Harry Potter and the Siren's Song

By SailorMiaka

Author's note: Hi y'all!. This is my first HP fic so i'd appreciate it if people would tell me how i'm doing...r/r please! This may start off a bit slow but bear with me please! I'm not to good with grammar or spelling so sorry for the errors! well anyway- Happy Readings

Disclaimer: Don't own the charectors, JK Rowlings does.

Chapter one: Summer's end

Harry Potter stared out of the window in his small bedroom at Number 4 Privet drive. As was his custom, he was doing his homework under the cover of night, so his relatives wouldn't discover it. He had been working for nearly two hours straight when his owl, Hedwig, suddenly hooted loudly and flew from her open cage door into the night sky. Harry was startled at the snowy owl's unusual behavior. He was looking out the window after her when he heard it. Singing? who would be singing at this hour of the night? At first he dismissed it as his imagination but as the sound grew louder and clearer he laid down his quill and stuck his head out of the window. Nothing. Privet drive was deserted and the streetlamps glowed. Shaking his head he once again resumed his work. The voice grew louder. He couldn't help himself as he began to listen.

" My tale is one as old as time
A fairy tale if you please.
I've been hidden away from sight you see
And you might hold the key.
I'm guarded day and night
like some rare valuable gem
But i am lonely still
My name strikes fear into men.
I wait for the day my true love comes
to take away my shame.
To show why life's worth living
and to end forever evil's reign."

Harry gazed at nothing in particular, his eyes glazed over. His mind did not register that the song was over, only that he felt compelled to help the singer. When his senses returned, the night was once again quiet and he resumed his studies. Turning to the next chapter in his "Mythical creatures that are reality" book, he began to study about the Siren.

A hooded figure made her way down Privet Drive, being carefull not to be seen. If I've down this right, she thought, I won't ever have to worry about being found. She removed the hood from her head and stood waiting in the moonlight. Her beautiful red hair hung in waves down to her waist and her purple eyes flased as she took one more look at the house of the one person that had kept her from being killed.

"May we meet soon Harry Potter." she said before sticking her wand in the air to signal for the Knight Bus.