Dragon Age: The Helldiver Saga - The Blight

Chapter 30

Hey guys! Here's The thirtieth chapter! Read On! Also, I'm skipping ahead to where they return to Ferelden. There wasn't going to be anything interesting in between, anyway.

"Welcome back, Ladies!" Sul exclaimed.

Isabela's ship was within range of The Same Helldiver docks they have just left a couple days ago.

They had packed and left early at Camp in Arkadia. Austin and Sarah has bided their mother farewell. She was wished for both of them to be safe and return to her in one piece. As wel as Austin keeping Sarah safe, which Sarah objected by saying she can handle herself.

The Commander also switched to his Dragon Armor. Again, it felt good to be wearing the armor again.

Merrill has also gotten her first vials of The Cure. Austin explained to her how it worked and told her about the trick he uses with balms. She understood quickly.

Martin gotten seasick like Sarah, he hasn't been on a ship for a while. Saras stayed with him and patted him on the back whenever he went overboard to let loose.

"I'm thrilled," Glen said, grinning.

Sul chuckled.

Austin and his group of companions disembarked the ship.

"Ah! Home Sweet Home!" Selina said.

"Time to kill some Darkspawn," Garaoff commented.

They moved through the docks. It was busy, as usual.

Austin ran into Bodahn and Sandal, they were ecstatic that Austin and the rest has returned. Austin offered if they were still on board, and they were.

"Where's John and 'em?" Sul asked.

Austin shrugged, "I have no idea, perhaps outside the docks?"

"After you, boss man," Sul replied.

Austin went ahead, and the crew followed.

As Austin thought, John and the rest of the team were camped on the other side of the road from the Docks. The group made their way over. Austin saw a familiar man stand up, looking in their direction.

Austin recognized him,

"Hey, John!" Austin shouted, waving.

John waved back, then looked behind him, seemingly to let the others know Austin was back.

After John turned back around, Blade come running out. Austin smiled as he hit his knees with his arms open.

"Blade! Hey boy!" Austin said happily as the War hound run into his arms. He wagged his tail as he panted, Austin petted and scratched behind his ear.

"You've been good while I was gone?" He asked him.

Blade barked in response, wagging his tail in response.

Austin nodded, "Good boy. Oh, and here."

The Commander pulled a Mabari Crunch treat out, and gave it to him, The Hound took it gently, yet ate it whole, followed by loud crushing sounds of digestion.

Austin chuckled as he stood up. He saw Sarah running towards Alistair, she got into his arms and he spun her around. They embraced. He smiled at the sight.

He turned to John, who was walking up with Iona, and she, surprisingly, had a scabbard with a sword in it, as well as leather armor.

Austin and John shook hands and bro-hugged,

"John, My friend, everything go alright here?" Austin asked as he smiled.

John nodded, "Everything went great here."

Austin looked at the crew behind him,

"Alright guys, we'll settle here for today. We're going to need the rest before we take the North Road to Redcliffe."

Everybody nodded, then dispersed as they walked past the three.

"Hey, Martin!" Austin called him.

"Yes, Ser?" Martin said as he and Saras stopped to look.

Austin motioned him over. Martin said something to Saras, she nodded and moved on towards John's camp. Martin walked over.

"John, this is Alpha's newest recruit, Martin, this is John Cousland, A Grey Warden," Austin introduced.

Both, John and Martin nodded to each other as they shook hands.

"I'll introduce you to everybody else soon, alright?" Austin said to Martin.

He nodded, "Yes, Ser." Then he walked on.

Austin turned to Iona and John.

"Seems like you got her all fitted up here," Austin said to John, smiling.

John grinned as he looked at Iona, "Yeah, I went ahead and started training her after you left and the camp was up," he said as he nodded.

Austin nodded, then looked at Iona, "How are you doing?"

"I think I'm getting the hang of it," she replied, smiling.

"Keep practicing, and you will," Austin said to her with a warm smile.

She nodded.

"Ok, let's go over to the camp," Austin told the two.

Both of them nodded and the trio made their way to camp.

John chuckled, "Oh, and Welcome back to Hell."

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