medium length, and he let's it hang down. Which it reaches just before his eyebrows. He had dark brown eyes, as well as a few scars ranging around his face. One that was the most noticeable was one over his right eye all the way down to his lips and above his right eyebrow. Another from below the left side of his mouth, to the bottom of his ear lobe.

The Man wore a suit of Helldiver light armor, but he modified it extensively. He was one of the few who had a completely different set of armor. The colors were grey and there was red. The red was painted on his armor as a blood dragon. Extending from his torso, over his right shoulder and stops with the tail at the middle of his upper back, along with a bloodied-like cape hanging from the same shoulder down to his waist. He also wore the Helldivers' famous helmet, which was partially painted in red with the dragon. His greaves and boots were all grey as well. The whole suit gave The Helldiver a very intimidating look. Anyone could recognize him from anywhere when the dragon shines in the sunlight.

He looked around as The camp was livened with chatter and swords clashing. He saw two fellow Helldivers in their armor, dueling. He watched as a male and female readied to fight. He recognized the man. He went over to view with his Stave as a walking stick and His Sword, Excalibur, at his left side in its holster. Both given by his Mentor and Sword Master, General Zartrack.

All Helldivers wore what was the most famous, which was the triangular-odd shaped helmet. The Arkanes' engineers have been able to make the helmet to wear their soldiers could see through the visionary of the helmets without the limiting holes that impaired the awareness of the wearer.

The Helldiver gotten to where he can observe the fight. He watched intently as the two start fighting. The man had a Greatsword and the Female had a Helldiver sword and a regular Steel shield.

The female went for a slash and The Male narrowly dodged it and responded with a pommel strike to the shield, sending her staggering and the man swept under her feet as she fell to the ground. Before he could point his Greatsword in her face, she swung her sword at his leg, causing him to jump back. She quickly got back up to her feet and readied her shield. This time, she bashed him with it, sending him stepping back. The lady took advantage and bull-rushed him with her shield, sending him to the ground. She, then, pointed her sword at the man behind the mask. Which signaled that the Lady had won.

The crowd they attracted cheered. Austin just grinned and walked up to the downed man. The lady holstered her sword and took off her helmet. She saluted when she saw Austin.

"Good Match, Jenny." He told her as he dismissed the gesture.

"Thank you, Ser." She replied with a smile.

Jenny Robinson was under Captain Jenkins. She was a good swordsman. She had long, blonde hair she lets hang and beautiful blue eyes. She was a confident woman as well as tough as nails. The Man and Jenny were close, which was why they dueled very often when they got the chance, which was probably why the man always lost against her, she used his greatsword to her advantage and took him over every time.

Austin held his hand out to the man and the man took it.

"Lose again, Sul?" Austin told him as he grinned.

"Yes, I did." He replied as he holstered his Greatsword, grinning.

Sullivan Hal was a Grey Warden. The Grey Wardens were Warriors with exceptional ability dedicated to fighting darkspawn throughout Thedas. They were few, but one of the Two armies that the World relies on to fight to keep the peace.

The other army were the Helldivers, created by the Arkanes. The Helldivers were a much larger force, but highly more effective at fighting any enemy. They are made up of Elves, Dwarves, humans, and even the Qunari. They were a force to be reckoned with, since The Arkanes only choose the best.

"Don't worry, You'll get her some time." Austin replied, smiling at the man.

"Yeah, hopefully I will. She's smart...She's smart..." Sul replied, returning the smile.

The man took his helmet off. Sullivan has Flat, Brown hair and green eyes. he was powerfully built from the fightings he has been through as a Warden. The darkspawn were no easy enemies. He had a scar going down the right diagonally across his eye and the bridge of his nose. He was a good-looking guy. His heavy armor wasn't that much different from the other Helldivers. He mostly had the colors changed to black and the outlines red, giving him a warlord look. It was one of the reasons how Austin recognized him.

Austin patted him on the back, "You know, You two make a good pair."

Hal looked at him in surprise, "You think so?"

Austin nodded, "Yeah. I mean, You both like dueling, fighting, doing good deeds."

Sullivan nodded, "Well, I do like her. Hell, I love her." He said as he smiled.

"Then go show her."

Sul smiled at his best friend again, "That I will do."

Austin nodded and returned the smile while patting him on the back one more time, "You need someone to come back to after fighting."

Hal gave his smile back and turned to walk back over to Jenny.

The Arkanes doesn't forbid romantic involvements between two soldiers, they actually support them. Fighting can be of great weight when lives depend on you. Austin has been through more than enough not to show it. His fellow companions knew so too, but he didn't have anyone. He hoped that he will find someone soon.

"Perhaps I should see if I can visit mother again." Austin said to himself.

"You might be able to." A familiar, deep, feminine voice came from behind him. Austin turned to see a Female Qunari.

"Ah, Saras. Been a while."

"Indeed it has." She replied, giving a smile.

Saras was one of the few females who joined the Helldivers. The Arkanes allowed the Qun as long as the Qunari does not press the religion upon other fellow personnel of the Helldivers. Saras had a good build, halfway as built as Sul, but she can swing a two-handed weapon, and she was half a head taller than Austin. She loved fighting. She had white hair, two curved horns that bends backward of her head, and Auburn eyes. She wore straps that covered her breasts, one over each shoulder covering both. She also had some killer hips, and she wore greaves as her armor. Despite her size, she was fast when it came to combat.

She turned her back on her own kin and the Qun, but they allowed her to join the Helldivers. She travelled as a mercenary and beat the hell out of anyone that tried to flirt with her. Even without her Greatsword, she packed a punch, she had advanced hand-to-hand combat training. Whenever Austin and Her dueled without weapons, they came to ties and sometimes beat each other every now and then.

She was under his command, but he saw his companions on the same level instead of below.

"Why have you come to me?" He asked.

"The Arkane Council needs to see you."

Austin nodded, "Ok, Thank you."

She nodded back, "Anytime." Then she walked off.

Austin pulled out his map of the Helldiver HQ Camp. With Austin and his Companions being the best of the best, the Arkane council granted them their own area in the camp, separated from the rest of the rookies and officers.

The Helldivers had their own ranking system, every country knew it too. Austin was named Commander, next is Major, which he doubt he will be getting promotes anytime soon.

Austin looked at the large building to his left, Which was the Arkane Headquarters. He made his way to the building.

He passed the two guards at the door and entered the HQ. He made his way through the two large double doors, leading to the war room. The Helldivers were at war with the Blight and were coordinating with the armies in Ferelden to try helping repel the darkspawn. King Cailan and The Arkane Council were gathering forces at the Fortress of Ostagar. The fortress that stood between Ferelden and the Horde of the Archdemon.

He saw a familiar human woman chatting with an officer, the officer nodded to her and walked off, then the woman turned Austin.

"Hello, Austin!" She greeted him with a slight bow.

Austin smiled and bowed slightly as well, "Hi, Kate! How have you been?"

She smiled back and nodded, "I have been doing great, Did the Council call for you?"

"Yes, Saras just told me so."

"Of course, Let me get out of your way."

"Oh, it's fine. I'm in no hurry."

"Perhaps, but the Council may be."

"Good point, if that will be all, I shall be on my way, nice seeing you again."

She smiled and bowed, "You as well, Austin."

Kate was the assistant of the Information broker, Uri Barkhoven. She commanded the Scouting division of the Helldivers. She knew where, how, when, and why something happened by sending undercover agents who pretended to be commoners, merchants, etc, to gather intel about the world and its countries.

Austin continued to navigate the war room leading to the Arkane Council Room. Being called by himself was usually important. He wondered what they were calling him for.

He opened one of the large doors and stepped in to the room. He saw every councilor. Each councilor was a leader of a city in Arkadia. There were eleven. Austin stepped up to a stand in front of the Councilors, who were sitting in chairs a bit higher as they looked down on him.

"Councilors." He greeted them, bowing.

"Commander Hawke." The Lead Councilor greeted back.

Austin remained silent, listening for the reason.

"You must be wondering why we have called you here."

"I am...curious to see why so."

"You have heard of the rumors about Ostagar, Correct?" A female Arkane Councilor asked.

The females of the Arkanes had a slimmer body shape than the males, which resulted in lighter bones, but increased speed if they were in combat. The males, of course, had more build to them. The Arkanes had humanoid bodies, but they had a different facial structure. They looked sort of an insect without the antennas.

"Yes, King Cailan and The Helldivers were gathering forces to prepare for defense against the Darkspawn, If I heard right."

She nodded. Then The Lead Councilor spoke again,

"We are sending you and your fellow companions to assist in the effort. They need all of the help they can get."

Austin nodded in understanding, "And If we fail?"

"Do what you think is necessary."

"How are we going to get there and back?"

"We have a Ship Captain you have met on your patrols a year ago."

Austin pondered his mind to think of who the Councilor was speaking of. He didn't need to when someone walked up behind him,

"Austin, long time, no see." A feminine voice came from behind.

He turned to face Isabela, an old friend he met, indeed, on his patrols a year ago. He smiled,

"Isabela! Good to see you."

"You as well." She said, returning the smile.

"Is your ship ready, Captain?" The Lead Councilor asked.

She bowed, "Yes, Councilor."

He nodded, then looked at Austin, "Gather your crew and embark on a journey to Ostagar."

It was Austin's turn to bow, "Right away, Councilor."

"This meeting's adjourned, good luck to you and your companions, Commander."

"Thank you." Austin replied.

Before Austin started moving, something popped into his mind.

"Wait, Councilor." He called him.

The Lead Councilor turned to look.

"Can I visit my mother and sister in Lothering?"

The councilor thought about it for a second, "Granted."

Austin bowed again.

Austin and Isabela stepped out of the building.

"How have you been?" He asked her.

She smiled at him, "I am doing pretty good. The ocean has been kind to me so far. What about you?"

"I have been better, This mission has me nervous, fighting the Darkspawn. I rarely fought them."

She nodded, "I can see how that Is."

"So, Can I meet you at the docks after I gathered my crew?" He asked.

She nodded again, "Sure, but we need to catch up soon." She said as she winked while tracing his abdomen.

He grinned, "That, we do."

She grinned back as she walked past him.

Austin turned and walked toward his team's section of the camp, still using his Staff of Parthalan as a walking stick.

Everybody was there, too. He walked in to see a female elf and a female human Mage chatting with each other. He walked over and they noticed him.

"Hello, Austin." The Mage greeted.

"Selina." Then he turned to the Elf, "Hello, Mia."

"Hi, Austin." Mia greeted him.

Selina and Mia Rain were married. Selina was a Circle Mage, but she was permitted by her circle to join the Helldivers and that's when she met Mia, they grown to like then eventually love each other, thus resulting in their marriage.

Selina Rain used the Spirit and Primal magic schools. She also used a spirit staff. Mia would stay will her while they both provided support by sending down hell with bolts and arrows.

Selina had Brown eyes. Long, Auburn Hair. She was born in Ferelden and her parents were John and Rebekah Rain, whom also lived in Lothering. She is very friendly. Her Mage coat was of Purple and brown outlines.

Mia Rain was an Elven Archer who was born and raised in the Elven Alienage of Kirkwall in the Free Marches. She is deadly and very efficient with her bow and arrow. She was younger than Selina but Mia was in the Helldivers longer than Selina was. She also wore light armor for speed.

Mia had Blue eyes and dark brown hair as long as her face, she sometimes ties it into a ponytail. Selina and Mia were about the same height.

"Is there something you needed, Austin?" Selina asked.

Austin nodded, "Yes, we're going to Ostagar to help the defenses against the Blight."

"The Blight? Why there?" Mia asked.

"The Councilors say they need all of the help they can get."

Both of them nodded in acknowledgement.

"Meet me here at the docks, I have to gather everyone else up." He told them as he showed the ship they were taking.

The girls nodded again and went on their way, getting their necessities.

Austin went to find Saras, who was at a dueling pad, practicing her swings. He watched as the Qunari delivered swift, slow, highs, lows, sweeps, and other techniques. He found himself staring at her breasts bouncing and jiggling while she did so. He snapped out of it before she noticed him.

"Austin, something you need?" She asked.

"Yes, We're on a mission. We're going to Ostagar to assist with the defense of the Fortress against the Darkspawn."

She nodded, taking in what he said, "The darkspawn, huh?"

Austin nodded.

"Time to have a little fun." She told him, slightly grinning.

"Meet me at these docks here." He said as he showed her the location.

She nodded again, "I'll get ready."

Austin nodded back and turned 180 degrees to face Sul, who just got through eating from the smell of his breath.

"Hey, Austin! What's up?" Hal greeted him.

"We got our assignment, we're going to Ostagar to defend against the Darkspawn."

"Darkspawn? Alright! More targets to kill!" He said eagerly.

"Meet me here at these docks." Austin told him.

Sullivan nodded, "Ok, I'll be there!" Then he went off to get his things.

Austin found the last two elves chatting with each other, an Elven Rogue and a Dalish Mage. He was noticed by them.

"Hey, Austin! What's going on?" The rogue told him.

"Hello, Austin." The Mage greeted him.

The Rogue was Glenn Socrates. His name came from his Human parents, whom lives on Arkadia, so he doesn't have to worry about them. He was found along the Ferelden Coastline by his Helldiver parents while they were on duty. They took him in and he showed skills of a rogue, which resulted in him using daggers and picking locks. He also had a slimmer body than usual, even by Elven Standards, so he became the scout of the team. He had green eyes, brown hair that was usually in a ponytail, and he doesn't have any hate against any species in Thedas. He wore light armor for agility and speed. He doesn't wear a helmet and his colors were blue and white. The white was in stripes, two going down the middle and one down each arm. He was lightning fast when it came to running, with or without armor.

The Dalish Mage was Alena. She was born in the Clan Sabrae. She left her clan for the Helldivers after learning of them from the clan's scouts. She was a quiet one, but Austin thought she was just lonely. He only seen her chat the most was with Glenn, which Austin could easily suspect that the two were getting close. She had blonde hair, and green eyes. She uses a fire staff and casts spells from the Elemental and Creation schools as well as the forbidden school of blood magic. She wore a battle Mage dress of green and white.

The Arkanes half permitted and half blocked the use of Blood Magic. They allowed it as long as the mages do not become corrupted and use it to harm civilians, which also is why they had a large number of mages in their army. If they do become so, they were to be put down. Hard.

"We're on a mission, we're going to Ostagar to help with the defense of the fortress. Meet me at these docks." He told them as he shown the location.

"The darkspawn?" Alena asked.

"Yep, that means more kills!" Glenn told her.'

She smiled and shook her head at him.

"I'll be there!" Glenn replied happily. Alena simply nodded to Austin

Then the two went their way to gather their things and Austin had one more to look for, and it didn't take long. Austin found him at his tent with his wife.

"Hey, Garaoff." Austin Greeted him, "Hi, Dara."

"Hello, Austin." She greeted back.

"Austin! What can I do for you?" Garaoff replied.

Garaoff Heldas was a Dwarf, but a talented one. He was born in Orzammar and a blacksmith before he joined the Helldivers as well as an explosive expert. He used a sword and shield. He had red hair and hell of a long beard, and He ties it in a long ponytail. The guy has brown eyes and he is hilarious too. His armor type was heavy, and the colors were yellow and blue outlines.

"We have our mission, we're going to Ostagar to defend against the rising Darkspawn."

"The Darkspawn?" Dara asked worriedly.

"Yes." Austin answered.

Garaoff nodded, "Welp, that means I'm leaving." He said as he turned to his wife, "Love you, honey, I'll be back."

The couple kissed and Austin showed him where he was going. The Dwarf went outside to gather his weapons and necessities.

Just before Austin stepped out the door, he heard his name. He turned to see Dara.

"Bring him back in one piece, Austin."

Austin nodded, "Oh I don't think I have to. He'll make the Darkspawn die from laughter before any of us gets a kill." He said as he smiled.

She chuckled then returned to her duties.

Austin's final destination was the Docks, but he went to his tent. He went around getting a couple of things. When he was finished, he made his way to the docks.

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