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Two college students Klaus and Caroline go on a trip with their class to a less fortunate country and while at a yacht party they fall overboard. They get stranded on an island and must rely on one another for survival. Will they be able to survive on this island and will their real feelings come to play?

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Klaus awoke to the sound of the waves hitting the shore. He stretched and looked over to where Caroline was supposed to be. She wasn't there and he quickly got off of the sandy floor.

"Caroline!" He shouted.

Caroline didn't answer and Klaus swallowed the lump that was beginning to form in his throat. What if something happened to her while he was asleep, he wondered.

Klaus quickly ran into the jungle and yelled out her name again. Caroline didn't answer and Klaus looked on either side of the jungle which was awfully quiet.

Klaus decided to go over to the waterfall because he knew that Caroline loved sitting there as the water traveled down in currents.

He spotted Caroline sitting on a nearby rock with her face in her hands. As Klaus got closer to her, he could hear her cries.

"Caroline?" He questioned softly.

Caroline looked over at him through teary eyes and Klaus put his arm around her.

"What's the matter, love?" He asked.

"Everything," Caroline breathed out.

"We'll get out of here. I won't let you die on this island. You still need to travel to Bora Bora to help the orphanages there. We'll get out of here Caroline, just trust me." Klaus pleaded.

"I want to trust you but it's already been a month. I'm pretty sure the search parties were called off. Our friends and family think we're dead, Klaus. How much longer do I have to hope in order for us to get out of here?" Caroline asked.

"Never lose hope." Klaus told her as he put his arm around her and she nuzzled into his neck.

"I wish I was as optimistic as you." She breathed.

Klaus chuckled and remembered how he would always tell Elijah that. "Let me share my optimism with you. Yes, we have been here for a month but we're still breathing! That counts, doesn't it? All you have to do is believe or else we'll never go back to our friends and family. Promise me you'll try?"

"I promise," Caroline told him.

Caroline suddenly doubled over in pain and Klaus' eyes went wide.

"Caroline?" He asked questioningly.

Caroline threw up and clenched her stomach in agony.

"Caroline! What's going on?" Klaus yelled out frightened.

"I don't know," Caroline cried as she wiped her mouth with Klaus' grey sweatshirt.

"Is it food poisoning?" Klaus asked.

Caroline shrugged miserably and Klaus helped her get up. Caroline was about to fall to the ground because of her dizziness but Klaus caught her just in time. He picked her up and she looped her arms around his neck.

Klaus carried her back to the shack and laid her down on the bed of leaves.

"You need to rest." He told her.

"I can't rest. I need to help you find food." Caroline said half-heartedly.

"But you must! If it's food poisoning you need to rest as much as you possibly can."

"What if it isn't?" Caroline asked him as she looked into his technicolor eyes.

"What else could it be?" Klaus asked.

Caroline looked over at him and bit her lip. Klaus understood what she was getting at and he took in a deep breath.

One Month Earlier:

Caroline sat in her seat on the airplane with her best friend Katherine by her side.

"Care, are you sleeping?" Katherine asked.

"Nah, I'm just bored."

"Well, guess what."


"Bad Boy Mikaelson is looking our way." Katherine told her and smirked.

"Who?" Caroline asked confused.

"Klaus!" Katherine whispered.

"Who the hell is Klaus?" Caroline wondered.

"Elijah's younger brother."

"Oh him… He's a bit anti-social isn't he?"

"Probably, he's hot though."

"What would Elijah say about this? His girlfriend calling his younger brother hot?"

"He wouldn't say anything. He knows I love him."

"As long as you're sure." Caroline said as she nudged her best friend.

"How's Lockwood doing?" Katherine asked nonchalantly.

"Eh," Caroline replied.

"Eh? Did you lose your virginity to him yet?" Katherine asked as she smirked at Caroline with a mischievous look in her doe brown eyes. Katherine and Elena were twins and they looked exactly alike but Elena was currently off of college because of her marriage to Damon.

"No I didn't and I don't plan on losing my virginity just yet."

"How you stay so pure I don't know. Bonnie isn't even a virgin anymore… She did the deed with Mikaelson Number 3."

"Mikaelson Number 3?" Caroline asked as she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Do you not know any of my nicknames? Sheesh…"

"Well I'm sorry." Caroline told her.

"Yeah whatever." Katherine told her best friend and added, "Mikaelson Number 3 is Kol."

"Oh! I see. I didn't know Kol was Elijah's brother."

"Well now you do. See? I taught you something." Katherine grinned.

"I always learn new things when I'm around you Kitty Kat." Caroline smiled.

"Ugh!" Katherine huffed.

Caroline giggled and relaxed in her seat. Her college class was headed to the Galapagos Islands because they wanted to help the less fortunate. Before they could get to the Galapagos Islands they had to take the airplane to Ecuador and from there they took a plane to the Galapagos Islands and were almost at their destination.

Klaus sat next to Elijah and he looked over at Caroline. He never actually spoke to her but he admired her beauty from afar.

"Why are you looking at Caroline, Niklaus?" Elijah asked.

"Huh?" Klaus asked as he looked over at Elijah confused.

"Caroline…" Elijah said again.

"Oh… I didn't notice. I was just thinking." Klaus lied. Truthfully, Klaus was looking at Caroline. He's had a bit of a crush on her from the very first time he laid eyes on her but he was never man enough to go up to her and ask her out.

Klaus knew that Caroline was currently dating Tyler Lockwood who sat behind him, beside Stefan Salvatore.

"Klaus…" Elijah started to say.

"Don't," Klaus warned and turned away from him.

Elijah sighed and looked over at Katherine. Katherine waved at him and he smiled at her lovingly. Elijah and Katherine have been together for over a year.

Katherine and Caroline were nineteen years old while Elijah was twenty one and Klaus was twenty.

"Klaus," Elijah said again.

"What?" Klaus snapped.

"Buckle up your seatbelt." Elijah told him.

"Why?" Klaus asked confused.

"We're landing…" Elijah told him.

"What? How did I miss that announcement?"

"You were in your own world… Like always." Elijah shrugged.

"Elijah…" Klaus called his brother.

"What?" Elijah asked tiredly.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you… I just don't like talking about these things with anyone really."

"You need to talk about you feelings Niklaus..."

"I know, I'm just not ready."

"Alright, and have you seen Kol and Bekah?" Elijah asked about his young twin siblings.

"No I haven't. I think they're sitting together though."

"Good," Elijah nodded.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are beginning to descend! Please sit tight, we'll be on Galapagos soil in about five minutes!" The pilot announced over the overhead speaker.

"Finally," Klaus mumbled.

Elijah rolled his chocolate brown eyes at Klaus and Klaus shrugged and said, "It's been a long trip."

"But you lived didn't you?"

"You're optimism truly enlightens me."

"That's the way to live Niklaus." Elijah told him.

"Indeed," Klaus agreed.

A couple of minutes later the airplane landed and the passengers started getting out of their seats. Caroline waited for Tyler and once he got to her, he took ahold of her hand.

"Miss me?" Tyler asked.

"Like crazy," Caroline replied sarcastically.

Klaus stood behind them and rolled his blue-grey eyes when he heard Tyler chuckle. What she saw in that tool, he didn't know but wanted to find out.

It was a shame that Caroline didn't know that her "perfect" boyfriend was a cheater that felt no remorse. Klaus caught Tyler sucking face with the resident bitch of the college Hayley Maxwell.

Hayley sneered at Tyler and Caroline and crossed her arms over her chest. Why he was still with her, she didn't know.

Rebekah noticed Hayley's face and she rolled her eyes.

"Something wrong Bekah?" Kol asked his twin sister.

Rebekah motioned to Hayley and Kol nodded. Not many people liked Hayley in their college class.

The Mikaelson's were in the same class because they were all following in their parents footsteps. Mikael Mikaelson was a geographer while Esther Mikaelson was a humanitarian. The Mikaelson couple had five sons and one daughter. Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik were their children. The both of them always did want a big family and they got it.

Caroline went down the stairs and looked around the area. The Galapagos Islands were beautiful, she thought.

"Wow," she breathed out.

"Mhm," Katherine nodded as she took ahold of Elijah's hand.

Elijah put his arm around Katherine and she nuzzled into his neck.

"Alright class, stick together!" Mr. Saltzman told them.

Alaric Saltzman was their professor even though he was only thirty years old. Alaric was married to Jenna, who was currently pregnant with twins. Alaric didn't want to leave his wife at home alone, but her family promised him that they would take care of her. Alaric was also Katherine's uncle through marriage.

"Your uncle dresses like Safari Sam." Klaus told her as he walked beside his brother and his girlfriend.

"He does, doesn't he?" Katherine asked as she looked over at his plaid shirt and blue jeans.

Klaus nodded and Elijah chuckled. Elijah liked that Klaus was beginning to warm up to Katherine after a year.

"Why don't you talk much, Klaus?" Katherine suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?" Klaus asked as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"I don't know… it's just you're always to yourself and you only ever communicate with your siblings."

Klaus thought about it and said, "I guess I'm not cut out for the college life." He walked away from them and Elijah frowned at her.

"What?" Katherine asked innocently.

"Why did you just say that to him?"

"I asked a simple question Elijah. My curiosity got the best of me." Katherine defended.

"You shouldn't have asked him." Elijah shot at her.

"Are we really going to get into an argument right now? I mean, really? Is it my fault that I want to know more about my boyfriend's family? I just don't get you sometimes Elijah." Katherine spat as she glared at him and went over to Caroline.

"What's wrong?" Caroline asked her best friend.

"Elijah is acting like a jerk." Katherine whined.

"What did you do now?" Caroline asked with her eyebrows raised.

"Why is it that every time Elijah and I get into an argument you think it's my fault?" Katherine wondered.

"Because it usually is. You're telling me that Elijah caused this argument? He's like the sweetest guy ever."

"Eh… Fine, I said some stupid things and now he's mad at me." Katherine confessed.

Caroline nodded and offered, "Should I talk to him?"

"Can you?" Katherine perked up.

"Yeah," Caroline laughed.

"And that is why you are my best friend, Care Bear." Katherine cooed.

Caroline nodded and went over to Elijah.

"Caroline," Elijah acknowledged.

"Hello Elijah." Caroline greeted.

Elijah sighed and kicked the ground.

"What happened between you and Kat?"

"She was being nosy." Elijah said.

"So because of her nosiness, you got mad at her?"

"It's not that I'm mad Caroline… I just don't like when she asks Klaus random questions."

"Your younger brother?" Caroline guessed.

"Yeah," Elijah said as he pointed at Klaus subtly. Klaus was walking in the front away from his classmates.

"What did she ask?"

"She asked him why he was so anti-social… Klaus isn't anti-social he's just shy." Elijah defended.

"Of course Katherine would be so blunt." Caroline shook her head.

"You can say that again." Elijah nodded.

"I know you're mad at Katherine right now, but give her a chance. She loves you Elijah, more than you think." Caroline told him honestly.

Elijah sighed and Caroline turned to Katherine. She motioned for her to come forward and Katherine did just that.

"I'm sorry, Elijah." Katherine apologized.

"I should be the one apologizing… I'm sorry for lashing out at you Katerina." Elijah apologized as he shook his head embarrassed.

"It's alright." Katherine smiled at him.

Elijah put his arm around Katherine and Caroline smiled at the happy couple.

"Well it looks like my work here is done." Caroline said as she rubbed her hands together and smiled at the pair.

"Thanks Care," Katherine thanked.

"My pleasure," Caroline curtsied before going back to Tyler.

Klaus turned to Caroline and sighed. Why couldn't he just go up to her and talk to her? Maybe one day he would gather enough courage to go over to her after a year.

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