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Innocent Feelings

1. Blush


It happened for the first time on the second week after Gohan got in her class. During his first week, they had kind of become friends, even though Videl kept getting the feeling that he wasn't being completely truthful, but no physical contact was made.

On the second week, however, while they were playing baseball in PE, they had reached for a rolling ball at the same time and their hands touched. Gohan had straightened up so fast she hardly saw his movement, but she did see very well how beet-red his face had gotten. He was blushing furiously and stuttering an apology, and even Videl had to admit – he looked adorable. She was, however, a little confused by his strong reaction, so after PE, she decided to touch his hand again, to see if he would react the same way.

So, as they were talking and walking together back to class, with Erasa and Sharpner walking ahead of them, Videl "accidentally" brushed his hand with hers. As she suspected, he gulped audibly, his face flaring up even as he tried to look as if nothing had happened. She thought it was kind of cute that Gohan would blush every time he had physical contact with a girl, and assumed he was just really shy, given that he'd been homeschooled his whole life.

But then some time later, a girl from their class was openly flirting with him by his locker – even going as far as touching his arm! But… to Videl's surprise – Gohan didn't blush. He didn't even seem to notice the girl's advances. He acted like it was just a friendly conversation, and soon enough the girl gave up and left, obviously frustrated. Videl was confused. Why didn't Gohan blush like usual? Maybe he got used to being around girls and overcame his shyness or something… Yeah, that probably was the reason.

From there, Videl stopped thinking about it and focused back to unmasking Satan City's new superhero, the Great Saiyaman. She would chase him around the city with her jetcopter, corner him to pry information out of him, and even jump at his helmet to try and unmask him. Of course, with the man's super powers, all of her attempts had been futile.

One day, however, the blushing thing with Gohan happened again. After class, she had noticed that he had forgotten his math book, so Videl brought it to him while he was, strangely enough, heading for the roof. As she handed it to him, their hands brushed, and Gohan blushed deep red instantly, leaving in a rush while throwing a "see you tomorrow!" over his shoulder.

And again, Videl was confused.

She had thought that he had just been really shy with girls at first, but that now he'd gotten used to being around members of the opposite sex. But that wasn't it, apparently, as any physical contact with her seemed to make him blush every time. It seemed to work only with her.

Did that mean… Could it be that Gohan…?

She felt heat rush to her face at the thought. Did Gohan like her? It would certainly explain why he blushed every time they touched. Now that she thought about it, he was always nervous around her, and she had caught him looking at her quite a few times too. It made sense.

Gohan liked her.

Following this discovery, Videl found it hard to look at Gohan without blushing a little. She admitted to herself that he was handsome. Plus, he was kind, smart, caring, sweet, funny, fun to hang out with… and he liked her. Not because she was famous, or because of who her dad was. He genuinely liked her, for who she was.

If it weren't for her father's rule of "no boy can date my daughter unless he's stronger than me", she figured she wouldn't have minded going out with Gohan. But the boy wasn't a fighter; she'd seen him take a punch to the face, only to crash into a pile of boxes back when she was still suspecting him to be the Great Saiyaman. That incident had definitely changed her mind about it.

As time went on however, things only got worse for Videl – she began to develop a crush on the boy. She tried to persuade herself that it was just a stupid little crush, that it would go away soon enough, but the more time she spent with Gohan, the more smitten she found herself to be.

It had been almost two months since Gohan started high school now, and Videl's feelings for the boy still didn't go away, only growing stronger it seemed. She was telling herself that she wouldn't make a move on him because of her father, but in truth, she could just date Gohan behind his back. No, the real reason was that she was scared.

Videl Satan, scared to be in a relationship. Now wasn't that just rich…

As she walked home after school, the girl's thoughts kept going back to Gohan. His adorable, sometimes silly smiles, his handsome, naive eyes, the way he scratched the back of his head when he was nervous or embarrassed, or just confused… his gentle expression when he looked at her sometimes, and of course, how cute he looked when he blushed.

She didn't realize she was crossing the street on a red light until she heard the loud shrill of a horn. Turning her head, she saw a truck failing to break as it headed towards her at astonishing speed. It was going to be too late she realized; even if she tried, she wouldn't be fast enough to avoid it. Momentarily frozen, she was jostled by a sharp jerk at her arm, and the next thing she knew – she slammed against something… hard. But it wasn't the truck, for she heard it behind her as it sped right past her. Blinking, Videl realized that she was wrapped against someone's chest; a male somebody, one who was evidently tall for she barely reached his shoulders. Blushing slightly at their position, she looked up to face and possibly thank her savior, only…

She was met with Gohan's concerned eyes.

"Are you okay Videl? You really gave me a scare just now…"

Surprisingly, the first thought that crossed her mind was:

He's not blushing…

Snapping out of it, she answered his question. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks to you," she added with a grateful smile.

Gohan flushed intensely all of a sudden, as if he'd just realized the position they were in. Immediately, he stepped back from her, avoiding her gaze while awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

Guess I didn't have to wait long, she thought with an amused smile. He looked so cute when he blushed like that, and the fact that she was the only one who could make him so nervous and flustered was quite enticing. Feeling a little devious, she decided to tease him slightly.

Moving closer to him, her chest inches apart from his, she peered up at his face and touched his arm, pulling her best innocent look. He got even redder, gulping loudly as beads of sweat rolled down his face. Inwardly, she smirked.

"Are you okay, Gohan? Your face is all red…" she said in a concerned voice, even though she knew very well that she was the reason he was blushing so much.

"Y-Yeah, I'm g-good," he stuttered uneasily. She then reached up, touching his forehead as Gohan kept getting redder, his eyes slightly wide as he stared at her.

"Your face is burning," she said quietly. She wondered if it was such a good idea to tease him – his face looked just about ready to burst.

"I-I'm fine Videl, really," he insisted, though his breathing was getting heavier too.

Am I having that much of an effect on him? She silently wondered, still looking up at his flushed face. Gohan looked away.

"Um… Vi… Videl?" he called in an unusually high-pitched voice, looking more and more nervous.


"Y-You're… Um… You're really c-close… I-It's… Um… It's m-making me… uncomfortable… " the boy stammered, his face as beet-red as ever. Videl cracked a smile; he looked so adorable when he was nervous. Regardless, she took a step back, deciding that she had teased him enough.

"Sorry, I didn't realize," she lied. Gohan looked back at her and smiled softly, rubbing the back of his neck as his cheeks slowly cooled down.

"Ah, it's fine. It's just… " His voice trailed off and he blushed again. Videl looked at him with curiosity, wondering what he was about to say.

"It's just, what?" she asked, urging him to go on.

"Nevermind," he said quickly, shaking his head as if to clear his mind. "I'll get going then. Be more careful when you cross the road, okay? See you tomorrow, Videl."

He turned around and began to walk away, but the girl's voice stopped him:

"You like me, don't you?"

His heart stopped for a moment, and then it started doing a marathon in his chest, beating so fast that he felt like it was going to explode any second now. He swallowed; his back was still to her, and the teen wasn't sure he was ready to face her now. How did she find out? Was he really that obvious?

Gohan breathed in deeply, gathering some courage. He didn't want to lie to her, not this time, not about his feelings. For once, he wanted to be honest with Videl.

"Yes," he replied. Then, he turned around to face her; she was blushing, her eyes wide with surprise. She probably didn't expect him to confirm it, he figured.

"Yes," he repeated, with more confidence. "I do like you."

Time seemed to stand still as the two stared at each other. They weren't aware of the busy streets around them; it was like the world went mute. Slowly, Videl stepped towards Gohan, not breaking eye contact. Her hand found his much larger one, intertwining their finger; she cracked a smile when the tall boy blushed again, glancing down at their joined hands before looking back at her.

"I didn't expect you to admit it," she said honestly. "I thought you were going to deny it."

"I figured as much," he chuckled softly, using his free hand to scratch the back of his head. "But I… I didn't want to lie. I'm terrible at it anyway."

Videl grinned at this: she could only agree. "Yeah, you sure are."

They stayed silent for a time, still gazing into each other's eyes and smiling. Although Videl didn't verbally accept his feelings, Gohan felt light-hearted. He'd begun developing feelings for her quite fast, and had been trying to hide it for the past several weeks. Obviously, he didn't do such a good job, but now he couldn't care less. Videl was holding his hand, she was smiling at him, she wasn't pushing him away. She may have not said it out loud, but even as clueless as he usually was, Gohan knew that she wasn't rejecting him.

Nonetheless, he needed her to confirm it. He needed to make sure that he wasn't just imagining things, that he actually had a chance with her. He needed to hear her say it.

He flushed at the thought of asking her bluntly, but he couldn't really think of another way to bring it up. So, gathering his courage, and trying not to stutter, Gohan asked:

"Does that mean… Um… Do you feel the same way…?"

A pink hue covered her cheeks as she looked away shyly – an expression Gohan rarely saw on her, if ever, but one he wished he could see more often. He really liked that cute side of her.

"Well… Um… I… "

Gohan chuckled as her face got redder. Well, he wasn't the one stuttering and blushing for once. And he could really get used to this side of Videl.

She bit her lip in hesitation – something the Son boy thought looked absolutely adorable. Acting on impulse, he lifted her chin to make her look at him, smiling softly when he met her eyes.

She looked away again, her face growing hotter, and leaned in to bury her face in his chest. She sighed in frustration while Gohan wrapped one arm around her, his other hand still holding hers – giving it a light squeeze.

"Do I really need to say it? It's embarrassing," she complained, keeping her blushing cheeks hidden against his chest. He chuckled, feeling his face heat up as he dared bury it in her neck, relishing her beautiful scent.

"I guess you don't," he whispered softly, unknowingly making her shiver as his breath brushed her skin. "But I would like to hear you say it."

She stayed silent, and Gohan couldn't help feeling disappointed, figuring that she was too embarrassed to tell him how she felt. He really wished she would, though.

His arm tightened around her suddenly.

"I really like you, you know," he said softly. His heart began racing in his chest and his face heated up some more as he kept going, "So, um… since you didn't reject me… Um… " He trailed off, and Videl pulled away slightly to look at him. Her eyes grew slightly wider as she realized what he wanted to ask her. Not looking away, the girl bit her lip, waiting for him to continue. She could feel her face become hotter and hotter as his expression softened.

Somehow, gazing at her beautiful eyes soothed him, and Gohan smiled as the words escaped his lips with surprising ease.

"Will you go out with me?"

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