il suo amore

Disclaimer: I don't own the Simpsons they belong to matt Groening

Warnings: Slash yaoi boyxboy lemons and all that jazz

Chapter one

Bart woke up with a shout of happiness, the other day his enemy Robert Terwilliger AKA sideshow bob was sent to prison again


Bart watched as Bob was hauled into the back of the police car yelling with rage

"DAMN YOU BART SIMPSON I'LL KILL YOU YET!" Bart just laughed as he jumped onto his skateboard and mutters under his breath

"not likely."

~~back to present~~

Bart danced around his room with glee for a good few minutes until his mom yelled up

"Bart time to get ready for church!" he groaned loudly, they hated him at the church, not only for not paying attention but because he was gay... Yup Bart Simpson is gay. He came out a few years back after he realized he was in love with his best friend millhouse. He father of course strangled him, Lisa was ok with it, she kept saying she knew he was, and marge was just disappointed.

"But mom they hate me at the church!" he yelled back down. Marge just yelled back

"too bad now come on!" Bart sighed angrily and got dressed. He snickered as he threw on a shirt that said 'Gay Pride' oh Reverend Lovejoy was going to flip out at that, he finished dressing putting on black skinny jeans and converse sneakers, and running a comb through his hair. He grabbed his iPod and stuck it in his pocket while running down stairs.

"Finally you're ready!" marge said half impatiently half happily. He just rolled his eyes, putting in his headphones as he walked to the car. He turned on lady gaga and sat down as they drove to the church.