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Notes: Decayer(s): Term that Mark uses as an equivalent to 'Walker'.

Chapter 1

Edith Forrister grabbed her Ipod off the desk beside the bed she stayed in at the Brooks' Bed & Breakfast and closed her bedroom door behind her before heading down the stairs.

"Going for a walk through the neighborhood?" Mrs. Brooks asked as her head peeked out from around the corner of the kitchen. Madlyne Brooks an older lady in her 60s was a wonderful cook and B&B owner. She was constantly asking Edith if she needed anything and making sure she was comfortable. Her Husband, Peter on the other hand was a traditional man who stuck to his old time ways and was hardly seen unless it was early in the morning or late at night.

The younger woman nodded, "Yeah, need the fresh air," she murmured, "I'll be back for supper." With that she was out the door, choosing her song and ignoring the world around her.

A couple of blocks over as she was making her way back towards the B&B, she noticed something out of the ordinary and as she approached further she saw two people, one lying on the ground and the other sitting on their knees, hovering. Nearby a car's driver door was opened and the vehicle had been flexed onto the curb.

"Hey are you alright?" she called out, taking her ear buds out of her ears to hear some kind of response back. Instead she froze as the person hovering over the body looked at her, his face and hands covered in blood. Edith's eyes shifted to the body below him and she saw the woman's entails sticking out through the huge hole in her abdomen.

Bile roses steadily in her throat but she managed to keep it down and back away, never taking her eyes off the man. She fumbled desperately for her cell phone in her pocket and dialed hastily for the police, they would help her, she told herself confidently.

On the other end of the line was the sound of a busy line and her heart beated in her chest at an overwhelming rate when she realized she couldn't be helped.

The bloodied man got up from his victim and limped its way in her direction and on instinct she turned on her heel to take flight, but she ran straight into another growling hungry being.

It groaned and she fought a scream before quickly ducked past grubby hands and continued to run, heading back towards the bed & breakfast.

Maybe this was a dream? She told herself, but she realized when she couldn't change the outcome, this was real life.

Edith skidded around the small fence of the house, rushing through the door and shut it just behind her, "Mrs. Brooks!?" she called out in a trembling voice. She moved through the house slowly and she heard the backdoor of the house open.

"Edith?" the woman answered.

"Oh Thank –" Edith trailed off as Mrs. Brooks rounded the corner. She looked from the woman's face to her neck, where the woman held the area to stop the bleeding.

"Peter bit me!" she answered bewildered and unable to contemplate what had just happened. Mrs. Brooks tried to catch herself on the wall but she fell before Edith in a bleeding mess, "I'm feeling rather hot, was the heat turned up or something?"

The younger woman grabbed a towel out of one of the drawers beside the sink and hurried to put pressure onto the older woman's wound. Edith tried her phone again but no one answered her call.

"Mrs., Brooks, stay with me, you'll be alright!"

Edith froze when she heard a groan come from outside the screen of the back door and seconds later Peter or what was Peter was stumbling through the door way. The planes of his face were sunken in and he was discolored.

"Who is it?" Madlyne asked and the way she asked sounded like she was in a delusional state.

The younger woman grabbed for the other woman, but she was quickly swatted away, "Mrs. Brooks we need to get to a hospital. Now," she looked desperately between the Peter and his wife.

"Oh no," the woman replied, "I'm quite fine dear, now that Peter is home." She sounded oddly calm and that scared Edith. The woman's breathing became ragged and she was slowly losing consciousness.

"That's not Peter," Edith replied with a sudden cry and she reached for the older woman's arm once again, "C'mon please let's go."

The man was nearly to them and Madlyne was smiling, "I'm fine, I'm just tired," the woman answered, but the fever and blood lost had taken her and she drew her last breath. Her head fell to the side.

Peter stumbled past his wife's body towards Edith and in a panic Edith ran from the house and back onto the street. There were more of those cannibalistic beings roaming around, eyeing her for a second before limping and stumbling after her while she ran.

A gun shot rang out and she stopped in her tracks.

"C'mon this way!" a voice called and she looked around before spotting a man hiding in an alley way. People's bodies were piling up on the ground as he covered her back while she ran for him.

"You just killed a person," she started in a terrified state of shock, "You killed them all."

"They're dead," he countered, before leading her into a fenced backyard and through the backdoor of a house, "Haven't you seen their faces?"

Edith thought back to Peter, "I-no, I refuse to believe this. This is all just a nightmare!" she answered in a stubborn voice and was about to turn and run from the house when he stopped her.

"That isn't something you want to do unless you want to find yourself amongst the decayers."

She stopped to think about it, all the information was hard for her to process.

The man placed his gun against the island in the kitchen, "I have boards down stairs, if we board up the windows and lock the doors, we should be safe till the military comes in and does their job."

1 Month later…

"Every day there seems to be more and more Walkers moving into the town. Don't you think we should pack up and leave? Maybe head to that safe zone they spoke of on the radio?" Edith was beginning to worry as she looked out the window on the second floor hallway. She watched as the Walkers staggered by on the streets.

Mark shook his head, "If the military hasn't done anything to help us no one will. If there's one thing that I've learned since the start of this problem, it infects people quickly and in moments they are rising from the dead. Logically heading into a safe zone would be a huge risk."

"They can protect us there!" Edith tried to reason.

"What about the decayers, those things don't feel pain and if one person happens to have this infection or disease, whatever it is, the rest could catch it!"

Edith thought about his words and it was all becoming logical to her, "So our best chance is to head in the opposite direction then right?"

"Right," he answered.

She nodded, "If we're to survive this, we need to leave soon before it's too late." She looked out the outside the window from the second story hallway, watching the decayers stumble by or feast upon a victim.

"We need to stock up on clothes, blankets, food, perishables. Basically anything you think we'll need and more," he came up beside her and looked out over the bodies and roaming decayers, "We should be out of her sooner than later. Those things are multiplying."

2 Months later…

Edith could hear the moaning and groaning outside the garage door and she was frightened. Although they hadn't alerted the decayers to their presence yet, she could still hear them roaming and dragging their feet upon the ground.

"We have everything?"

"I've put as much stuff as the car would hold," she answered as she opened the door of the car quietly not to alert anything early.

"Alright, the second I activate that switch over there by the door, we need to get in the car quickly." Mark made his way over to the door, stood next to it, waiting for Edith's nod.

With a deep breath she nodded and quickly opened the passenger door slamming it shut and locking it, while Mark pressed the button for the door and ran for the driver's seat.

Shoving the key into the ignition the vehicle revved to life and he as he drove forward he dodge a few decayers before reaching the street.

"Looks like it's just the two of us now," he said in a grim expression, watching a decayer, who was once his neighbor next door, pass by.

"Looks like it," Edith answered back.

2 Months 2 days later…

"Why don't we stop here at the pit stop, get some food and hopefully gas," Edith offered, pointing off to the side of the road, "It looks safe enough."

Marc looked at the gas meter with a grimace, noticing the dial at a quarter of a tank, "Yeah the vehicle's going to need gas for soon or we'll be walking soon. Gas pumps won't work however but I'm betting we could achieve some by taking it out of the cars over there. Just need to find some tubing." He pulled himself out of the vehicle, observing for any movement and headed into the gas station to look for some materials to attain gas.

Edith had slowly made her way out of the vehicle as well to stretch and observe the area. Across the road in the distance she could make out the silhouettes of staggering bodies. None of which headed in their direction, luckily.

When a sudden nervous feeling came through her she heading back inside the vehicle where she felt safe.

Suddenly there was some crashing coming from inside the store and then Marc tumbled out the front door, supplies in hand, hurrying towards the vehicle, "I got what I could get¸ turns out most the store's been looted."

"What was all the crashing about?" Edith mentioned and Marc facial expression changed.

"Oh yeah, I hit one of those post card racks on the way out," he started the engine before continuing on and then looked back at her, "Don't worry, I'm fine."

"What about our gas situation?"

"Somebody already took the gas in those vehicles."

Edith was about to call him out as she never even seen him try and get gas but she quickly decided against it.

Few hours later…

"You're not looking too good, Marc. Maybe I should drive?"

Marc pulled the car over to the shoulder getting out while Edith climbed over the center console and into the driver's seat. When they were both settled into position she continued their drive. Marc had moved his chair back and lounged comfortably.

"I'm going to sleep; hopefully I'll feel better later to continue driving."

Edith nodded and looked at the gas gauge, few more hours of driving and they would be running dry, but she didn't want to bother Mark with the fact. They could just pick up some more when they found the next set of cars.

1 Hour later…

Edith heard him wake; breathing erratic and irregular and she looked over towards him. With a gasp she swerved, stopping short of the ditch and turning off the car in one fluid motion, "Marc?" His face was sunken in, flesh stretched in most places.

She seen the same condition on Peter, but she ignored the fact.

His mouth began moving in a weird way and at that moment as her heart pump blood into her ears, she noticed the bite mark upon his arm for the first time.

Then his eyes opened.