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Once upon a time there was a young lady named Hinata. Hinata was loading up a basket of goodies to take to her granny Chiyo's house. She put on her red cloak and started out the door.

'Stay on the path, and don't talk to strangers' her mother yelled.

'Yes mum' she chirped, happily skipping down the garden path.

As she walked through the forest, a royal blue wolf suddenly jumped in front of her.

'Hello little girl, where are you off to?' he asked in his most charming voice.

'I'm delivering goodies to my granny' she replied happily, 'oh blueberries' Hinata quickly strayed from the path to pick them, while Sasuke (the wolf) thought Hinata and her granny would make a great treat.

With Sasuke

While Hinata picked blueberries Sasuke ran straight to granny Chiyo's house. He easily broke in and located the old lady, he sneaked up behind her, intending to tie her when she suddenly spun around clocked him in the jaw.

Sasuke stumbled back slightly, clearly not expecting the old fossil to take a swing at him.

'Just because I'm an old lady that doesn't mean I won't give up without a fight' she declared raising her fists.

Sasuke couldn't believe what he was seeing.

'Bring it you old bag of bones' he sneered and he came at her again.

After a good half hour Sasuke finally had the women tied up, gagged and locked in the closet, she really put up a good fight; Sasuke was still limping slightly from where she kicked in the jewels.

He donned a night gown and bonnet (*Giggle* Can you just picture it XP) and scrambled into the bed. A few minutes later a soft tapping at the door alerts him to Hinata's arrival.

'Come in' he called in his best little old lady voice.

Hinata opened the door and walked in, making a beeline for the bed.

'Hi granny, my, what big eyes you have' she said innocently.

'All the better to see you with, my dear' Sasuke replied smoothly.

'Why granny, what big ears you have' Hinata said edging closer to the bed.

'All the better to hear you with my dear' he said.

'Why what big teeth you have' she gasped.

'All the better to eat you with my dear' Sasuke declared removing the disguise and he moved to attack her, at the last second the skilled (and handsome) huntsmen Suigetsu came crashing through the window.

'Finally found you' he said raising his executioner's blade.

'Crap' was the last thing Sasuke said because he promptly bolted from the house with Suigetsu running after him swinging that blade like a madman.

Hinata was just staring after them in shock when the closet door burst open revealing a very pissed off granny Chiyo.

'Where is that flea bitten mongrel!' she roared once Hinata removed her gag.

'The huntsmen is chasing him granny' said Hinata helping the old lady up.

'Good I hope he chops him in half' she mumbled settling herself in a chair 'come, now let's eat'.

So Hinata and her granny had a fine feast while Suigetsu spent the better half of his time chasing down Sasuke and practically neutering him, looks like he'll have to rely on Itachi for future generations.

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