Second Chances - Chapter 3

Date with Jake Part 2

Previously on Second Chances.

Suddenly I bumped into someone.


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"Aria" Ezra said. I glared at him for a minute.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to bump into you here, what are you doing here?" I asked unknown what his answer to me was gonna be.

"Oh I'm just here with Malcolm and we were going to get ice cream , what are you doing here" Ezra said while grabbing on to his hand.

"Oh I'm just here with-"

"Jake Mathews, it's nice to meet you, what's you name" Jake said while reaching out and shaking Ezra's hand.

"Hi Jake" Ezra said.

Suddenly i felt sick so i covered my mouth and went running to the nearest toilet. omg i needed to go and see a doctor for this tummy bug, it couldn't be.. omg no way. no wonder. I went into my bag and found unused towels, there's no way i could be pregnant with Ezra's baby. There was no way. I was on the pill when we did it. I can't remember when i last took the pill must have been after Ezra and I broke up. I don't remember taking the pill the last time me and Ezra had sex. I went back over to Ezra and Jake.

"I'm just gonna head on home, i don't feel well. Can you take me home Jake please" I asked Jake nicely.

"Okay then Bye Ezra , It was nice to meet you"

"Bye Ezra"

I was in the car, suddenly "Happiness" came on the radio. I tried to fight off the tears but they kept on coming. I was pregnant with Ezra's baby. I reached my house and ran inside. I quickly said bye to Jake then i quickly got in my car and drove to the nearest pharmacy to get a pregnancy test and i went home and opened it up and took the test it only read one thing


"Shit" I said to myself.

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