Crystal Clear

Act 1


"Chisote… I'll eventually leave this place. And when I do, you're coming with me."

"…" Chisote stared at Sasuke as if he was speaking a different language, "Eh?" she muttered and shoved her hands into her lab coat, looking down at the ground silently. She was like that for a long while before looking back up at him, "Why would you do that?"

"Because I need you." The apathetic Uchiha replied, his voice a void of emotion.

"What makes you think I would want to go with you? And for what purpose exactly?"

"You will," was all he said before he disappeared. Leaving Chisote once again alone and gaping in his direction.

'The nerve of that guy!' She thought to herself as she turned and walked down the hallway, heading to the direction of where her room was, 'Like I would ever want to travel around with someone like that. Besides, what would he need me for? He could take a hike for all I care.'

It's been a whole month since Sasuke Uchiha spoke those words to her. Things had fallen back into their usual routines, she guessed. She would go in and check up on Orochimaru whenever she could, but there's was nothing that even she could do to help him at this point. He needed a vessel, and soon. Though the idea was less then appealing to the young medical-nin, it seemed that Sasuke uchiha was going to die soon. His body be taken away Orochimaru like it was planned right from the start.

As Chisote laid in bed that night, she found herself thinking about the young Uchiha. Sasuke was two years younger than her but didn't act like it. Most of the time he was silent, training with Orochimaru or doing whatever he did on his free time. The guy was a mystery. A mystery wrapped up in one sexy package. The young Uchiha must've been beating off the fangirls with sticks back in his old village.

Speaking of Konohagakure, Chisote couldn't say that she's been there before. She's mostly an at home medic to Orochimaru, he liked to keep her safe at the hideout. Though she had assured him several times that she could handle herself, he had insisted. She's heard stories about konohgakure, and how Orochimaru had lost both his arms back then. She was fourteen back then. Then Sasuke came to the hideout, after Kimimaro perished.

She remembered the sweet kaguya clan-nin. He was sickly, and extremely delicate. It was only thanks to Jugo's curse mark that kept him alive for so long. Chisote used to be sort of like Kimimaro's caretaker, as well as Orochimaru's. Both her and Kabuto were the best healing-nin's in the hideout; she learned everything she knew from him. Like Sasuke, she came to Orochimaru willingly when she was nine, and was given the curse mark at the age of twelve. Unlike Sasuke, she was able to reach the second stage of the curse mark by the age of 14. She was loyal to Orochimaru, also unlike Sasuke.

Chisote shook her head. She was doing it again. Reminiscing in old memories that she fought so hard to not remember. The last thing she wanted was for her mind to wander back to her child hood, which was something that she definitely didn't want to remember. It would only upset her and put her in a bad mood.

She closed her eyes and attempted to sleep, but it wouldn't come.

Then, she heard something right outside the door to her room.

She sat straight up in her bed, her sheets pooling at her waist. There was something ominous in the air. Like something was off. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something big happened and she'd missed it. She was sure of that. She recognized the chakra outside her bedroom door, and remained silent as a knock sounded on the hard wooded surface.

She couldn't bring herself to get up and open the door. She just sat there and stared like an idiot. She rubbed a hand through her blood red hair and looked at the ground.

Then the sound of a sword whooshing through the air was the next thing she heard. She looked up just in time to see her door be hacked to pieces before they fell to the ground. And in stepped no other then Sasuke Uchiha, his hand on his katana that was now safely tucked away in its sheathe.

Chisote gaped at him, dumbfounded for a moment before snapping herself out of it, "Oi! What was that for! Baka!" she snapped at him irritably.

"I knocked," was all the Uchiha supplied for an excuse as he stopped and merely stared at her.

Chisote glared at him and shifted where she sat, her short red hair still a bit of a mess from the attempted sleep she just tried. The usual bun out of sorts as well. She crossed her lightly tanned arms over her chest as she asked, "Well, what do you want?"

Sasuke looked at her straight in the eyes, his gaze was unnerving but Chisote tried not to be intimidated by the Uchiha.

"I killed Orochimaru."

Chisote jolted in surprise and her amber eyes widened in shock and disbelief. She thought she'd heard him wrong at first and bit her lower lip, before replying in a mere whisper, "N- nani*?"

"I killed Orochimaru," Sasuke repeated himself in that same cold and emotionless voice, "Now, there's nothing that keeps you here."

Chisote's breathing got heavier. Orochimaru was dead?! But that was impossible! She couldn't believe it! Well, the ceremony was supposed to start tonight, and since Sasuke was standing right before her, it must've meant that he took Orochimaru down. How did he… Well, Orochimaru was weak since he was so sick, and Sasuke… Well he's Sasuke. She licked her lips and looked up at him,remembering their conversation a month back…

"Chisote… I'll eventually leave this place. And when I do, you're coming with me."

So this was what he meant by 'leave this place'.

"Chisote, I believe I told you once, but I'll repeat myself now," He put a hand on his hip and stared at her with those unsettling black eyes of his, "Join me. I need you."

Chisote leveled eye contact with him, "He's really dead…?" she managed to whisper out.

Sasuke nods, "There's no reason to linger around anymore. Since I know that you have nowhere else to go, and since your medical ninjutsu is as exceptional as Kabuto's, I figure that this shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Chisote shrugged and rubbed her shoulder, "W- well, no it isn't I guess."

Sasuek nods, "Get dressed," he commanded and turned his back on her, "We still have to gather others."

"'Others'?" Chisote prompted in curiosity.

"Yeah," Sasuke answered, "Suigetsu Hozuki, Karin from the southern hideout, and Jugo from the orthern hideout."

"For what reason are you gathering us anyways?" Chisote asked.

Sasuke looked over his shoulder at her, "I'll explain once we gather everyone. Just get dressed so we can head out."

Chisote huffed, "Alright, alright fine, just get out so I can do so," she was still in her black night gown, she realized as she slid out of bed, "You're so bossy," she grumbled as she went over to her closet, Sasuke leaving the room and waiting outside the door- or near where the door used to be- for her to get dressed.

She usually wore her doctors outfit when around Orochimaru's hideout, but decided to just leave it behind since she wouldn't need it anymore. She took out her ninja outfit instead. She slipped on a black short kimono that had slits up both sides. The sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, around her midriff a big bow tied in the back. The collar of the kimono was outlined in the same gray color. She wore gray shorts underneath that ended at her mid-thigh. She wore black over the knee socks with this and black shoes.

It wasn't something she wore every day, but she had nothing else to put on. She brushed out her hair once again and pulled up the top part into a bun. The rest of her red hair being left to flutter down to her neck. Her red hair was so short, barely past her chin. It used to be really long but it got in the way too much.

Making a face she didn't realize she was making, she grabbed her ninja pouch and weapon holder and strapped it to the back of her hip on her kimono.

What was she doing?

That question dawned on her as she surveyed the room she'd spent years in. It was her sanctuary. This place was her sanctuary. Orochimaru was her sanctuary. She knew that Orochimaru used everyone as disposable pawns, including herself, but what else was there for her to do? She had nowhere else to go. She was in a very dark place when Orochimaru found her.

She shook herself again, not wanting to remember any of that. Sighing, she turned her back on her room and walked into the hall, saying goodbye to her old life with Orochimaru, and hello to her new one with Uchiha Sasuke. Whatever he had planned, she would follow him. That was her resolve.

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