Second Chances - Chapter 2

Aria just got to car park. She couldn't see Ezra after having a daydream about him. It was like yesterday day when she was having fun with him. He wasn't her teacher anymore, but why did Wes have to mention he had a son. She was very happy with Ezra before his brother let it slip that he supposedly got a girl pregnant back in high school. Was she not important enough to tell that he got a girl pregnant back in high school? Was it because she was young not be able to handle the fact that her older boyfriend had a kid?


Aria fell sick at Noel's party. Using Ezra against her. who did he think he was using sex against her. He was just an arsehole. Was she drunk when she thought he was attractive and had a huge crush on him in middle school.

"Hey can you come and pick me up?" Aria asked while talking on the phone.

"Sure who's this?"

"Aria, Ezra's girlfriend" Aria asked confused.

"Oh Ok its me Wes"

"Ezra's brother? what are you doing with Ezra's phone?"

"He left it in the apartment" Wes said.

"Ok can you come and get me?"

"Yeh sure, just give me five minutes"

Once Wes reached Noel's., Aria jumped into the car. shattered after the party after Noel practically blackmailed her into telling if she's had sex with Ezra, it was none of his freaking business if she's had sex with him or not. He could probably be jealous cause she's making love to her boyfriend and not him I bet he can't get it up and that makes him so sexually frustrated and he has to annoy Aria cause of it. Back to the car ride with Wes, She was telling him that the Fitzgerald family were hostile. When he let's it slip that Ezra had got a girl pregnant in high school. he told me that he only had sex with Jackie , who is a complete cow by the way. It doesn't make sense, sure she didn't tell him all the things that 'A' did.

"What no way are you sure" Aria asked

"Yes , that's what my mum told me, when she came to visit me" Wes said

"Oh I can't believe this" Aria said stubbornly.

(Flashback Ends)

She was in the middle of getting in her car when the car door hit. It was a guy that she had never seen before. He was like Ezra same build but he had green eyes. He had a great smile even though she had just seen him for a minute. He had brown hair, it was lighter than Ezra's.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there"

"Oh it's ok and you are?" the guy asked.


"My Name is Jake, I just moved here and I'm gonna be attending Rosewood High tomorrow morning"

"Cool, We'll both be in the same year then?" Aria asked

"Yeh" Jake said smiling. He had a great smile but it was nowhere near as cute as Ezra's face when he was smiling. 'Don't think about Ezra right now' she said to herself smiling at the boy who was going to be attending her school tomorrow.

"Would you like to go out sometime?"

"Yeah sure" Aria said while getting into her car. Jake had just kissed her cheek.

Ezra just came out of the school to find that there was a boy there kissing Aria's cheek. I guess she's already moving on. Ezra sighed. He needed Aria back in his life, she made it complete. Ezra saw that Aria was smiling, she must feel happy that she got a date with someone her one age. He couldn't complain, he thought to himself that if Malcolm turned out to not be his, Him and Aria could get back on track before they found out about Malcolm. Aria would have never got so upset. He got into his car and drove off.

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