Chapter Two: Karin

"Mind if I ask you something, Sasuke?"

They had been traveling for a few hours, and Chisote was admittedly tired. But she didn't show her tiredness and ran a hand through her red hair as she listened to Sasuke's response, curious of what Suigetsu was going to ask him.

"Go for it," Sasuke replied in a bland tone, walking a bit more ahead of the others.

"Why're you gathering us up anyway?" Suigetsu asked lazily as he folded his arms behind his head casually.

"I have a goal that I am trying to reach," Sasuke replied smoothly as he looked at the white haired male walking beside him, "For me to achieve that goal, I need a platoon full of powerful ninja."

"Oh?" Suigetsu says, "Why me then? I can understand Chisote, because of her healing powers and such."

"I picked you two and the rest out a long time ago," Sasuke replied and looked back in the direction ahead of him, "I've been planning this for years now."

Chisote looked at the ebony haired ninja, "So, you've been planning to kill Orochimaru ever since you joined him?" she asked softly. She couldn't tell if there was bitterness in her voice, since she was loyal to Orochimaru through and through. But, he was dead now, and it was time to move on she supposed.

She pushed red bangs out her eyes, and waited for a response, she didn't get one

Awkward silence ensued.

"Anyway," Suigetsu continued on in an attempt to get rid of the awkwardness in the air, "Why Karin? She's loyal to Orochimaru, unlike us. Excluding Chisote of course," he patted Chisote's head, earning a sharp growl from the girl who swatted his hand off in annoyance.

"Not to mention her shitty attitude," Suigetsu added with a small scowl.

"Karin has a unique ability, she will definitely be useful to me," Sasuke replied in his same blunt voice, "I need her."

They were both silent for a moment before Suigetsu sighed and shook his head, "Well, she's unique, I'll give her that," the male eventually said.

They continued walking.

About an hour later, they were in the prison.

It was very dark inside, and the air was stifling. It felt hard for Chisote to breathe. Though maybe it was her own discomfort in being there. She didn't like prisons, not because she's ever been in one, mostly because all the filthy people around and even filthier surroundings.

Though this prison was different. Smaller. She's never been in one of Orochimaru's prisons before. Only Sasuke and Kabuto was allowed the luxury of traveling around with Orochimaru.

Speaking of Kabuto, Chisote found herself wondering what happened to him. Now that Orochimaru is dead, where does Kabuto turn to? She and Kabuto weren't very close, not close enough to call each other friends, but close enough not to be acquaintances.

"Hmph, I was right," A female's voice jarred her out her own thoughts and she looked up, "It really is you, Sasuke."

A girl who looked no older then her stood in front of them. Her hand was placed firmly on her left hip, and her stance was casual but cautious. She wore a long sleeved top that opened to show her flat stomach off in the front, black short shorts, thigh high black shoes. Long-ish red hair and crimson eyes stared at the three speculatively under black rimmed glasses. If Chisote had to get a better look to notice she also had a lip piercing*.

Is this Karin? Chisote wondered and tilted her head slightly.

"I see that you're ignoring Chisote and I," Suigetsu grumbled and crossed his arms, "What am I, chopped liver?"

The woman ignored Suigetsu and asked, "What do you want, Sasuke?"

Suigetsu spoke up before Sasuke could, "Sasuke has a proposition for you, but could you take us somewhere to rest so we can talk about it?" he tilted his head a bit and grinned lightly, "I'm tired of being on my feet."

A couple minutes later, they all found themselves seated in a blue room, with the exception of Karin, who stood and merely stared expectantly at Sasuke. Chisote shifted awkwardly in her seat, waiting for what Sasuke was about to say.

"Karin, come with me, I need you."

Karin's crimson eyes widened in shock, "Huh?! What? I can't just drop everything and leave! I'm the warden of this prison!" she says and narrows her eyes at him disbelief.

"Orochimaru-sama has died," Chisote spoke up quietly, and the next thing she knew everyone's gazes were directed at her, "There's no reason for you to linger around here."


"Suigetsu, Chisote, go free the prisoners from their cells," Sasuke spoke up.

"Still bossing us around are you?" Suigetsu grumbled and stood up from the couch, "Fine. Come along Chisote," he hummed and took Chisote's wrist before the girl could say anything and was dragged up from the couch.

"Don't you two dare!" Karin warns them in anger, though it didn't seem to faze Suigetsu as he dragged the female out the room and closed the door behind them.

"Karin seems pretty…" Chisote trailed off as Suigetsu got the keys and lead the way to the cells, "Assertive," she finished politely and smiled a bit.

"You can say bitchy, I won't judge," he responded and smirked a bit.

"I wasn't going to," Chisote replied as they approached the cells, "I don't think she's bitchy, I find her to be maybe… Feisty."

"Uh-huh," Suigetsu replied sarcastically as he crouched in front of one of the cells. Chisote stood behind him, hand planted on her hip as she watched what he was going to do.

"What's going on?" one of the prisoners demanded, stepping forward.

"I'm setting you all free," Suigetsu replied and pushed the key into the keyhole, "Orochimaru is dead, so there's no need for you guys to be locked up anymore."

All of the prisoner's faces visibly brightened, "Really? How did he die?"

"Sasuke Uchiha killed him," Chisote told them.

"So the rumors were true then!"

"I just want you guys to do me a favor," Suigetsu spoke up as he looked back up at the prisoners.

"Sure! What is it?"

"Spread word around that it was Sasuke Uchiha that freed us. Tell everyone you meet."

The prisoners agreed eagerly, and Suigetsu unlocked the prison doors and let them be free. Chisote was curious, and tilted her head at the silver headed male as they went about unlocking the rest of the cells, "Why did you want him to spread word about Sasuke killing Orochimaru?"

Suigetsu smiled and tilted his head thoughtfully, "You'll see."

Chisote sighed in an exasperated manner, "Man you're just as bad as Sasuke. What's with all the vagueness in this group so far?" she questioned as Suigetsu unlocked the rest of the cells and laughed at her, but otherwise, didn't respond.

Once they freed all the prisoners, Chisote and Suigetsu headed back to where Karin and Sasuke were.

"I wonder if Sasuke convinced Karin to come with us," Chisote said absentmindedly as they made their way back. The halls were dimly lit, she just noticed, it must've been dull to live here as a prisoner, or even a warden for that matter. She would've missed seeing the sun.

"Since it's Sasuke, he'll definitely end up convincing her to join us," the water nin said as they approached the door.

"Why do you think that?"

Suigetsu chuckled and reached for the knob. After trying to turn it and realizing it was locked, he said, "That's why."

Chisote still wasn't getting it, but didn't question the matter further.

"Should we just leave them alone for awhile then? I'm guessing it's locked because they want their privacy," Chisote said absently, though why would Sasuke need the door locked to convince Karin to join them?

Unless he was…

Chisote put a hand over her mouth to muffle an amused chuckle, 'Pervert.'

"I doubt Sasuke locked the door," Suigetsu scoffed and reached for the sword on his back.

"What're you doing?"

"Step back."

She obeyed.

A few minutes later, Suigetsu managed to cut the door in halves, leaving nothing but a pile of wood in his wake. Chisote tried not to laugh, even though it was funny, and stepped inside after him. She saw Sasuke, still in his place on the couch, with Karin seated a few feet away from him. She looked shocked by the sudden intrusion, and was scrambling around for her glasses.

"I tried to stop him!" Chisote claimed and held up her hands as if in surrender.

"Come on Sasuke, let's leave," Suigetsu said and leaned on his sword, his massive arm hanging beside him, "I'm guessing that she isn't coming?"

"Actually, she is."

"N- no I'm not!" Karin claimed as she put on her glasses and shot an angry look in all their directions, "I just so happen to be heading the same way! I- I have some business to attend to!"

Sasuke looked confused, which was kind of weird to Chisote. He kind of looked cute with that confused look on his face. She thought the Uchiha only expressed one emotion; annoyance. As opposed to the ever present blank look on his face. He was always so serious, maybe she'd see more of Sasuke's expressions as they travel together.

Once they were out of the hideout, Chisote was glad to feel the sun on her face again. They started walking, and she assumed that next up was Jugo.

Then, she guessed that Sasuke was finally going to reveal why he gathered them.