Second Chances - Chapter 3

(Arias P.O.V)

I felt happy that some one my own age was asking me I haven't went out on a date in ages so this was the first one. Jake was a nice guy but I couldn't help but think I was moving on too fast for someone coming out of a year and a half relationship. I turned round to see Ezra standing there, looking upset. He must have seen Jake kiss my cheek. It was still warm where his lips had touched my cheek but it was nothing like ezra's kisses on my cheek. I missed Ezra so much , missed his shoe-box apartment missed getting Chinese take-out because he couldn't cook. I felt myself smiling at that thought. He really was a rubbish cook but I never told him that, I always said he was a good cook. He knew that I was joking around.


Aria entered the apartment to find Ezra in the kitchen cooking. He was trying to make Vegan Vegatable Fajitas but he burned the vegetables.

"What have you done now?" Aria asked, laughing when she saw Ezra frowning at the burnt vegetables.

"Don't make fun Aria" Ezra said while point the utensil at her.

"I can make fun of you if I want" Aria said, sticking her tongue out.

Aria started to walk to the couch before two strong arms grabbed her waist.

"Ezra, stop it" Aria said with puppy dogged eyes.

"Okay" Ezra said, giving her a peck on the lips.

"So I'm guessing we're getting take-out?" Aria asked while going to the fridge , She went pass the burnt vegetables and scrunched her nose at the smell of them, it was rotten. The Chinese came and they settled on the couch to watch a movie while they ate. Partway through the movie, Ezra found that Aria had fallen asleep so he lifted her up bridal style to take her to bed. She began to stir so he quietly sang "Happiness." She stopped stirring and Ezra changed her into one of his baggy t-shirts that Aria usually wore to bed. Ezra got into his boxers and slid into bed next to her, wrapping his arms around her little body. Ezra fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

(flashback ends)

I was really nervous about my date with Jake what if it doesn't go well , what if i muck it up. I heard my phone going of "One way or Another" by One Direction was playing, I'll admit i have a soft spot for the English boy band. My fave is Liam he's so gorgeous. I saw them last year when they came her. Me and Spencer have a soft heart unlike Hanna & Emily who like bands like 30 seconds to mars and Paramore. I loved singing to "The Only exception" by them. It is my favourite song of theirs. I secretly have a female crush on Hayley Williams.

"Aria! Jake's Here" my dad shouted up the stairs.

"I'm just finishing getting ready" Aria shouted back while getting on her earrings. I was wearing a back diamond lace belted sleeveless skater dress, I had on black stilettos , My make up was natural. I checked the mirror before i went out my room and down the stairs, to my surprise Jake looked gorgeous, He was wearing a plain white t-shirt which showed off his abs. Omg he was absolutely gorgeous. ok Aria get a hold of yourself now. I couldn't stop smiling at him He had on jeans.

"Hi Jake" I said shyly, when did I get shy.

"Hello Aria , you look really nice" Jake said , I blushed.

"So do you" I said , I would've swore I saw a slight blush.

"Be back before 12" My dad said while we were walking out the door.

I got into his car and he drove us to a restaurant, we went into the restaurant and ordered myself a salad while he ordered a cheeseburger with fries. We talked for ages before going through the park. It was nice going to a public place without worrying about people staring at me cause I was out with an older man. but this felt nice we walked hand in hand throughout the park suddenly i bumped into someone


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