Harry Potter and the Siren's Song


Sailor Miaka

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Harry Potter and the Siren's Song



"So what you're telling me is that You all think the six of us are some mystical group who will defeat the Dark Lord?"

Draco Malfoy looked at the Gryffindor's in confusion. Ever since he had recieved his summons from the Dark Lord, he had been uneasy and overly cautious. This seemed to test his resolve. He had no idea whether or not they were putting him on or what. Potter and Granger seem to be on level and seemed to believe it themselves, Veronica seems to agree with them as well, Draco thought to himself. I really wish Weasley would stop looking at me like that, its not like I did anything illegal with his sister!

"Essentially yes." Hermione answered searching his face.

"And if I say I believe you, not that I do, what does that mean?"

"It basically means that you along with the rest of us are a team to find this 'Chosen.'" Harry supplied, impressed that Malfoy was actually taking this somewhat seriously.

All went silent in the common room. Each was comtemplating what exactly was going on.

"Alright, it goes against my instincts but then again since when has Slytherien instincts meant anything? I believe you and I want to help." Draco finished.

"And just how do we know you aren't working for the Dark Lord? Why the sudden change of heart Malfoy?" Ron spat out. Veronica smacked his arm lightly but he continued on staring down Malfoy.

"Because despite your belief, most of which are pretty well-founded, I am not a stupid person. There is a reason Harry survived. If the Dark Lord has revived, he can be defeated again. Why put myself on the losing side?"

He sat down and Ginny cuddled up to him, Ron scowled and glared a little more. Draco couldn't help himself and put his arm around Ginny, making Ron just that much madder.

"All right. Since we are united on this, we need to swear tonight a wizards oath that we will never willingly betray each other." Hermione said

Each stood and gathered in a circle placing their hands in the middle. Ron still glaring at Malfoy, but recieving glares of from both Veronica and Ginny, stopped and put his hand on top.

"Loyalty!" they cried in unison.

All was quiet again as the teens regarded each other one more time.

"Just a question Veronica, but what exactly can you do with that voice of yours?" Draco asked quietly.

Ron smiled smugly and whispered into her ear. Veronica smiled before replying:

"Stand up and I'll show you."

Malfoy complied and stood. Veronica's purple eyes glittered as she raised her hands and whispered words unitelligable to the teens aroound her. The common rooom went ablaze in silver light. When everything was once again normal they looked to Veronica who had changed immensely. Her robes had been replaced with a toga-like dress that glittered in the soft candle light, her hair once bound in half pigtails, hung loose with a siler circlet over her forehead. The boys in the room just stared, until Hermione cleared her throat, Harry blushed and Draco looked intently at Ginny. Ron however contiued to stare, mouth wide open.

Veronica giggled.

"This is what I can do Draco...Listen carefully, and uh, Ginny, you might want to grab a hold of him, Mione, same with Harry."

The other girls promptly pushed their respective boyfriends to the nearby couch and sat squarely in their laps. Not a bad thing, Malfoy thought. Poor Ron had collapsed to a chair, halfway regaining his senses. Veronica smiled enigmatically as she began to sing.

"I heat up, I can't cool down.

You got me spinning, 'round and 'round.

Around and 'round, and 'round it goes

Where it stops, nobody knows.

Everytime you call my name,

I heat up like a burning flame.

A burning flame, full of desire,

Kiss me baby, and let our fire get higher!

Abra, Abracadabra...I wanna reach out and grab ya!"

Veronica had begun to dance, catching and keeping all three boys attention. Nothing Ginny or Hermione did could grab their attention

"Abra, Abracadbra Abracadbra

You make me hot, you make me sigh,

You make me laugh, you make me cry.

Keep me burning for your love,

with a touch of a velvet glove.

Abra, Abracadabra...I wanna reach out and grab ya!

Abra, Abracadbra, Abracadbra!"

Here, Veronica did a small spin and looked each boy in the eye, establishing a link with them. She began to run her hands down her sides as she sang the next words

"I feel the magic in your carees,

I feel magic when You touch my dress"

The boys freed themselves from the holds of Ginny and Hermione, they stood transfixed, their eagerness and passion showing in thier face. They could feel every word as if it was happening to them.

"Silk and Satin, Leather and lace

Black panties with an Angels face"

Here Ron smiled, Draco smirked and Harry colored slightly. Deep in thier minds though, Draco and Harry were beginning to feel guilty. This wasn't Their girlfriend...

"I see the magic in your eyes,

I hear the magic in your sighs

Just when I think I am going to get away,

I hear the words that you won't say...

Abra, Abracadabra..I wanna reach out and grab ya!

Abra, Abracadbra Abracadbra."

Ron was a lost cause, he had wandered straight up to Veronica who stared directly at him. Sorry honey, I hate to do this to you, she thought as she psychically ordered him to jump up on a table and start dancing.

"Everytime you call my name,

I heat up like a burning flame."

She silently order the other boys to come closer, they didn't respond at once and Veronica was glad that they could fight off the power of the Voice. But they still came closer.

"A burning flame, full of desire,

Kiss me baby, and let our fire get higher!"

She ordered Harry and Draco forward, to lean in and kiss her. Harry was evidently fighting, Draco just the same. Both Hermione and Ginny stared. It was Harry who broke first, followed shortly by Draco.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Draco demanded as Ginny ran to his side, crushing him in a hug.

"That dear Dragon, was my power, I can control the weak-willed male population and sometimes the female depending on what song. However, you and Harry seemed to have no problem fighting it off."

"What about Ron?" asked Ginny.

"He loves me, he stood no chance." Veronica smiled simply as she released a smiling somewhat embarressed Ron from his dance atop the table. "In order for you to fight, you have to have someone to fight for. Ron didn't need to fight for me, Draco was fighting for you, and..."

Veronica suddenly wondered why Hermione of all people was being uncharacteristacally silent. Normally she would have already announced the verdict of this little test. She turned and smiled.

"And?" prompted Draco.

"Harry was fighting for Hermione." She whispered as she turned her back on th couple in question.

Harry and Hermione were oblivious to all of this, locked in love's first Kiss.


In case any one was wondering: "Abracadabra" belongs to the Steve Miller band, but the version I used was the cover by Sugar Ray