After it All...

Katniss kissed her baby boy on the head and he giggled slightly. Behind her, a dark haired girl whacked Katniss and ran away. Playfully, Katniss charged at the little girl and laughed as she felt her hair fall into her fingers. Katniss touched noses with her, then giggled slightly. In the room, the baby boy began to cry. Quickly, a man ran to go get him. Katniss smirked at the handsome man, then said to her little girl that watched Katniss kindly, "Do you wanna go scare daddy, Prim? Do you?" The little girl laughed hard and giggled playfully. "Let's go," she whispered. "Be quiet now."

Prim stalked up to the room, watching her father lay the baby boy in bed. Prim smiled at Katniss, then got into a leaping position. Then, Prim leaped up to the man, going on his back immediately. The man, known as Peeta, roared playfully, attempting to pull her off. Katniss came in, leaning against the doorway as he threw her in the air, catching her once she fell. Katniss smirked again, watching Peeta's muscles flex then go back. Prim screamed joyfully, then jumped down to her mother again. Peeta grinned and asked, "Did your mother make you do this? Did your mother disturb River and I?" River was the boy's name.

Katniss looked at Prim, shaking her head. Prim grinned cheerfully and crossed her arms. She put her two front teeth over her lip and spoke, "Noooo."

"Oh yeah," Peeta itched the back of his head. "I guess I can tickle you because it was YOUR idea!"

Screaming cheerfully, Prim tried to run away, only to be picked up and tickled by Peeta. Katniss joined in, grabbing Peeta's arm. In the crib, Katniss heard River giggling as he watched the three fight each other in a playful way. Katniss grabbed River and threw him up, catching him. She tickled him saying, "And you thought you were getting away with this, River! Ha! Never!"

As they played, Katniss heard the doorbell ring. She said she'll be back then went to the front door of her home. Peeking through the peep hole, Katniss saw two men. They were new to the Mockingjay Headquarters, which was a place where the Capitol used to hold the Panem leaders. Now, Katniss was one of the leaders, and was the president. The two men that came by the door were assistants. Basically agents that kept the Panem, now called the Memory, safe. Once Katniss opened the front door, he man in the suit with the purple tie said, "We have to do something to the Capitol. Millions of them are protesting in the Quarters." The Quarters were like Districts; therefore, there were four of them and they kept the Capitol in them.

"Quarter One has killed many Agents, Katniss," the man with the purple tie tapped his ear. He whispered quietly, "Some have even raided the Mockingjay Headquarters and almost killed some leaders. Katniss, we need to send them to a game like the Hunger Games. There are so many of them, and we need to take down a few. For everyone's sake, please do this. Also, we need you to cut down their food and property. With that, we need to plan a game for them. The Mockingjay Headquarters Hunger Games will have to begin again."

"Let us plan this later," Katniss narrowed her eyes. "Later later. Like, when my youngest child turns ten. I am pretty sure it will only get a little bit worse by then. If it doesn't, we shall attack them for the sake of the Mockingjay Headquarters. I will see you two soon. Don't bother me unless there is something to be bother by. Got that, Mr. Glock and Mr. Sherly?"

"Yes ma'am," they both echoed. Then, they went off to their silver car, alone.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Silent's Screams here! I am telling you the story where Katniss is going to have to bring the Capitol to their fate. About a hundred kids will be sent to the New Hunger Games, known as the Capitol's Destruction. It is basically revenge on the Capitol for all they have done and a stop to their fighting and rallying on the streets of the Mockingjay Headquarters. Katniss now has to decide the fate of the Capitol, which might be the biggest challenge in the whole world of the Memory.