I decided to actually use my account for writing fanfics I got this sudden urge to write after reading loads of creepypasta, and I got bored with reading gaming creepypasta, and am faced with dilemma that they are my favorites. I tried looking up ones of my favorite title Megaman Zero, the most I could come up with is this crappy one shot that was written in barely legible English. Which disappointed me. So, I decided to remedy that problem and write my own. This will be my second work published to the first being just some crappy derp story I wrote in five minutes that my best friend urged me to upload, so don't be too mad if it isn't really good. Without further ado my fellow Megaman and creepypasta fans, here is the story!

Too Late

(If you never played Megaman Zero before there is a small chance of there being spoilers.)


I know this will sound like just another cliche opening to some gaming creepypasta, but I really loved the Megaman Zero games.

I spent hours playing them, but my one regret was never beating the first one.

The others I found easy or I was just a better player when I got to them not sure which.

I was somewhat disappointed when the fourth one was a cakewalk. (I cried like a little girl at the ending.)

Anyhow, it all began when I finally got around to cleaning out my closet when moving a box I saw something fall.

To my great joy it was my old Megaman Zero cartridge that I lost a while back. After I had finished my chores I grabbed the game dusted it off and stuck it into my old gba.

I turned on the gameboy and the gameboy logo flashed across the screen, the opening title to Megaman Zero also went by without hitch. "Good" I though to myself, the game wasn't glitchy from age.

I saw the option to continue or start a new game pop up. I selected new game knowing that I probably derped up the old save file with my lack of skill.

The opening cut scene started with Ciel and the resistance soldiers running for their lives from the Neo Arcaidian forces.

But something was off, when the Neo Arcaidians were in combat with the resistance fighters there was more blood, it wasn't overly gratuitous, it resembled the amount of blood in the Japanese release.

This took me aback, this copy I purchased at any old game store and it was in English.

Perhaps they didn't remove the animation from the cartridge when they censored it to be less? The game flashed to the image of the golem bearing down upon the fighters, where they should have said, "What monsters are these!?" or something like that instead said, "we're too late!"

It got to the part where Ciel reaches the inert Zero. The scene continued as normal until the part where the Neo Arcadians were supposed to shoot Milian. He kept firing his weapon, and unlike before he was actually making kills.

I thought "whoa" to myself. He managed to kill one, but the other shot it's weapon. The bullet went right past him, like it missed and it hit Ciel. I heard her scream and fall to the ground. CIEL! The soldier shouted.

In his distraction didn't see the Neo Arcaidians shoot again, this time killing him. Passy was the last one left. "Save us," she said the screen flashing to the image of where Passy begins to revive Zero, but this time Ciel wasn't in the image.


"Save us" My eyes shot open to reveal a decayed ruin before me. "Save us?" I thought to myself. I looked down to see the bodies of two people, a soldier and a girl, both with bullets wounds.

I would have been more shocked and horrified had my thoughts not been interupted. IDENTIFY YOURSELF. Sounded a metallic voice. I was broken from my reverie to see a blue armored faceless reploid with a buster arm attachment.

"M-my name?" AND SERIAL NUMBER, added the reploid. I wracked my brain trying to remember but I couldn't, much less think strait hardly. My mind felt like shattered glass. "I don't remember." I stated weakly.

REFUSAL TO GIVE IDENTIFICATION IS MAVERICK BEHAVIOR YOU MUST BE RETIRED! The reploid raised it's buster, without thinking I had drawn mine and in a flash the other was a smoking pile of scrap metal on the ground.

I looked about myself trying to connect the dots when it all became clear, the horrid fate that befell those two was the work of that reploid. "Save us," rung in my head as a feeling of grief washed over me realizing the truth. They must have been the ones to revive me in the hopes I would save them. "I-I'm sorry...I was just too late."


"Too late" Flashed across the screen and I began to get choked up. I knew this was not in the game, but how? This couldn't be a glitch the graphics were too seamless to be a glitch, and if this was a mod or hack it was a very well done one.

This is my old copy right? I thought to myself. "No use freaking out over it, it is just a mod," I consoled myself. It still didn't quite register with me that I just watched Ciel get killed.

I took a deep breath began to control Zero to go through the level shooting my way through the enemies without a hitch. But Zero's uber-badass theme wasn't playing. In fact, there was no music at all. I got to the end of the hall of enemies to the dead end.


Every fiber of my being burned with rage as I tore through enemy after enemy. My fingers burned from the heat of my buster, which was being pushed to it's limit.

I shrugged that pain off as I was too distracted by the task at hand. I reached the end of the corridor to a dead end, "shit" I said audibly.

I heard a rumbling sound and before I could react the floor gave in beneath me. When my eyes adjusted to the lower light levels I realized I was in an even older lab. A foul odor assaulted my nostrils the stench of possibly centuries of decay.

I looked down to see that I was standing in a puddle of water, it was stagnant and green. If I were a human I'd probably barf. I stepped out of it onto the concrete and began walking forward in hopes of finding the end of the tunnel, to my dismay, it was blocked by rubbish.

Something felt wrong, I quickly leap back in time to avoid as a giant mechanaloid bursts through and just barely missed grabbing me. "Shit shit shit shit that was close!" I dashed through the new opening to be met with this huge golum-like mechanaloid floating before me. "Just my luck" I thought to myself.


"Did Zero just cuss?!" I thought to myself, "cool!" The Megaman Zero games were pretty dark, but it was still rated E for everyone.

It was quite a surprise to see Zero cuss. Wasn't he more cool headed though? I continued with the boss fight. I knocked the golem's health down a bit then it got to the text box.

"Why wont this thing die!?" Said Zero. A "W" appeared on the monitor next to the golem and a saber flew out. "kekekekeke, use this!" "Who are you" "Not important, go, KILL!"

The "W" disappeared from the monitor. Where was X I thought, and what was that W? It couldn't be...


"That was strange" I thought, "oh well, nothing beats free!" I grabbed the sword, it felt familiar.

The golem charged it's lazer and fired. I jumped around it quickly then scaled the wall. I kicked off and flew right at it's head and with a clean cut the golem's head went flying.

I took a step back and averted my eyes from the bright flash of the golem disappearing in a ball of fire. The heat subsided, in the room, but not in my heart.

Even though I killed all of them, my rage still still burned like a small intense sun in my chest. "I will make those bastards pay for what they did!" I no longer felt disoriented, I felt a sense of place and purpose now that I have a goal set before me. Whoever sent those reploids and killed that girl needed to pay.


I still was freaking out about that W that appeared on the screen, but gathering my thoughts I continued. I moved Zero through the door at the back of the room. A cut-scene began. Zero began to walk towards the transerver when it started on it's own. Out comes an injured Cerveau. "Who are you?" Zero and Cerveau said in unison.

I wanted to do this all in one chapter, and I have been at this for a few hours and this wall of text I am looking at right now seems like it will do for now. I predict that this series will be three chapters long. I hope y'all like this. This may not seem excessively creepy, I'm going for subtlety, over over-the-top, "hyper realistic blood." As y'all saw there was some blood, but rather than simply reading to watch your favorite character get thrown in a wood-chipper and watch the organs fly instead tell a story that strums the heartstrings like a guitar, and hopefully I will get to smash said guitar at the end of my "performance." I hope my writing style isn't too weird I was trying to do something new that no one has thought to do before. I am quite sure this didn't freak you guys out so I will make sure to get to work on the next one rather quickly, starting tomorrow most likely. Till then enjoy, if you liked what you saw so far share it with a buddy. Don't be a stranger, post a review so I can know what I am doing right, and learn from what I am doing wrong.