Beyond Truths and Ideals

Word of Introduction a.k.a Author's Preface

Beyond Truths and Ideals is my second most major Project after Road to be a Pokémon Master. Road to be a Pokémon Master is intended to show the main side of Ash's character, the Pokémon trainer. Beyond Truths and Ideals explores the other side, the hero who is prophesized to be 'The Chosen One'. The story exploits another major Pokémon character: Natural Harmonia.

The story will follow the concept dropped in the original anime, the conflict between Team Rocket and Team Plasma. Despite difference in ideologies both Team Rocket and Team Plasma have the same goal, to obtain one of the two legendary dragons. While the story will mainly be a conflict between N and Ash, the story mostly revolves around these two teams more than ever. Team Plasma will appear in their Original BW form, with the motto 'liberation of Pokemon'.

At a later stage the concept of Aura will be thoroughly used. Yes, Ash can use Aura.

There will be a lot of action. One cliffhanger will lead to the other. Just when you think the main character finally gets a break, you will find him in a sea of trouble.

That is all I'll say for now. Anything more will ruin the fun, right?

World Setting:

The story is set in the standard anime world. However a sense of realism is followed, which means comical things like Team Rocket blasting off will not happen.

The lack of guns in the anime is mostly because the show is intended to be watched by ten year olds. This quirk however is established as a solid concept in this story. It has been assumed that gun powder has not been discovered in the Pokémon world as the humans in this world clearly don't have the necessity for manmade weapons with Pokémon by their side. However, this doesn't mean that the world is technologically backward.

As much as I hate guns, I accidentally incorporated in chapter 2, and at the end of chapter 1. This will be corrected soon, but the reader is requested to bear the inconsistency for a while. The scene will be re-written soon enough to avoid the gun.

The world is indeed a bit more advanced in nanotechnology and electronics goods are much more enhanced than ones in the real world. For example the Pokémon Dexter used by Ash Ketchum has a sensor that can identify a Pokémon by its shape. You don't necessarily have to put the sensor before an actual Pokémon for it to identify the shape. Pictures, silhouettes and even statues of Pokémon can be identified by the Dexter and gives the trainers the information about the said Pokémon accordingly.


Although the exact dates have not been used in the story, the story is set in the year 2013 for the sake of ease. It has been assumed that Ash takes one year to travel a single region. Having travelled five major regions, Ash is now fifteen. His exact birthday is on May 22, as per Takeshi Shudo's Novelization of the anime.


A poll has been made in the third week of May so that people could vote on the girl Ash would be paired with. The responses left me extremely confused. I have expected one of Misty or May to dominate making it just a matter of choice between two Shippings: Advanced or Poke.

However as of June 6th, 2013: With just 9 more days for the voting to end, a total of 72 votes have been received.

The results are extremely surprising. The votes have been almost perfectly distributed among four major girls: Dawn, Hilda (surprising considering that she doesn't belong to anime canon), Misty and May.

Dawn currently leads the Poll with 17 votes; however she doesn't dominate the poll. Hilda is right behind this Sinnoh Coordinator with 16 votes. And that's not it friends, standing right next to Hilda is Misty with 14 number of votes. May is slightly behind with 13 votes. Annabel has 10 votes, while she's quite behind the other four it's still a good number for a two episode character. The most disappointing result goes to NegaiShipping fans as their favorite girl has only five votes.

In the initial stages Dawn utterly dominated the poll with the rest of the girls behind. I actually felt happy because there was a definite choice among them here. However May took the lead in one week. But when I posted Chapter 17 of my story Road to be a Pokémon Master, the votes have bumped up and Misty, Hilda jumped up high into the sky while May dropped down to fourth.

In order to make a definite decision, I have decided to open a second round on 15th June. Annabel and Iris will be dropped from the second round of voting.

A new poll will be made with the following options.

1) Dawn as the main girl and Hilda paired up with N

2) May as the main girl and Hilda paired up with N

3) Misty as the main girl and Hilda paired up with N

4) Hilda paired up with Ash.

The purpose of this second round is pretty simple. I want to know if people want Hilda or people want Hilda paired up with Ash. It gives me a perfect understanding of the reader's opinion.

The new poll will mostly be posted on 15th.

Lastly, a small warning: The story assumes that Giovanni is Ash's father. This is a warning, if you are extremely against it, then I suppose you can't complain later because I am putting up this disclaimer.

Stages and Arcs

The story will be split into stages and arcs.

STAGE 1 Reshiram

Arc 1: Team Rocket and Team Plasma

Chapter One: Viridian Hijack

Chapter Two: The Missing Six

Chapter Three: The Search for Pikachu (Coming Soon)

Arc 2: ?

Arc 3: ?

STAGE 2 Zekrom

Arc 1: ?

Arc 2: ?

Arc 3: ?

STAGE 3 Kyurem

Arc 1: ?

Arc 2: ?

Arc 3: ?

There will be two possible time skips in this story, one between Stage 1 and 2, and the other Stage 2 and 3.

The names of the arcs will be updated as I plan and write..

More updates to this chapter will be done as the story progresses, so keep checking the update date on the top.

Continuity with Canon: The story begins after the Unova League, that is after Ash's disgraceful loss to Cameron. Instead of travelling to the White Ruins as in the canon, he will instead travel home to Kanto by flight. Iris and Cilan will return to their respective hometowns.

It will also be assumed that Ash will send his other Unova Pokemon to Oak's lab(as done in the canon) directly after the league