Dear Kate,

I wanted to write to you and talk about all the magic that you try to talk me into trying. I wish that I could have always believed in what you had told me. I am sorry that I fought you on it all the time. I still remember when you first told me about my family being cursed, and how it went back to the Middle Ages which you found in my father's ancestor's book. When Jillian summoned the spell that sent us back in time to change my family's fate, I was doubtful at first but I want to say how sorry I am and that I am so thankful that you were by my side. You were willing to give up your life and stay in the Middle Ages in order for me to return to our time and live the rest of my life curse free with my family. I could never have left you of course because you had become too important to me in our time away. I watched you grow; you made me become a man and stand up for what I believe to be true. After Rhauk had taken you I was out of my mind and I start a giant wind storm in our room. I deiced then that I would talk to Lord Richard and Lady Isabel about my "gift" and if they would help my train to challenge Rhauk for you Kate. Kate, none of this would have been possible without you and your grandmother. Even if I didn't say then , I'm going to say it now Thank you Kate , thank you for my life back, for my family to be cured of the curse and for you being in my life and most of all that I love you.

Your Friend (but I want more),