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The clack of the crutch on the floor echoed through the basement that was the temporary quarters for Fairy Tail. In the corner, unconscious, were the members of Phantom Lord that had been instructed to kidnap Lucy. As an added precaution their wrists had been bound with magic locking shackles. Last thing they wanted was for them to attack them off guard.

Their intended target was still asleep but not due to Mystogan's magic. The assault she had suffered had drained her of most of her magical energy and both the other members of Fairy Tail had decided to allow her to rest for as long as necessary. "How is she?" asked Natsu as he took a seat, Mystogan currently looking over the newest member of the guild.

"She will be fine," he diagnosed. "There isn't much we can do for her at the moment other than to allow her to rest." Walking away from the table that was being used as a makeshift bed, Mystogan went via the bar to grab a couple of drinks for both himself and Natsu. "It would seem that quite a bit has occurred since last I was here, given the fact that we must converse here."

"Yea, I kinda helped destroy the guild," said Natsu sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I imagine you enjoyed yourself," said Mystogan as he removed the garments covering his face, showing an identical face to the man who sat as apart of the Magic Council and amongst the company of the Ten Wizard Saints. The appearance didn't surprise Natsu, Mystogan having trusted that the crippled mage would keep his secret safe.

"I fought another Dragon Slayer," said Natsu proudly. "I even held my own for most the fight until the structure started to give way. Next thing I knew I woke up in hospital."

"Not an uncommon occurrence then," said Mystogan with a small smile as he sipped at his drink. "From what I saw of your fight against your two opponents on the street it would seem your training is starting to pay off and your magical core is continuing to grow."

"Of course I'd keep training! I still need to show Erza..." Natsu didn't get to finish his statement as he began to cough violently the glass that had been in his hand getting splashed with small droplets of blood.

"I'd suggest returning to the hospital but I know you won't listen," said Mystogan as he finished his drink and got to his feet. "I trust you to look after these two until the rest of the guild returns."

"Leaving already?" asked Natsu after some deep breaths in order to get his breathing back on track.

"Of course. Phatom have made their move. While I may not be able to partake in the vanguard I can still add to this war," said Mystogan as he put on his mask. "Until we meet again, Natsu."

"Next time we meet I'll be ready to fight you," declared Natsu boldly, earning a chuckle from the S ranked mage as he made his exit. Of course with his leaving, the magic he had ensnared their prisoners with vanished.

"Non non non, with a non of three I request to know where I am," said Monsieur Sol as he came into consciousness.

"Juvia's head feels funny," said the water mage, referring to herself in the third person context.

"Hey guys," said Natsu jovially, waving at them from his seat.

"You!" shouted Monsieur Sol as he leapt to his feet before trying to cast a spell. It was roughly at that moment when he noticed that his wrists were bound by chain and he couldn't feel his magic. "Non non non, what is this?"

"Juvia cannot feel her magic," she stated.

"That's the point," said Natsu as he grabbed his crutch and stood up. His slow rhythmic steps towards the prisoners filled them with dread. "Don't worry, I'm not a bully, I won't hurt you when you can't fight back. Unless of course you don't answer my questions. Now, down to business."

"What did you want with my friend!"


The Phantom Lord guild was filled with the heavy presence of terror and dread. They had just received news that Juvia and Monsieur Sol—some of their most powerful wizards—had been defeated by two Fairy Tail wizards.

"How could this happen?"

"Send me out! I'll be sure to kick their teeth in!"

"You? Ha! Don't make me laugh!"

"You got something to say? Huh?!"

Above the bickering dark mages, a looming figure watched from a balcony, leaning against the railing. Tall and muscular and dressed in dark clothing, the man had thick and spiked raven hair that cascaded haphazardly around his scarred shoulders. A horrific grin pulled back his lips, exposing large and too-sharp teeth.

Crimson eyes burning brightly, the man heaved himself over the railing and landed with a thud, his heavy, metal-studded boots making his steps ominous as he made his way towards the bar. He sat down heavily, shoving a handful of metal scraps into his mouth.

"Gajeel-san! Are you going to fight them? Take me with you!"

The Dragon Slayer growled deeply, turning slowly to glare at the offending man. He wasn't much to look at—his clothes were stained and his skin was caked with dirt and grime, and he had some sort of expectant, disgusting smirk on his face.

Gajeel's snarl morphed into a rough grin, and then a metal-encased arm was reaching out and pinning the man to the opposite wall with a painful thud.

"Am I going out, you say? Huh?!" The looming man leaned close, unnaturally sharp teeth bared as his ruby eyes blazed. When the man did nothing but stutter in fear, Gajeel dropped him and the terrified man let out a sigh of relief at being spared the Dragon's wrath.

A cry of pain rang out as an iron-toed boot collided with the man's ribs, and a threatening crack echoed through the guild hall.

Gajeel grinned widely, a demonic chuckle rumbling in the back of his throat. "You think you can come with me? You can't even take a broken rib or two?" As if to emphasize his point, the Dragon Slayer kicked the man into the air and punched him, slamming his head into the wall. "Huh?! You're nothing but a weak little maggot!"

Nearby, the abused man's comrades backed away. "The master put him in charge?"

"You got a problem with that?" Gajeel rounded on his heel, murderous intent flashing in his eyes. A ripple spread across his body, hinting at the metal scales beneath his skin as his sharpened teeth were bared in a vicious snarl.

Before the man could stutter out a response, Gajeel moved in a flash and was balancing effortlessly on the balcony rail. A haze of overwhelmingly powerful magic surrounded his body, further terrifying his guild mates.

"So what if those good-for-nothing losers Juvia and Sol lost to those maggot-faeries? That just proves they were weak! So long as I'm here, those pathetic little Faeries are gonna go running home crying for their mommies and daddies."

"Yeah! We won't lose so long as we have Gajeel with us!"

"Those Fairy Tail maggots won't know what hit them!"

"We were fools to doubt our power!"

"Phantom Lord is all-powerful!"

At that moment, the heavy scent of ozone filled the air. Without warning, there was a flash of light and extreme heat, and then the large wooden doors at the front of the hall exploded in an eruption of magic.

Out of the rubble, a large blonde man moved with a dark purpose. Power flowed off of him, surges of electricity that had everyone's hair standing on end. An air of barely concealed rage and other violent emotions writhed in the cloud of overwhelming magic that surrounded his enormous body, and his hands were clenched into fists at his sides as he moved slowly and deliberately to the center of the room. The magic flowing around him had the less-powerful mages wavering on their feet, shocked and frightened at the sheer power that filled the man's aura.

Laxus Dreyar stopped in the middle of the room, unfazed by the wizards surrounding him and brandishing their weapons. His amber eyes surveyed the room, locking onto each wizard that dared to approach him. His grin vanished as quickly as it had appeared, and his sharp, too-large teeth gleamed in the lighting of the room as his lips curled back in a furious snarl.

"Where is Gajeel?"


"Are you alright?" asked Natsu noticing Lucy's shoulders slump ever so slightly after he explained the situation to her. Honestly he couldn't be surprised by her response, having just been informed that her father had actually hired mages to drag her home kicking and screaming; it would have been troubling had she reacted any differently.

He had gotten the information he was after, somehow without having to resort to extracting teeth and was disheartened by the news he was given. He had mulled over the intel for several hours while waiting for Lucy to awaken from her exhaustion fueled slumber. This of course had meant that for a while he had had to play housekeeper for the two prisoners. It would seem in some form of twisted irony they had suffered much more from his cooking expertise than they would have had he simply beat them up.

"It's just...a lot to take in," said Lucy slowly before her gaze shifted to the two prisoners whom she had fought against. Standing up on wobbly legs, she steadied herself before making her way over to where they were sitting.

"Juvia will accept whatever punishment you deem necessary," said the water mage as she looked at the ground, seemingly ashamed of her actions.

"I won't punish you," said Lucy surprising the two members of Phantom Lord. "You were doing as you were instructed, I can't fault you for that. Sure your methods were a little...harsh, perhaps next time try and find a different way. Maybe explaining the situation as opposed to just trying to kidnap me, you know."

"Non, non, non, you are too kind," wept Monsieur Sol.

"Juvia agrees, perhaps one day Juvia could call you a friend."

"...Okay," said Lucy having not expected either response from her attackers. Before their conversation could continue and the buds of friendship could bloom, the door to the hideout burst open revealing the rest of the guild looking significantly sombre.

"What happened?" asked Natsu as Laxus stepped through. Before he said anything to explain the situation he smashed his fist into the wall, his attack indenting the surface as spiderweb

-like cracks spread in all directions. Natsu remained silent as the rest of the guild funnelled in, many sporting cuts, burns and bruises.

"We destroyed them," seethed Laxus through gritted teeth. "They got the last laugh however."

"How?" asked Natsu.

"Gramps magic is gone."


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