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9. Sunday


The weather was somewhat cloudy, but hopefully it wasn't going to worsen during the day. Videl didn't know what Gohan had planned for their date today, whether they would be indoor or outdoor, but either way she hoped it wasn't going to rain. Though it was supposed to be romantic or whatever, to be caught in the rain with the person you liked, Videl would rather stay dry thank you very much.

She glanced at her watch. There was still some time to spare before she was to meet up with him at the train station, since having Gohan come pick her up was a definite no-no. Her father still didn't know she had a boyfriend, let alone a date today, and the media hadn't gotten the info yet, thankfully. Videl fully intended to keep it that way for as long as possible.

She arranged her hair, looking at her reflection in the mirror; Erasa had insisted that she let it down for today. The bubbly blonde had also chosen the outfit she was now wearing, and Videl had to admit, Erasa had indeed managed to make it look nice while still staying practical and comfortable. She was wearing a baggy, white dress shirt, tightened around the waist with a black belt, and with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows; it fell down to her hips, and the first few buttons were left undone, showing the slightest bit of cleavage. With black leggings and her usual fighting boots, this look wasn't really all that different from what the tomboy usually wore, and yet, just adding the belt made quite a difference.

Videl had refused to wear any makeup, however, and Erasa hadn't insisted much, admitting that she didn't actually needed it, but adding that it would've brought out her natural beauty.

She felt butterflies in her stomach as she pictured Gohan's expression when he saw her. He'd most likely blush and get flustered, and the thought made Videl grin. Glancing at her watch again, Videl figured that she might as well get going. She would probably get to their meeting spot a little early, and although Gohan wasn't very famous for his punctuality, she didn't want to sit around waiting any longer. She grabbed the small purse Erasa insisted she borrowed from her and headed out of her bedroom, along the hallway, walked past many doors, and finally reached the front entrance.

She'd told a maid to inform her father that she would be out today. Hopefully he wouldn't get suspicious, but knowing her dad, Videl didn't worry much. His cluelessness was pretty convenient at times like these.

Videl walked outside, looked up at the cloudy sky and frowned slightly in worry. No rain today, alright? She silently requested.

Soon, she had climbed in her jet copter and was off. She felt nervous, her hands were sweaty on the handle. She was going to spend the whole day with Gohan. It made her happy, but at the same time she worried about stupid little things, like, what if he got tired of her? What if they ran out of things to say? What if he got bored?

She had fought her insecurities so that she could be Gohan's girlfriend, but they were still there, creeping into her head, filling it with worry and dread. They haunted her, teased her, mocked her. They wouldn't leave her alone, no matter how happy she was to be with Gohan. They would taint her glee with unnecessary concerns, making her imagine the worst.

Would they ever leave?

Shaking her head in hopes to clear her mind, Videl focused on piloting her jet copter, her eyes squinting in concentration. She was just being silly anyway. Gohan was the sweetest, most wonderful boyfriend any girl could hope for; there was no reason to worry, really. Stupid insecurities.

Soon enough, she reached her destination and landed. Her vehicle safely put away in its capsule, Videl then proceeded to walk the short distance to the main entrance of the train station.

As she began to make out a tall, familiar figure standing there, her eyebrows raised in surprise. Wow, Gohan had actually arrived early. A grin rapidly curled her lips and her pace quickened, the fluttering sensation in her stomach intensifying in anticipation and eagerness.

He turned his head towards her at the sound of her fast steps, and sure enough a wide, gentle smile spread out his lips as they eyes locked. He meet her halfway, and his hand immediately sought her smaller one, intertwining their fingers.

"Hey," he said softly, his onyx eyes beaming down at her.

"Hey," she said back, and her grin seemed to get wider.

He tucked dark tendrils behind her ear with his other hand. "You look beautiful."

Heat rushed to her face in record time, and Videl couldn't help looking sideways in embarrassment. Wasn't she supposed to be the one making him blush, not the other way around?

Glancing back at him, she then caught sight of what he was wearing, and her face burned up some more. Wow, she thought, speechless, as she stared at him. Gohan was wearing a rather tight, white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. Her suspicions of his physique turned out to be correct: Gohan was indeed quite muscular. He was lean, yet every inch of him seemed to be perfectly toned and rock-hard. His shoulders, his chest were even broader than she'd thought, and his arms… Videl swallowed, but the lump in her throat didn't go down.

Boy. Oh boy. Gohan looked hot.

She swallowed again, unable not to stare. She'd never felt this attracted to anyone before. Her hand seemed to move on its own, touching his forearm tentatively. It felt like electricity was coursing between them.

"Um… Videl?"

His hesitant voice made her look up. She met his troubled gaze. Her breath was becoming heavier, her heart was pounding madly; her face was most definitely resembling a tomato, too. Videl bit down her lip, refraining herself from doing anything too rash as she stared impatiently at his mouth.

He pulled back from her slightly, letting go of her hand and looking away in apparent embarrassment, if his flaming cheeks were any indication. He would most likely burst if he knew what, exactly, was going through her head.

"So, um…" he stammered, rubbing his tense neck. "Shall we go?"

She blinked, slowly coming to her senses. Shaking her head, Videl willed herself to focus on his handsome face, although her gaze shifted to his arms or torso every so often.

"Where to?" she asked.

He gave a mysterious smile and took her hand again, leading the way. "You like animals, right?"

She raised a skeptical eyebrow, walking with him along the street. "Uh, I guess?"

Gohan grinned at her. "I love animals. I used to play with a friendly dragon as a kid. He's got his own family now, though, so I haven't seen him in a while."

Videl blinked. "A… A dragon?"

"Yep. He was really kind and would take me flying on his back."

She blinked some more, and then cracked a smile. "Lucky you. Who wouldn't want a pet dragon?"

"Hehe, yeah," he grinned.

"So… Where are you taking me?" she asked curiously.

"Well, I'm glad you like animals," he said, his eyes twinkling in amusement, "because we're going to the zoo."

Videl raised her eyebrows, blinking some more at the taller boy, who simply kept grinning at her. That was quite an original place to go to on a date, as far as she knew. She hadn't been to the zoo in years for that matter. The last time was actually before her father became the World Champion and then the savior of the world, now that she thought about it.

She grinned back at Gohan, giving his hand a light squeeze. "Sounds good."


The wide, happy grin wouldn't leave his face, as Gohan watched Videl marveling at cute little foxes in their habitat. She looked so cute, cooing at the sleeping baby fox, obviously wishing she could go past the barrier and cuddle with it. It made him want to cuddle with her.

"If you keep looking at them like that I'm going to get jealous, you know," he joked, moving closer to his girlfriend.

"But look at this one, he's sooo cute and adorable. I want one like that," she said, not taking her eyes off the sleeping fox.

Gohan chuckled. He pulled her hand towards him then wrapped his arms around her, making her look up at him. Bright, lovely blue eyes stared back at him in amusement, and Gohan grinned.

"Feeling left out?" she teased.

"I was, as a matter of fact," he replied, playing along.

She giggled. "Don't worry, you're pretty cute and adorable, too."

His face flared up instantly, but the grin didn't leave his face. "I could tell you the same thing," he said, cupping her cheek.

She blushed brightly, and her lips parted slightly as his thumb stroked her cheek. His eyes moved down to stare at them, and Gohan felt his throat tighten. Uh-oh, this was getting dangerous. His urge to kiss her was hitting him full force, and Gohan wasn't sure he wanted to pull away this time.

Would it be so bad if he brushed her rosy, tempting lips, just a little? Gohan swallowed, cupping her face with both of his hands, his breathing becoming heavier, and his face feeling hotter. He didn't want to hold back anymore… But he'd promised himself to tell her about Saiyaman first. She had to know that it was him before they were to kiss. He couldn't take advantage of the situation like that when Videl didn't quite know who she was really dealing with. She had to know.

But… But… Her lips were so close, her short breathing so inviting, and she was visibly craving it as much as he did. Would it really be that bad if he dipped down and finally tasted her?

The lump caught in his throat swelled, making it hard to breathe. He wanted her too much. Besides… it was just a kiss. People kissed all the time; it wasn't that big of a deal, was it? He fully intended to tell her sooner than later anyway, so whether he kissed Videl now or later didn't matter that much, did it?

Her eyelids slid shut and she breathed out his name. Gohan couldn't stop anymore. He needed to kiss her, and he couldn't wait any longer. He didn't want to, either.

The tension kept building up between them as the tall boy slowly moved closer, tipping her head back a little with his hands. Her mouth was so close now, her breath was tickling his cheeks… Her hands moved to his chest, her touch, despite the fabric of his t-shirt, sending shivers along his back.

He was going to do it. He was going to kiss Videl, and he was going to do it now.

The tune of a trumpet melody suddenly sounded from the loudspeakers scattered around the zoo, and a comically formal voice announced that the dolphins' show would begin in a thirty minutes.

The moment was effectively broken, and both flustered teens found themselves wide apart and avoiding eye contact.

Gohan scratched the hair at the back of his head, distractedly looking up at the cloudy sky. Damn, that had been too close. Way too close. He really would have kissed her if it hadn't been for the interruption. Gohan knew that he had just been giving himself excuses to do it, and despite how he craved to kiss Videl, it wouldn't be right, not as long as she didn't know about his superhero persona.

Glancing at her, he swallowed hard. He really needed to hurry up and tell her, because if nothing interrupted them next time, and surely there would be a next time, he wouldn't be able to stop himself then. Perhaps he should tell her today?

But… What if it went wrong? The mere thought of it clenched his heart painfully. He didn't want to ruin their first date. And he could always tell her tomorrow at school, right? He might be making excuses again, but if things really were to go wrong when he told her, Gohan wanted to at least have one nice date with Videl. It wasn't too much to ask, was it?

"Hey um… How about we go see that dolphins' show?" he suggested, hoping to dissolve the awkwardness.

Videl nodded her head, still not looking at him, and Gohan hesitated the slightest bit before he gently grabbed her hand into his. She looked up at him then and smiled sheepishly. Gohan felt his heart melt completely. She looked so adorable and beautiful… He wished he'd already told her he was Saiyaman so that he could bend down and kiss her lips.

Letting out a resigned sigh, he cracked a smile at Videl and gave her hand a squeeze. They took their time going to the see the dolphins, looking around at the various animals on their way.

"Look, Gohan, it's a tiger! So cool," exclaimed Videl excitedly, pointing at the wild animal.

"There's some saber-toothed ones around my house," Gohan commented, grinning as Videl's eyes lit up.

"Isn't that kinda dangerous, though?" she then said, tilting her head to the side. So cute.

"Nah. They're not that close to the village," he said, chuckling.

The awkwardness between them seemed to have lifted, which Gohan was glad for. He really needed to control himself better, though. Or at least, he needed to tell her about him as soon as possible, so that he wouldn't have to hold back anymore. He honestly didn't know which one would be easiest to do.

Tomorrow, he promised himself. I'll definitely tell her tomorrow.


The sun was setting, the sky was darkening, and the zoo was closing its doors to the public. Heavy, thick clouds made the sky look even darker, hiding it completely. It could start raining any moment from the look of it, and people seemed keen to get on their way.

Gohan and Videl, however, were oblivious to it all as they followed the crowd towards the exit, hand in hand, sharing smiles and content looks.

The dolphins' show had been pretty awesome, though Gohan didn't see much of it, as he'd been mostly watching Videl's reactions throughout the performance. He had no regret, however, and had very much enjoyed himself.

They had later had lunch in one of the many food stands, and then resumed their tour around the zoo. Videl seemed to have particularly liked the snakes, lions, bears and eagles. They'd also gone back to see the tigers, which were her favorite.

"You really like predators, huh," he'd said in amusement.

"Well, they're way cooler than their prey," had replied Videl, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I like strong animals, not sissy ones."

He'd burst out laughing at that, and soon enough she joined him.

They really had a fun day together, and Gohan was glad Videl had liked the zoo. He didn't feel like going home just yet though.

"What should we do next?" asked Videl, seeming to feel the same way.

"How about dinner?" he suggested.

"What, you're still hungry after that enormous lunch earlier?" she teased, quirking an eyebrow at him. He blushed slightly.

"That was hours ago, so yes, I am pretty hungry," he said. "I'm still growing, you know. I need my food."

She grinned at him, their joined hands rocking back and forth as they walked side by side. "Then this time it's my treat. You've paid for everything today; I want to do something for you, too."

"Deal," he said, chuckling. "But don't make a habit out of it, I like treating you. Besides, it's my duty as a man to treat you to everything."

"Maybe in the last century," she countered, rolling her eyes, though her grin was getting wider.

"There's no winning against you, is there?" he said, chuckling softly.

"Nope. You better get used it, 'cause girls always win," she stated matter-of-factly, smirking at him.

He pulled her hand and wrapped his other arm around her shoulders. "I'm fine with that," he said softly. "I've already won you over. Can't ask for more."

Her face turned bright red, and Gohan chuckled, kissing her nose playfully. He pulled back then – lest he lost control again – and tugged at her hand as they resumed walking through the city streets.

"Where shall we go, then?" he asked, though Videl seemed a little too flustered to answer just yet. He blushed and grinned at the same time. Gosh, she was just so cute.

"Um… How about over there?" she suggested, pointing at the first restaurant she spotted.

"Sure," he said. "Let's go then."

Dating was so much fun.


Videl really had to wonder where the gigantic amount of food Gohan would eat on every meal disappeared to. It obviously didn't become fat, seeing as Gohan seemed to be only made of perfectly sculpted muscles. Her eyes lingered on his toned arms for a bit, smiling appreciatively at the sight.

But seriously, how fast could his metabolism be?

He was eating rather cleanly, only slightly faster than most. But there was a pile of empty plates on his side of the table, becoming steadily higher as he finished serving after serving. It was like he had a black hole for a stomach.

"You really were hungry, huh," she said, chuckling slightly. Gohan grinned sheepishly in response. "It's a wonder you don't get fat. Do you work out a lot to burn it all off?"

"Well," he started thoughtfully. "I guess I should've told you sooner. I actually do martial arts."

She paused to stare at him, the information catching her completely off guard. She definitely did not expect this answer. So, martial arts was how he'd gotten so fit, huh.

"Are you good?" was the first thing she asked.

His smile looked somewhat ironic. "You could say that. I started pretty early, though I don't train nearly as much as I used to when I was a kid."

"Why not?" she inquired curiously.

A loud craaa—ck suddenly boomed from outside, closely followed by a flash of lightning. The pair, who was seated not far from the window front, turned to look at the heavy rain that had been threatening to fall on them all day. They both blinked, then turned to each other with knowing smiles, seeming to be thinking of the same thing.

"That's some timing, huh?" said Gohan, letting out an amused chuckle.

"Tell me about it," she said, grinning at him. "It's like the rain waited until we were safely indoors to start pouring."

"I brought an umbrella anyway," he said.

Videl leaned forward and held her chin in her hand. "Well aren't you the thoughtful one."

He blushed slightly, a somewhat awkward smile on his lips. "I just didn't want to let anything ruin our date," he said softly.

Her other hand reached over to hold his own, and Videl smiled at her adorable boyfriend. She was really one lucky girl, wasn't she?

"Then you did a great job at it," she said, and her heart melted completely when his eyes softened and he smiled gently at her.

"I'm glad," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Her heart skipped a beat when he brought her hand to his lips and planted a soft kiss on her fingers. His gaze didn't leave hers for a second, and Videl felt her face burn up rapidly. The way he was looking at her… Like she was something precious, something he needed to treasure. Like she was the only one he could see, as if they were alone in the restaurant, as if it was just the two of them in the world. Like he would do anything for her, anything for her happiness…

God, was he going to kiss her already? To think they'd been so close to finally have their first kiss earlier… Hopefully, after he walked her home, he would kiss her goodbye like in those cheesy movies Erasa seemed to enjoy so much. Surely nothing would interrupt them next time, right?

The familiar, unwelcome beeping sound of her watch went off, breaking the moment, and Gohan let go of her hand to allow her to answer the call. Her finger was ready to push the button and do just that, but then Videl hesitated.

"Aren't you going to answer?" Gohan asked in confusion.

"I'm actually considering not to," she said truthfully. "I shouldn't have brought this watch with me."

"But…" Gohan bit his lower lip, looking torn. "But the police force need you. You've said yourself that they're hopeless."

"Well, they should learn to handle themselves without me," she decided, turning off the ringing and stubbornly crossing her arms across her chest. "Besides, Saiyaman's probably going to take care of everything by himself."

Gohan swallowed. No, Saiyaman wasn't going to make it and handle the crime situation because he was sitting right in front of her, and if she wasn't going to go, how was he supposed to leave and help the police instead of her?

Damn it. It would've been so much easier if he'd already told her the truth.

Maybe… Maybe now was the time?

Gohan swallowed. He should tell her now, shouldn't he? The urgency of the situation was forcing him to come clean; he couldn't possibly let the poor police officers deal with Satan City's ruthless criminals. People could get hurt, and worse. He needed to tell Videl the truth anyway. Now was as good a time as any, he figured.

Her watch started to beep again, and Videl cursed under her breath in irritation, pushing the button and answering the call.

"Yes?" she snapped, and the chief nervously explained the situation.

Gohan's heart was thumping hard against his ribs. He'd barely opened his mouth when her watch went off a second time. If it weren't for it… He'd actually been about to tell her, to finally get it out of his system.

He felt a mix of relief and disappointment.

"Yeah, fine. I'm on my way," sighed Videl, resigning herself. She stood up, giving Gohan an apologetic look. "I'm really sorry, Gohan… I can't believe I'm doing this to you again."

"Don't worry about it," he told her, smiling reassuringly. "At least this time we managed to spend the whole day together before we got interrupted."

She walked around the table and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you for being so understanding. I'll be back as soon as possible."

He blushed deeply, and she smiled at him, her fingers brushing his spiky, surprisingly soft hair in an affectionate gesture. His gentle eyes stayed fixated on her, as if in a daze. Reluctantly, wishing she didn't have to go, Videl turned to leave.

"Be careful, okay? Don't do anything reckless," he said after her, his voice filled with concern.

She sent him a smirk over her shoulder. "I'll try."

Gohan let out a deep sigh after she left. He asked for the check and paid it – he couldn't really leave after Videl without paying after all, deal or not.

It was a real downpour outside, but Gohan hardly paid it any mind as he rushed out of the restaurant and then ran to a corner, before jumping high, landing on a random rooftop and out of sight. In a flash of light, he took off to the thundering sky dressed in his superhero outfit, his red cape flapping wildly behind him. The black visor wasn't quite convenient at night and the heavy rain wasn't helping either, but he could see well enough, and he had other things to worry about anyway. At least his head wouldn't get any more soaked thanks to his helmet.

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