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Chapter 1 – Death

Nineteen. Nineteen years. That was for how many years they had peace after the second war against Voldemort had ended in 1998. However after those nineteen years a man rose to power and he plunged them in the most brutal and bloody war that they could have imagined. Though that man wasn't a Dark Lord, by Merlin, the man wasn't even a wizard. A muggle, a simple muggle, started a war that would exterminate life on earth as they knew it.

And now, when Harry was lying on a muddy forest floor, surrounded by muggles laughing while they watched him bleed to death he couldn't help but think of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. He was sure that they were in hell laughing themselves silly, they had been right after all. And now there was nothing they could do about it.

Harry closed his eyes, ready to die, though his last thought brought a smile to his lips. He knew that the bastards that had killed him would join him in hell soon, considering that it was impossible to live on a dead planet.

Harry awoke slowly. He felt comfortable, his body didn't feel sore. It had been years since he felt that good. If this was death then he rather liked it, it was far better than the last two decades of his life at least.

Cautiously he opened his eyes. From what he could see he was lying on a couch in some sort of study. Harry almost pinched himself to see if he was truly awake. He had been certain that he had died. He never thought that the afterlife would be a study. He had to admit that he was a bit disappointed. However before he could get lost in his thoughts about his apparently boring afterlife a calm, smooth voice, that came from behind him, was heard.

"I see that you are awake, young Master."

Harry was up in the blink of an eye, in a combat position even before his brain could process what he did. Years upon years of war left habits that were hard to break, apparently not even dying broke them.

Behind him was an otherworldly beautiful man, with long silky midnight black hair, and eyes just as dark. They were so dark that Harry couldn't make out his pupils.

Seeing Harry's wand pointed at him the man raised his hands in a universal sign of peace.

"You do not have to worry young Master, I mean you no harm. We just have a few things to clear up, a few choices to make and then you are free to go."

Harry, even though a part of him was screaming at him not to do it, lowered his wand. He just couldn't help it, there was something about the man that was so familiar to him, it made him feel at ease.

That was when he noticed his hands, they looked younger than he remembered.

"Where am I?" he asked, after taking a deep breath, trying not to panic "I was sure that I had died."

The stranger smiled, it transformed the flawless, aristocratic face into something more... more humane. He took a few steps and sat at the desk behind him, inviting Harry to join him.

Slowly, never taking his eyes of the man, he took the few steps towards the chair in front of the desk. Just because he had lowered his wand didn't mean he wouldn't be careful.

"I said there was nothing to worry about young Master," the stranger reassured him, "However I am aware that certain habits are hard to break. Though that doesn't matter at the moment. Answering your previous questions, we are nowhere and everywhere. We just are, it is as simple as that. And about you dying, you did in fact die, which is the problem to begin with."

Harry didn't know if the fact that he had died was making it more difficult to comprehend what he had been told, or if he was simply in shock. Either way something that the being, yes being because no matter how much he looked like one he was sure that the being in front of him wasn't human, stood out in his mind.

"What do you mean, me dying is a problem? And why do you keep calling me young Master? Who are you?"

"Those are questions that will clear this situation right up. Well, we will start with the easiest one. Who I am. I am Death." the being replied calmly, as if announcing that one was the personification of Death was the most natural thing in the world. But Death didn't stop there, "I call you young Master because you possess the Deathly Hallows. And the fact that you are the Master of Death, my Master, causes problems."

Harry gawked at Death. He had heard and understood every word that Death said, however it still made no sense whatsoever.

"What do you mean I'm the Master of Death?" he exclaimed, slightly hysterical, after a few seconds of silence, "I thought that all that story with the Hallows was only symbolic. Besides I don't have the wand and the ring anymore. I haven't had been for a good fifty-nine years. Since the battle at Hogwarts with Tom."

Death smiled and again Harry felt himself calm down. He couldn't understand why a being that would scare everyone, make them run for the hills, made him feel so comfortable.

"I find it incredible that you have no trouble in accepting that I am Death and yet you have such a difficult time accepting the truth about the Hallows."

"Those are completely different situations," Harry exclaimed, looking at Death bewildered, "I died, so me being in front of Death isn't really that surprising. Strange? Yes, without a doubt, but not impossible. But the Hallows, that's a completely different story."

Death laugh and Harry was surprised to see true amusement in the powerful being's eyes.

"Ah, young Master, you were always able to amuse me." Death told him, with a grin on his lips.

"Well, it's good to know that my existence causes you joy." Harry replied sarcastically. He knew that pissing of a being as powerful as Death was a bad idea, more than bad actually, but he didn't feel afraid. He felt strangely at ease and that sense of familiarity was back and Harry just didn't understand it.

The smile on Death's face didn't diminish and there was a tenderness in his eyes that Harry hadn't noticed before.

"Yes. I can not deny the fact that your existence causes me joy. I will not deny that your existence brings me happiness either. And that is one of the reasons why the Hallows are not symbolic for you."

Harry waited patiently for Death to continue, however when one minute came and went the little patience that Harry had evaporated.

"I'm sure that what you said is quite logical and explains everything, but I just don't get it."

"Very well, let's start with the Hallows. Do you not find it strange that since the creation of them you were the only one to ever possess them all? It is not for nothing that those that possess the wand or the ring die soon after. A mortal could only possess the Hallows as long as I wished it. No one ever had two of them for long, because as soon as it happened Death marked them quickly after. I always did everything so that no mortal could have all three of them. Do you think that I, Death, would let a mortal bind me? Have power over me? There never was anything that had power over me, that could control me. I am the only thing that is absolute, no matter what. So I could never allow for a mortal to have that kind of power. Even just a fraction of it would be to much.

However all that changed on the night of the 31st of October of 1981. I was there that night. I am not always there when someone or something dies, generally only when it's something that will change the world or when one of my Hallows is about to change hands. Seconds before James Potter died I knew that one of my Hallows was about to get a new owner so I appeared immediately to the person who would next possess it. You can't imagine my surprise when I saw that the on that would possess the Hallow was a toddler, not even a child, a toddler. However, considering the situation you were in I was expecting to feel the Hallow change temporary ownership in the next few seconds. However that didn't happen and in front of me was a toddler that had done something that mortals considered impossible. I was quite surprised, I had thought that the power to do it had died out long ago. Though it surprised me it wouldn't have been enough to keep my interest. No, what kept my interested was the fact that the toddler could see Me.

I stayed with you till the half-giant came to get you and I could have let things end there. I could have attributed the fact that you could see me to the Avada Kedavra. However it wasn't that simple. Through the connection you had with on of my Hallows you had a connection to me and every night I could feel you calling me. The first few nights I ignored it, I don't think you even knew what you were doing, though one night I went. After that night I went again and again, till I was going practically every night. And when it became necessary I stayed the whole night with you, taking care of you."

"It was you!" Harry exclaimed, looking at him in wonder, "You were the one who healed me, when the Dursleys beat me, or when I was burned."

"Yes, it was me. I was with you as much as I could. But you grew up and you erased me from your mind. You thought I was an imaginary friend and ended up believing that it was all your imagination, then because of the Dursleys you started to not think about anything that wasn't 'normal', so you forced yourself to forget me. However your soul never forgot, your soul always remembered me. I still watched over you ever night, even if you could no longer see me.

Then when you finally used the Hallow for the first time I noticed the difference immediately. The Hallow belonged to you, it was as much yours as it was mine, something that had never happened before. After seeing the difference in that Hallow I went to look at the others. There was a difference as well. Usually the Hallows had two connections. One with me, and a really weak on with the current holder. However in that moment there were three. One with me, one with the current holder and one with you.

I have to admit to being rather shocked. The Hallows are a part of me and for them to have that kind of connection with you would only be possible if you were also a part of me, or I a part of you. I was never sure about how it happened, but when you called and I answered, we sealed our fate, and you were out of Life's grasp.

After I realized that, I noticed that I had feelings, emotions, for you. Those emotions lead to you possessing all three Hallows. I had parental feelings towards you and what father wants to see their child die?

So the Hallows stopped being symbolic and you became the Master of Death.

So even after you gave up the other two, they were still as much linked to you as I was, they were still yours, you were still the Master of Death."

Death didn't say anything else and Harry was really grateful for that. He needed a moment, well, alright, he needed much more than a moment. After all it wasn't every day that you found out that Death had practically adopted you. Taking advantage of the silence Harry looked through his memories, trying to find something that would make him remember the being in front of him. However the only thing he could remember was the feeling of comfort, tenderness and care when he thought that he had lost all strength. Had that been Death helping in any way it could? Was that why he had that feeling of familiarity? Because his soul remembered, knew the being in font of him. Knew that that being had always been there for him, even when his mind couldn't or wouldn't remember him anymore. Was that why he felt so comfortable, so safe?

"I... I don't understand..." whispered Harry, "Why me?"

"You have to understand Harry, I am Death. Mortals don't interact with me, nothing interacts with me. They are far to afraid. I do not really care about it either. Millenniums went by with me just being and observing. But with you, I didn't just observe. I got involved and that changed everything, do you understand? I saw billions be born and die. I saw worlds start and end. I was always there seeing the beginning and ending, never involving myself. But with you... I helped you grow, I raised you."

And Harry understood. He had children that he saw being born, children that he raised, children that he saw die and he knew that there was nothing worse than seeing your child die.

"I understand." he whispered, looking at Death and smiling slightly.

They stayed silent, savoring the moment of peace. Reluctantly Harry broke it, no matter how comfortable he felt he still had lots of questions.

"What does it mean, being Master of Death?"

Death looked him in the eyes and sighed, surprising him by doing such a human gesture.

"Being Master of Death has several advantages. For example Avada Kedavras have no effect on you whatsoever. The Hallows answer to you as if they were a part of you. You can't die."

"But... But I died." Harry said, looking a bit confused, if he couldn't die, why was he dead?

For the first time he saw anger appear on Death face, an all consuming anger that threatened to destroy everything in it's path. Though when those eyes focused on him he could see the sadness in them.

"Yes, you did." he said softly, tenderly, as if the mere thought was painful, "My intention was to let you live a normal life. I knew how much you wanted it, so I had decided to let you live your mortal life without interfering, though always keeping a close eye on you, watching you grow and be happy. Then when you died I would tell you the truth about the Hallows, including the fact that you are immortal. You are tied to me, Death, in an unbreakable way so as long as there is Life there will be Death. We will exist till the end of time and even beyond that, since every end is followed by a beginning and every beginning has Life and Death." Harry knew that he was looking at Death incredulously, how could he not be, he was being told that he would outlive everything there was or would ever be, it was quite a lot to take in. Death smiled gently at him, "As I was saying, after you died I would tell you the truth and give you two choices. The first one would be, you going back, you would be de-aged to around twenty something and continue to live your life however you wanted or you could be reborn, not remembering your previous live, till you reached your magical maturity at seventeen.

As a matter of fact those are still your options, but those mortals..." Death practically snarled it was rather terrifying, even if he didn't feel afraid, "The planet is dead. It's only a matter of time till all life on earth ceases to be, from what I've seen it won't be longer than six months. So those two choices don't really exist anymore."

Harry didn't really know what to say, he had never wanted immortality but he knew he couldn't blame Death. He hadn't done it consciously and besides Death was doing everything in it's power so that it would be easier on him. Besides if Death truly saw him as a son, it would be rather cruel to tell him to let his son die. The pain that it caused, it wasn't something that he wanted Death to feel. However since the situation was what it was he couldn't help the question that slipped passed his lips before he could stop it.

"Now what?"

"Now you have three options, the same two as before, though I wouldn't recommend them and another one. Another one that usually I wouldn't even be able to think about giving you but considering the situation I belief it is the best option. I am able to send you back in time, with all your memories, all your knowledge, all your power. There are three points in history where I can drop you. To 1981, after the Cloak becomes officially yours, to 1994 before the beginning of the tournament because it's a turning point in your life one way or another, or to 1998 around the time of the final battle, since it's the first time that you have the Hallows. I am not able to give you specific dates since I won't be able to drop you somewhere specific, only an approximate time. You have to keep in mind that no matter what happens you won't change this present, dropping you somewhere in the past will split the time-line, it will create an alternate reality where everything, till the moment that you go back is identical to your previous life. After you join your younger body you are free to do whatever you wish, you won't have to worry about the time-line or anything like it."

"Whatever I wish?" Harry asked, is voice calm, deadly, "Even if I wished to completely destroy the muggles?"

For a few seconds Death just looked at him, then a smiled appeared on his lips.

"It is your choice son. You could decide to burn the whole world to the ground and I wouldn't care. I know how much you suffered and I know how vindictive and cruel you can be. You may have been pure Light at the beginning of your life, but you aren't anymore. I do not doubt that you plan on making the muggles' lives hell. Besides I'm quite happy to know that you are planning to cause chaos and death." Death replied, a cruel and sadistic smirk on his lips.

Harry chuckled darkly, Death may have parental feelings towards him but he didn't stop being Death, a being that thrived on chaos and death.

"Well apparently I'm joining the family business. Chaos and death."

Death laugh and the tenderness and pried in those darker than black eyes was undeniable.

"You don't know how much it means to me that you accepted this with such an opened mind."

"At the beginning I felt such familiarity, I felt so comfortable. I couldn't understand why. It makes so much sense now. And though a part of me will always love my parents, another part of me can't help but feel happy that there is someone that will always be by my side and love me like a son. Even being seventy-six years old, it's such a comfort to know that I have a father that will stand by me no matter what. Even if I can't see you, I will know that you are there."

"Can I assume that you will take the third option then?"

Harry nodded and Death laughed.

"Wonderful. We just have some things to clear up and then you will be ready to go.

First, now you are immortal, you will be going back to the body that corresponds to the point in time that you end up choosing. However when you become twenty you will stop aging. Avada Kedavras do not affect you. Injuries heal faster, much faster, but if you suffer a fatal injury you will end up here. I will repair your body and you will be able to get back almost instantaneously. You also have the option to stay here of course, though I think that you will always choose to go back. Unless you want a break from the mortals.

Second, the Deathly Hallows are yours. They will be yours in whichever time you drop, so if you touch them they will respond to you and only you. And even if you throw them away they will appear on your person. You are the true master of the Hallows.

Third, I'm giving you a gift. You already had the possibility, but you were never trained, no one even knew that you had the ability as such it wasn't trained, remaining mostly dormant throughout your life. It is the reason why you survived the killing curse.

Your mother's sacrifice, while powerful, wouldn't have been powerful enough. Tough your ability combined with the sacrifice made it possible. You, my son, are an elemental. By your look I can see that you know what those are. Don't worry, my gift is complete control over your ability.

You will have all ten elements at your disposal. Water, Earth, Wind and Fire are only the base ones, those that everyone can use in some way. For example when a witch or wizard can cast stronger fire spells than water spells, or when they are particularly good at Herbology that is them tapping in to their elemental gift. Though true elementals have been thought to be extinct since the Founders of Hogwarts. The difference is that when trained elementals can control all ten elements. Aside from Water, Earth, Wind and Fire you have Lightning, Gravity, Light, Shadow, Life and Death. I ask you to be careful with Life and Death, even with complete control over your abilities those two are difficult to handle. Aside from that you have to be careful with your emotions. Like magic the elements will answer to your emotions, so if you don't want to raze a town to the ground in a fit of anger, you should try to have a bit of control over your emotions. Though if at first you aren't in complete control don't worry. You were always an emotional being, I don't expect, nor want, for you to stop being so.

Finally, you are my son. Now that you know you will change. It won't be much, only little things. Your hair will become darker, your skin paler. With time you won't need glasses. It won't change so much that people will notice if they aren't looking for it. Most will attribute it to you growing up and coming into your own. And it won't be overnight, so you don't have to worry about people thinking that something is wrong.

Now you just have to choose where you want to go son."

"They all have advantages and disadvantages," muttered Harry, more to himself than Death. Thinking about all that he could do, everything he could change, every ramification that his choice had. With a determined light in his eyes he looked at Death, the only being that had always been with him, the only one who would never judge him or expect something from him, his Father, "I know to when I want to go."

"Very well," Death said, smiling and getting up from his seat, "Then for the time being it's good-bye."

Harry hesitate for a moment, then, slowly, he walked towards Death and hugged him. At first he felt insecure but when Death wrapped his arms around him Harry felt, for the first time in his life, what it was like to be hugged by a father. He may be over fifty, but he had always felt a hole in his heart, a hole where his parents were supposed to be and now he could feel his soul rejoicing to having his father back, even if he couldn't remember that it was Death that he had been missing.

"Can't we see each other again?" he asked, his voice no louder than a whisper, he felt like a child again, "Won't we able to talk?"

Death's arms tighten around him and he felt Death bury his head in his hair.

"Now that you know the truth we will be able to see and talk to each other every time you want. You will know how to call me. I may not be able to see you every day, but every time you need me I will be there."

Harry nodded and let go of Death. With a small smile on his lips Death took a step back.

"Good luck my son."

"Thank you father." Harry replied then everything went black, if that hadn't been the case he would have seen the brilliant smile that had appeared on Death's face and the pride and love in his eyes.

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